XLt blurbs, Summer Sprungtime v.**4**


{ dj/vj Psycow at CdPV, an Ursula Boehmer foto remixed }

< 07-08.13 > Festival der Europaischer Versager at Club der Polnischen Versager, B-mitte.

Download the program list of all the crazy bits put together by the mad CdPV team at the link above. From concerts, discussions, kabarett, tombollas, djs/vjs… ( podinski vs. Psycow1 ) … breakfast… and of course fully vodkatizing bar hosts.

Sure to be a wild n wooly celebration w/ them crazy polska amigo/as at The Festival of Europaischer Versager

[ (de) Versagen: to flop ]


more sSstuff to come! we’re a little busy right now…. getting our psyCow make-up on…

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