Happy Birthday Yoko Ono! and Jodo ! … You Rock Lobsters !


{ YOko and Sean at Volksbuehne, Berlin }

Happy Birthday Yoko !

We only found out a few days ago that not only was Plastic Ono Band playing but that Yoko would be celebrating her 80th birthday with us in Berlin… It was long sold out, but we were persistent, and made it in for the concert. A nice reminder to keep trying when ya know it’s the right place to be !

And whoo da thunk the XLterrestrials would ever sing along to “Give Peace A Chance”, LIVE w/ the Plastic Ono Band, Peaches, Michael Stipe and Rufus Wainright …but we did,  and it was very inspiring ! And the musicians were top notch !!! See the set list and band members below.  And they were so very sweet and gave away free cds of the latest Plastic Ono album…

[ Sure to be on the XLt playlist at Buchhandlung Cafe, Tucholskystr. 32, B-Mitte - where dj Podinski ( and occasional guests ) play - almost - every tues. nite for Telekommunisten stammtisch nights.]

We had been planning to organize a little Alejandro Jodorowsky tribute for his 84th birthday on the same day… but in the end it didn’t work out on short notice and we were quite happy that our evening remained free… and we used the occasion to celebrate these incredible aquarian artists, who have no time for slowing down !


{ jodo paris -to – berlin }

Happy Bday Jodo !

Here’s Alejandro in a video feed from Paris to Transmediale in Berlin just a few weeks ago… unfortunately there were technical difficulties in the transmission… picture was perfect, but the audio was too distorted, and in the end it was cancelled. But we are curious if the interview was archived regardless in paris, and we’ll find out more about that 2morw from the festival organizers.

Meanwhile we assembled many clips for a Jodo tribute, and perhaps we’ll still be putting on a CitiZen Kino event in his honor…. in March ? … stay tuned. Here’s a few links:

Interview by Daniel Pinchbeck

Interview by Collective Full

David Lynch vs. Jodo on the iphone


“Superman makes me want to vomit” ( interveiwer unknown )


And how many people hitting 80 are as in touch ANd engaged w/ the struggles of the times… here’s Yoko and Sean w/ ARTISTS SAY NO TO FRACKING ! ( and on Fbook )


That’s bad ass !

… And we can’t wait to see Sean’s new project called Mystical Weapons, which has been featuring live visual mixes by Martha Colburn…


listen + watch here …

1. Colony Collapse Disorder

2. Mechanical Mammoth

ANd to all our Aquarian (artist) friends … You Rock Lobsters !

< 19.02 > Come join us at Buchhandlung Cafe – B-Mitte for the Aquarians ‘Last Call’ party ( feb 20… fish days begin ) … all welcome !

Correction: Officially Yoko bday is Feb18 and Jodo Feb 17.


Sean Lennon – guitar, piano, bass
Yuka C. Honda- keyboard / laptop (Cibo Matto)
Yuko Araki – drums (Cornelius)
Nels Cline – guitar (Wilco)
Michael Leonhart – trumpet (Steely Dan / Donald Fagen)
Charlotte Kemp Muhl – bass, guitar (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger)
Jared Samuel -keyboard (Invisible Familiars)


It Happened
Waiting For The D Train
Moving Mountains
There’s No Goodbye
Walking On Thin Ice
Yes, I’m A Witch
Cheshire Cat
Mind Train
Higa Noboru
Give Peace A Chance

thx to the imaginepeace website…

and some Better pics, though still none showing up of Yoko and Peaches singing together I’m A Witch….

Yoko Ono

” A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality.” Yoko

And a good synopsis of Yoko’s accomplishments and creative talents and nonstop energy over the years at The Nation.

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