Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Silicon Valley Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask…


{ illustration by the incredible Mark S Fisher }

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Silicon Valley Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask…

As the crazy month of March flew by XLterrestrial analysts collected so many new perspectives on the (predatory) media landscapes, it was hard to leave a coherent trail…

But by far, it seems like Evgeny Morozov’s new article for The Baffler best dovetails with so much of our distrust of the whole technological beast, which still rides the killer waves of the California Technotopia… And we are indeed baffled at how a New American Foundation fellow ( Eric ‘google-eyed’ Schmidt being its chairman of the board ) can wield such a wild axe to the myths, delusions and chicanery of the bizness platforms that Silicon Valley built.

But here ya go… “The Meme Hustler” by our man Morozov !

It’s a long essay, so here’s some choice quotes to get you to take the full dive:

“Our language, much like everything these days, has been hacked. Fuzzy, contentious, and complex ideas have been stripped of their subversive connotations and replaced by cleaner, shinier, and emptier alternatives; long-running debates about politics, rights, and freedoms have been recast in the seemingly natural language of economics, innovation, and efficiency. Complexity, as it turns out, is not particularly viral.”

“While free software was meant to force developers to lose sleep over ethical dilemmas, open source software was meant to end their insomnia.”

“No one has done more to turn important debates about technology—debates that used to be about rights, ethics, and politics—into kumbaya celebrations of the entrepreneurial spirit while making it seem as if the language of economics was, in fact, the only reasonable way to talk about the subject. As [Tim] O’Reilly discovered a long time ago, memes are for losers; the real money is in epistemes.”


Other stuff we need to throw into the mix on ‘predatory landscapes’ … and coming soon:

-insights from Tatiana Bazzichelli’s adeptly researched look into “Networked Disruption”… scroll down to previous posts for a link.

- Daniel Pinchbeck’s latest postings on Technology + Consciousness and his discussion/debate w/ Jason Silva ( singularity salesman ?)…  just this weekend.

- Digital Dogme 13, from the XLterrestrials’ Media Self-defense workshop…

- Baruch Gottlieb’s posting of this astounding investigation of the Harlem Shake meme at the Telekommunisten Stammtisch group.



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