Radical Summer/Fall Blurbs v.10: Hotpsots and long-range action…

“The installation of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe is, virtually, a declaration of war.” NOAM CHOMSKY

Excerpt of a support letter from Chomsky to Jan Tamáš with the Non-violent Movement against US bases in Czech Republic.

With the recent confrontations between US and Russia, and NATO being pushed into the game up-to-its- ears in western agendas, it seems a prime time to look around and see what global citizens are doing to preempt the madness of the breast-beating warmongers and military industry profiteers.

This September ( 17-21.9 ) European Peace Action gathers activists during the European Social Forum in Malmo, Sweden to “strengthen the cooperation between radical peace groups across Europe”.

“Five main themes for European Peace Action will be Nato and the Militarisation of the EU, the Globalisation of Militarism, Nuclear Weapons, the Militarisation of Space and Co-ordinating Our Resistance.”

XLTerrestrials are planning to attend !

And on Nov. 14-15, is War Starts From Europe, the European day of action against military infrastructure.


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