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The resistance in Turkey is still exploding, and now’s the point where critical analysis + information flows remain crucial… So below are some resources to support the peoples’ long haul struggles there ( and solidarity everywhere ), and stay informed…

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If you’re just tuning in to this story, or just want to see a good summary of the first week of the uprising(s), have a look at This Clip : THE FIRST WEEK OF RESISTANCE IN ISTANBUL…

And here’s a minute by minute update or “ticker” ( as it’s called in german) on #occupygezi here http://turkishspring.nadir.org/index_eng.html in several languages :-)

Social Media + Net Communications

Warning: Beware Corporate Social Media tools ! Without getting into the details here – one should be very cautious re: fbook + twitter in volatile situations, as the extent of data traceability ( and how our data is + will be utilized by govts. ) is always an expanding problem. If you are Very Active, and not yet versed in security and privacy measures and encryption, we recommend The Tactical Tech Collective’s Security-In-A-Box and other resources available there… ( it’s complex, but conveyed simply for a variety of situations, as best as possible. note: time investment required ! ).

** Please read news item re: twitter users in Turkey. Below.

Twitters to follow :

#OccupyGezi #direngeziparki #solidaritygezi #direnankara

#occupy #gezi #taksim #istanbul

@OccupyGezi :: @Occupy Gezi (pics) :: @Ecumenopolis :: ( more coming )

Fbook sites to follow:

Occupy Gezi

Diren Gezi Park

HalteDurchTurkei ( de )

more coming soon !


{ library at occupy gezi }

Reports, Analysis, Etc.

Analysis from a home-grown istanbuler ( w/ indymedia roots ) at Counterpunch.org

And here’s a blog in eng – Mashalla News – Gezi Park Occupation – that was recommended by some comrades from the balkan region…

The statement of the Turkish protesters (in seven languages):

- auf Deutsch -

Online Aktivisten : Proteste in Istanbul – Linksammlung

Ein Interview mit der türkischen Stadtforscherin Ayşe Çavdar von Ende
2012 findet ihr hier:


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If we have time, we’d like to analyze the neo-liberal metropolis situations global-wide … this image resonated as we watch Tayyip continue to bullshit his way through the crisis.  And recently watched the film Ekumenopolis at the Globale Festival… ( Watch in full, w/ eng subtitles ) which is Great backround to why Istanbul erupted and an important tale for all of us in these new + intensified Urban Colonial Cages.

** We do not wish to create paranoia, and we’d like to find more confirmation of these stories, but The Atlantic Wire reports Dozens Arrested For Using Twitter … and another report here.

Added XLt perspective: while many will laugh that Erdogan appears to be both incredibly arrogant and clueless regarding the internet and social media, it can be expected that any well-funded Intelligence agency in Turkey – who can hire outside companies if needed – will surely be utilizing data grabs profusely for analysis, monitoring (and ?). Erdogan’s silly publicly staged remarks should in no way give anyone any comfort that you might be ahead of the game; Turkish authorities are surely working overtime to navigate big data + surveillance tools.


ART + MUSIC WINS (almost always) !

Kardes Türküler – Tencere Tava Havas? (Sound of Pots and Pans)

Kardes Türküler (translated Songs of Fraternity) – home page


This translation of Erdogan’s speech upon his return from Africa, is a sign that a massive collision of wills will continue:


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