Breaking G8 News – 2013: A Space Eulogy ?


{ thx to Mini Matika for putting us on this track }


” The grumpy G8 (10) in Ireland slaughter The Monolith from 2001, which will be stuffed and put on the wall at the hunting lodge.” XLt analyst.


Many have pondered the meaning of Kubrick and Clarke’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and one of its most profound and mysterious plot elements is The Monolith, which appears three times: Once at a prehistoric moment on earth amongst the apes ( who learn to use tools, to kill ); Next on the moon, and third floating above Jupiter.

Many have proposed the theory that it is an alien technology, and interviews w/ Clarke confirm the idea that he was working from the premise of a kind of alien beacon that would alert or warn the galaxy when the human species had reached a certain point in evolution.

Kubrick took this thread and turned it into a much more ambiguous presence in the film, which could relate to many things – from alien presence, to a mystical deity, to a kind of void, or some portal in time and space.

Certainly no one ever expected it to reappear in Ireland in 2013, lying under the feet of a tie-less G8, posing for a fotoshoot at this epic moment of flailing global governance.

Please standby, the XLterrestrials are running this bizarre artefact through our own Prism analysis machine.

Please feel free to speculate with us, the possible meanings… Here’s some hypotheses germinating thus far:

- Does this signify the End of Neo-liberal space/time ?!

- The humans species has reached an evolutionary dead-end ?

- The machinations of Secret Government have now made their stupidity utterly transparent to all ?!

- The monolith represents the internet, which is kind of like a melting polar ice cap ( only black and infinitely disappearing ) ?!

- The grumpy cat meme is going to eat us all !! ( XLterrestrial colleagues in the UK have already made A VIRAL CLIP proposing such an ominous social catastrophe ahead. )

- #PRISM #SNOWDEN #DRONES #Guantanamo #DataMelt … What else are we sweeping under the carpet ??!

- Turkey and Brasil are currently what the state of democracies on earth now look like, and this little show in Ireland was so disingenuous, tired, dull and irrelevant, that they even forgot to send Bono his ticket ?!!



Surely these themes and more will be investigated at our next CiTiZEN KiNO:

< 27.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #26 : Anthropocene, Indigenous, Aliens – PART 2, at Panke in Wedding

the fedbook invite – more info coming soon !


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