XLt blurbs, Spring is Sprung v.**3**


So dearest art organisms, we’re still in fundraiser mode, so if you’re into keeping the XLterrestrials on the frontlines of fertile resistance, and busy seeding the higher intelligence upgrades, now’s the TIME! Contact us Here, and ask how you can help!

And Berlin is overflowing with incredible events to catch… But let’s not get tooooo lost in the art without the Praxis, party time without the solidarity, deep knowledge without the realspace experiences, the hardcore struggles without some victories, compassion without Action. The times are calling for us to take care and protect our seriously endangered planet and re-route our devolving society !


So we’ll try a little different format of listing blurbs… providing the dates first, (non-chron)… and then more detailed info on selected events below…


< 30.05 > XLt presents CiTiZEN KinO #25 + Fundraiser party at Panke

< 18.05 > Eric Drooker at Koepi ( Fb invite, or see below )

<18.05> Carnival of Subculture, Koepi

< 17-19.o5 > Karneval, Kreuzberg

< 18.05 > Kotti and Co. + MieteStopp Demo !

< MAY > MPA- Month Of Performing Arts festival

< 25.05 > March Against Monsanto, everywhere !

< 30.05-1.06 > Hedonist International

< 21.05 > Buchee Strassenfest, 10 years Buchhandlung Cafe ( for Fete de la Musique)







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