from momiano to bpest

incredible tales in momiano/momjan, a tiny town in istria just near the border of slovenia. we teamed up with the liebidow crew, a pair of wicked performance tricksters with the touch of the clown sha-wo-man archetype. wild coincidences abound: they are also headed to budapest and they have a show that is in fact a kind of transmigration of cinema… it is living (media) theater that stirs up the consciousness with a big kitchen spoon, with all the potential to take giant chunks out of the empire trance and leave the bones of boredom and passivity far behind them.

check there site here:

we are configuring a double header show in budapest as we journey up the trail thru zagreb… also got an AK 57 ( autonomous budapest community ) native on board.

more on this volatile and giidy-making cocktail when we arrive in bpest.

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