XLt Spring Is Sprung Blurbs cont.


{ foto by Peikwen Cheng, Nevada c. 2009 }

Workers Of The World, All Aboard! … Larry Harvey, Fred Turner, Google and The Zuck all have one wild , one-way, and long lost Epochalism weekend for you !

( an extensive article coming soon, below. )


Related events, and XLterrestrials recommend :

Production in the Desert

{ from The Whole Earth Catalogue, c. 1970 }

< 26.04 – 01.07 > The Whole Earth, Kalifornien und das Verschwinden des Außen ( the disappearance of the outside ), at HKW, Berlin

In the framework of The Anthropocene Project, HKW will take a (light?) ride through California Ideology deconstructions. XLterrestrials will send a few of their own deconstruction analysts to report back.

( opening is <25.04> )



< 06-08.05 > Re:Publica 13 , Berlin

“Re:publica will be turning the digital society IN/SIDE/OUT for the seventh time with the help of a wide range of speakers and perspectives. At the same time, it invites all guests to turn their output into input and vice-versa.”

Sound ambiguous enough for you ??!

added: OH! RP2013 is shaping up to be quite a hot brawler…  morozov (canceled), doctorow, cypherpunks, wleaks, brigitta jonsdottir, jillian york, penny red, greens + pirates + cyborgs ; ) … stay tune for more XLt perspex….





< MAY > MPA- Month Of Performing Arts, all around Berlin



<30.05-02.06> 4. Welt Kongress Der Hedonistischen Internationalen, north of Berlin



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