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< 12.04 > L.U.C. feat. Kosmostumostów at Sendesaal des Rundfunks Berlin Branndenburg (RBB) , Berlin

Tix and details HERE

Never heard of L.U.C !?? Probably cause the music industry, which dominates the distribution channels, generally Sucks boiled eggs !! And broadcast radio was killed by Execs, and most djs anyway seem to have a DEAFspot for languages they don’t speak! And the abundant pioneering scenes outta Poland seem to be in some kinda bizarre cultural quarantine! WTF !?  Well, THx to Club der Polnischen Versager, Luc’s bringing his massive hiphop spectrum (and Kosmostumostów comix mix) to Btown, and it’s bound to be one of the best concert events you’ll catch this year !!!

… and ONLY 7 EUROS… it’s an ffff’in STEAL !

[ btw, Citizen Kino will be giving you a glimpse of his cutting-edge fury of video outputs...  An astounding Komponist, Musiker, Autor, Filmemacher, Visionär ... and Jurist ; ) ... Come get yur head unscrewed tight ! < 2nite at Panke > ! More HERE!

( For a taste of the video works check LUC’s vimeo channel. Or this intense – and terrifying – animation Tribute to Stefan Starzynski, the president of Warsaw ( read his Wiki-p) before and during the devastation in WW2.

And where can you find LUC cds in Berlin?? … Pigasus Shop, that’s where!! Thanks to them we’ve been turned on to numerous great projects from Poland and all over eastern Europe…


Listen at LUC’s official site!






< 09.04 > BERLIN’S MEDIA ART COMMUNITY: A Female Perspective at Supermarkt, Berlin

Mit Beiträgen von Tatiana Bazzichelli, Valie Djordjevic, Andrea Goetzke, Kathy Rae Huffman, Claudia Kefer, Julia Kloiber, Lisa Lang, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, Diana McCarty & Michelle Thorne. Moderiert von Ela Kagel & Michelle O’Brien.





< 11.04- 17.04 > Globale Festival at Kino Eiszeit and Regenbogen Kino, Kberg

Full 2013 program here

We already watched a fantastic film on the Kollektivs Miles de Viviendas (Tausende von Häusern / 1000s of houses ) called “Squat – La ville est à nous” (2011) … standby for reports and reviews …

And a few quick recommendations: Rosia Montana: Dorf am Abgrund  (DE 2012) + + Ecumenopolis: City without limits  (TR 2011) + + Der Prozess ( AT 2012)





< 06-07.04 > Deportation Cast by Little Black Fish Collective in Bethanien, Berlin

Powerful theater on the lives of Roma and ( Kosovo) Refugees in Germany, Deportation and ‘Fortress Europe’ scenarios. Exceptional execution of a complex script by Bjorn Bicker, delivered with a rhythmic fury, breaking free in a kind of post-hiphop realism. Go See it !! ( last 2 days )

< 07.04 > and Monday is International Roma Day !


more coming soon !

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