Re:publica13 in industry loop mode ?! v.1


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Re:publica13 in industry loop mode ?!

< 06-08.05 > Re:Publica 13 – In/Side/Out , at Station Berlin

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Why re-rant? XLterrestrials + Charlie Chaplin ;) may have already assessed the crisis in 2012 and 1936, and since Re:publica13 – one of Germany’s largest digital culture conferences – seems to be in loop mode, last year’s analysis may be useful, if not sufficient…

But stand by, we’re working on some fresher analysis… and there were some good sessions on Tuesday w/ peeps like Trebor Scholz and Joel Dullroy regarding Digital Labor and Freelancer rights, respectively… Brigitta Jonsdottir on the state of creating Iceland’s constitution and its missed chances (?) for participatory democracy and a real revolution…  Tactical Tech Collective’s exceptional version of media self-defense ! … Penny Red on cybersexism… Cory Doctorow’s fascinating rally for cyber-utopians ( which could be considered THe Internetz version of Clint Eastwood debating an empty Evgeny Morozov chair ) … and many others who Are on the cutting edge of the battle for a better, free-er net… ( no laughing please, the situation is freakin dire ! ).

There definitely seems to be a lack of heavy-hitting overviews, and way too much schmoozing and tango-ing with corporate-capital-capture players ( Windows8 sponsor !??… f*ck did the short-attention span netizens already forget again their brief computer/empire/colonial history?? Daimler sponsor ??! After the meat industry, the auto industry is in a close 2nd or 3rd place for melting the ice caps !!!  )… What’s wrong with this picture ?!!!


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a podinski RT: “ya load 16 gigs and whatya get, another day older and deeper interdebt” …. #rp13…

Have a listen to Tennessee Ernie Fords “16 tons” as a preface to Penny Red’s article below… particularly hilarious clip as the tables of businessMen snap their fingers… Ok, maybe a cheap shot, as your digital slavery certainly got it better in the days of laptops compared to coal mines. But it is not really so difficult to imagine many who will not be reading this, not accessing the warm n’ fuzzy wave of technotopia, those outside Fortress Europe who ARE still in the mines providing you with the materials for your gadgets… for example.


But even for those on the digital insides – think in-the-belly of the i-beast – T.E.Ford’s 16 Tons song should still provide a quite eerie perspective to consider as a digital worker, an oh-so-savvy netizen, the myraid ways you may be going deeper into “Interdebt” … owing your soul to the company store ?!! Think about it!

[ Might be fun to transpose the lyrics to these digital culture days, if anyone likes to work with us on a Dubstep-ish remix, get in touch ]

A great piece for the XLterrestrials to DECONSTRUCT as a preface to analyzing Germany’s big digital culture meet-up,  while the XLterrestrials gather the data on the digi-hive mind(s), the various speakers + sessions…  is Penny Red’s latest Guardian article, which pretty much synchs with the problems we often find inherent in Re:publica conferences and other net industry gatherings …

Internet detox promotes the myth of web toxicity The fashion for communications fasting relies on a false distinction between the digital and real world

We usually admire her fiery analysis, but here’s our initial response:

We don’t think it’s possible to debunk the fact that there are numerous and severe forms of techno-toxicity, to be more general, in our culture 2day. Her concluding line is easy to take apart “Communications technology, though, can’t “corrupt your soul”…

To begin with the cartoon religions that the west ( increasingly secularized, instrumentalized and fundamentalized ) has stewed in over the years, certainly makes the idea of “soul” already an unsavory grease pit, and laughable. BUt more to the point of this article and where it’s off, technologies sure as hell can and do shape society and its citizens! And at the current rate of being gamed by corporate platforms, autonomy + liberation look further away thru the gadget lenses than ever !

And we’ll try and come back to all those labor issues, precarity, surveillance state, corporate capture, etc. in the technosphere.

So is anyone at #rp13 filling the muuuuuch needed Evgeny Morozov shoes ?!!! He unfortunately cancelled, and as yet we haven’t found anyone sufficiently breaking down the technotopian delusions.


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< TONITE 7.5 >  we:publica | wii:publica | de:re:publica :::: 2nite at telekommunisten stammtisch, at Buchhandlung Cafe …. dj/v/xj podinski after 22h… til 2? … pirates, xlterrestrials, hedonists, psychomedia analysts, quadratures, etc… come join the auseinandersetzung !

As TK’s Baruch G. says, “Has democracy ever been more elite? Has change ever been more status quo? Have ideas ever been more industrial? Has having ‘keine Ahnung’ ( no clue) ever been more ‘de rigueur’? Not at we:publica! Tuesday May 7th from 9pm at Buchhandlung Caffetteria Bar. Don’t miss it!”

Note for Berliners: Buchhandlung Caffetteria Bar – a kiez culture kantina – one of the few community locales left in a highly gentrified area of Berlin Mitte – celebrating 10 years on June 1st – is now on Fedbook + Twitter, if yur on em… LIKE EM ! One of our sponsors : )

Added: Cory Doctorow’s talk ( and many others ) are now popping up online, so we’re catching up on important things we missed. But for us Cory’s talk is the quintessential cyber-utopian position to analyze and deconstruct. In it he says EVERYTHING is going to be done with a computer, EVERYTHING will require a computer. The Internet is our central nervous system…

But XLterrestrials might ask, “NET as ‘cntrl nervous system’?! Is that an IT indstry prosthetic n.sys colonizing one humans/lifeforms already got?! #rp13

ANd speaking of ” (not) a fax machine connected to a waffle iron” (talk title) , there’s a point at the end of his talk in the Q+A, where in his deregulatory zeal, his euphoria for technological innovators, WAFFLES completely in regards to reigning in deadly drone technologies… So it seems there’s a lot here to go deeper than the pep rally for IT ‘rebels’, and ask some serious Global Citizen questions !!

So we are working on articulating these position, stand by for RP13 Industry Loop Mode v.2 : Lifeforms vs. Techforms


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