Children of Technotopia, The Whole E-Earth… v.1


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< 21/22.06 > The Whole Earth Conference at HKW , Berlin


< 27.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #26 : Anthropocene vs. Indigenous – PART 2 … our follow-up on issues raised at HKW and tangent tales of counter-culture , at Panke in Wedding.


So today begins The Whole Earth conference at HKW – the House Of World Cultures – in Berlin, and as a primer we’ll throw up a few resources, and come back later for a fuller XLt analysis.

Fred Turner, the author of From Counterculture to Cyberculture is the key guest from California flown in to lead the discussions on The Whole Earth exhibition… which examines the mutations of “eco-psychedelia to Internet neoliberalism” – and the legacy of the California counterculture…

IF Taken beyond the confines of this cozy academic / arts + culture gathering a timely investigation of Silicon Valley can also explore how both its myths and machinations continue to feed the (neo-colonial or total colonial) NEULAND …

(as Angela Merkel described it this week on the occasion of Prism-O-bama’s Berlin landing, see more below ).

Children of Technotopia, The Whole E-Earth…

“When we are creating files on millions of innocents we are talking about Stasiland, not Neuland. ” Radiant Flux

A niice analysis piece – #Neuland Merkel – silly old internet granny - from Konrad Werner of the Ex-Berliner is out this week, and makes a lovely preface to where we are today in the predatory digital landscapes…

It’s rare to see this appropriate Attitude in regards to the dismal state we find ourselves in right now… the situation is truly precarious, the implications increasingly ominous w/ every new glimpse and leak ( see #Snowden )  of how data and meta-data are being used…

And it’s unlikely we will get much heated debate at HKW this weekend, so we provide a few trigger points in the hopes of getting more results from examining these origins of the technotopian mindset, but also some perspective on how our communities might proceed in a logistical and practical Media Self-defense.

To begin, Iain Boal’s 2008 review of Fred Turner’s book is extremely useful. [ And even more current is a thoughtful colleague's essay in Boal's latest publication West Of Eden (PM Press 2012), of which we are trying to locate the final draft. see comments. Thx Lee Worden! ]

Iain’s bit provoked quite a stir when it hit metaMute 5 years ago. Unfortunately the fiery debates there have since been removed [? not sure why]. Hard to believe it’s that long ago, especially since the Net Culture Debates have still not absorbed this kind of bigger pic alarm and reasons for distrust ( with a few exceptions like Morozov, Rop Gongrip, Frank Rieger and Constanze Kurz ).  No doubt because the digital utopians, the net evangelists, geek culture, don’t want to take the blame… for their silicon church gone so horribly wrong…

And here’s our brief XLt response to Werner’s Ex-B piece…

” Niice piece from EX-B, but one should add how people seem to know f*ck all about the History of The Internet… It wasn’t really for you citizens to simply gorge yourselves on cats and memes and fantasies of civilian twit-scale empowerment ( as your tail was getting jacked ) … Start w/ the Macy Conference and then move on to the fact that in the hands of vulture (corporate-) capitalism: It pretty much always Was to re-colonize and mass-manage the globalized consumer sheep … To re-vitalize flailing capitalism after inevitably hitting the walls of finite material resources… To get massively wealthy on easily replicatable ‘intellectual’ product ( w/ little or no concern of impacts on society ). Today even Steve Wozniak half-assedly apologizes in the Guardian that: oops, we sorta Did build the infrastructure of the Neo-Liberal Surveillance State. Doh !”

Let’s see what sparks fly, if any, at HKW tonight… and 2morw…

And for those who’d like to tune in remotely ( though we don’t think this is a live-stream scenario, and perhaps you’ll get a more direct taste once the archives have been posted )… Reboot Radio will be providing some coverage:

The Whole Earth In The Ether
An acoustic companion series to the Whole Earth exhibition and
conference that bring the work and discussions around the legacy of
the California counterculture to the airwaves.The series includes
talks, discussions, a workshop, conference recordings and culminates
with a final broadcast dedicated to the conference.
23.06.13 2013 20:00 on 88.4 FM Berlin

Produced by Hausradio in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt &

You can already tune in!



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