collecting transmigration data

XLTs are still on the road, passing thru Austria where we will drop in on a project called Roboexotica in Wien. At first this looked like some deranged transhumanist party and then we read in V. Vale`s newsletter ( ReSearch ) a little more clearly into its irony:

“Roboexotica 2006 : What is it all about? It’s an annual festival
where philosophers, scientists, researchers, computer geeks and
artists from all over the world talk about/build “cocktail robots”
and discuss technological innovation, futurology and science fiction.
Roboexotica is an ironic attempt to criticize techno-triumphalism and
to dissect technological hypes.

Something we are down with collecting data on…so stay tune.

Meanwhile we have so many tales to try and catch up, including meeting up with Stuttgart’s small but thriving autonomous zones like this community living in train cars on the subversive side of the tracks.


Not sure if any of this is going to post clearly cause we are currently in Microsoft Hell without a decent computer to work on. Still having apple laptop meltdowns… and RE-realizing the digital world is even more torturous in the hands of Corpoheads without a clue to art and aesthetics. Hackers keep this in mind… while there’s infinite space and themes to hack the realworld , oh how desperately we need the tech adepts to keep the tools of our post-post modern world ( as our compa asaf describes it ) feeling at least as much as possible in alignment with soft and fuzzy creativity.

But we digress, there’s also incredible data to be retrieved from the Czechpoint exhibition in Prague , clearly one of the cities that has been designed and continues to develop with an artworld at its heart.

Inspiring culture jammers were on hand at the NOD/Roxy gallery to tell tales of waking the consciousness from many untried angles where and when the borders are getting tighter… like the israeli jammmers from the eclectonic media centers there… dont have the data on hand to relay just now, but coming as soon as we got a good chunk of time with a decent computer.

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