The New Social Lynch Mobs and The Netizen Poodles v.1


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There’s ALOT that happened last week, and the Boston Marathon tragedy is just one of MANY disconcerting events and news items. Our condolences go out to all the victims in West Texas and Massachusetts, Baghdad and … Pakistan, etc… there was no shortage of explosive news and numerous bombs that went off (around the world) last week.

[ Cispa, Guantanamo meltdown / hunger strike, Monsanto Protection Act... just a few other bits going down lately.]

XLterrestrials have been pouring over the media treatments re: the two suspects in the Boston incident , and before launching into a deep analysis there, we should mention that we are in the midst of reading Evgeny Morozov’s “Click Here To Save Everything: Technology, solutionism and the urge to fix problems that don’t exist”. These themes ( i.e. solutionism, or let’s take it further and call it “Netizen Poodledom” ) transposes incredibly well to the problems inherent in the raging and incoherent war on terror.

Where Morozov describes in compelling and profound detail the social problems we are currently generating ( or obfuscating) in the “Internet-centrism” which shapes our media/communications environments, one can also see “Terror-centrism” of media and governments ( and an enthralled public ) causing similar delusional states and overall precarity. And where one has corporate agendas behind it, the other is frequently driven by geo-political strategies.

And one may even conclude from following the Boston tale and the ensuing mega- spin, that there’s a merger afoot between these two ‘hard’ drives…

“Manhunt narratives ( re-runs ) are really no longer the content, they are the advertising for the war on terror and the surveillance state…” XLt analyst.


{ from Jailhouses by Felipe Luchi }

If a device (i.e. an i-phone as above, or anything linking you to the e-info flows ) is where you’re getting your information regarding any of the news items we’ll discuss below, consider yourself trying to read the situation of ants scrambling to put out a fire on a hill from your view of a hot-air balloon adrift in the corporate clouds… and technology has empowered you to stay aloft indefinitely, and the view is either intoxicating or toxic… or both. No one really knows when or where you will eventually land. You are a grand explorer / experiment! Meanwhile the ants under the microscope of an unattended, inflamed and earth-based reality are burning out of control…

… … …


The Boston Scenario(s)

So to begin, while it is entirely possible that suspect #2 Dzohkar Tsarnaev, a 19 year-old college student, may be proven guilty of perpetrating the bombing of a crowd at the Boston Marathon ( in collaboration w/ his older 26-year-old brother – more complex, see below.)  the surfing lynch mob that has formed on sites all over the internet – before any trial has occurred – is thoroughly nauseating ! And potentially far more dangerous than individual acts of war and terror.

One might best describe the new phenomenon as a network of rabid Net Poodles fully intoxicated, wired and running amok in their data-fed pens… and spectacularly useless in developing real solutions, real community responses and/or understanding the origins of where this kind of violence originates.

Are we being shaped by a variety of ill-agendas in this new participatory terror-centric media ?!! So, how many of you, followed (and played) the latest manhunt game ?!!

Keep in mind that the inept ( corrupt, devious and instrumentalized? … may also apply ) institutions – from media to law enforcement, which have already failed miserably to inform us about current war zones, vested interests and the multiple threats to public safety produced by their policies, and which have utterly failed to prevent this particular horror show (among others), cannot be expected to give us the complete details of what has occurred. Nor should they be trusted to handle the matter responsibly, nor with the social well-being in mind !

Any trial is already a kangaroo stampede… riddled w/ a.) face-savings b.) show of unflinching control and power c.) psy ops and mass deception d.) all of the above. We may never know the full story… ( including motivations)…

But more importantly, as citizens we should start to build up some resistance to the new media ‘threadings’… and understand its techniques. Its a territory we can have real power to act and intervene … in these predatory times. Or as Michael Moore once said at the onset of the horrific B-movie Bush administration, “We live in Fictitious times ! “



ANd in case you’re still seriously questioning whose responsible for the tragedy in Boston … and especially if you’re Not… this might help ^…

Added: Resources…

Following the writings of Glenn Greenwald (Tw) always keeps things into sharp focus… Here he asks :
Why is Boston ‘terrorism’ but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?  Can an act of violence be called ‘terrorism’ if the motive is unknown?

and GG again here: The same motive for anti-US ‘terrorism’ is cited over and over  Ignoring the role played by US actions is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional

And while one can get lost in all the distracting and endless details ( much of which is created to purposely sow confusion ) in such a case, learning about Chechnya and Dagestan from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds (Tw) is indeed an EYE-Opener!! And her hypotheses are not wild speculation, nor does she claim to have all the answers to yet another multi-layered tragedy, which will, in all likelihood, remain unresolved so long as the intelligence bizness is involved! Her website here:

And her interview w/ the Corbett Report here. ( no, that’s not Colbert :)

to be cont… ?

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  1. Carol McGuigan Says:

    The great paradox in this age of (old and new) media overload and the multiplicities of hypotheses, speculation and opinion is that there are still more questions than answers, more incongruities than connected causalities. These seem to persist because although we are all now *allowed* to express our thoughts and ideas about the events in the world from day to day, the mechanisms behind those events are still kept hidden. We are not permitted, for example, to see the video footage of the suspects putting down their bags and their actions after that. We are not allowed to see the footage of the shoot-out/stand-off that led to the death of suspect#1. We are not informed about the five year interaction between at least one of the suspects and the FBI. We are, instead, given selected moments and snippets, which support a particular narrative. That which is withheld or omitted, is said to be connected to the same narrative and withheld on the grounds of national security. So, my feeling is, we are allowed more comment and opinion, but only within the framework of the official narrative. Anyone who offers any alternative narrative, or tries to expose the incongruities of this official narrative, is branded either a conspiracy theorist (in the absence of any mainstream media inference or evidence) or someone, like the suspects’ mother or one of their aunts, who is too emotionally involved to think straight. This kind of reliance on the mainstream media and official narrative, with all its omissions and incongruities, as the truth, shows that we haven’t come that far in terms of freedom of information and that the same pattern is at play regarding the drone strikes in Pakistan, to give one example. The casualties here are just not shown on mainstream media. The US establishment has learned, through the media coverage of Vietnam, that showing maimed or traumatised women and children, makes foreign aggression unpopular. Things have gone so far the other way, that just watching footage or looking at photographs of these atrocities can be called ‘radicalisation’ – especially if you’re a Muslim. This goes a long way to explaining why someone like Bradley Manning is facing such dire punishment and a potential media blackout on his trial and why Julian Assange is demonised and curtailed. The whole truth and nothing but the truth is too dangerous these days. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir but I know why the caged bird sings ;-)
    Fear is the mind killer.

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