ROBÖXOTICA: drinking from the well of the Vienna discontents


There seems to be something in the sensual waters of the current Viennese school that will not take the prevalent techno-fascisms lying down. There is heavy resistance full with humor and full-on attack, at least as far as museum sectors can allow for any serious public discourse and deconstructions. Exhibition and forums take place in Wien’s institutional culture epicenter here in Wien known as the Museums Quartier. Roböexotica is the 8th gathering of techies, futurists and jammers putting the spin on the man-machine curve which might otherwise whisk humanity into the hyper-drive envelopes of business-as-usual and the discarnate dystopias with their irreversible price-tag infrastructures.

We are on our way to today’s symposiums, featuring a big SF Bay Area contingent, i.e. Kal Spelletich and V. Vale in the panel mixes. We’ll no doubt see what Bloody Marys look like on the arts & tech horizons if not the very frontlines of survival research in camouflage boa feathers and blow-torch blues.

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