Berlinale v.4: Biting The Media Hook And Thrashing Inside…


{ from The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer }

Herzog has been outdone! And that’s not necessarily a good thing. Joshua Oppenheimer’s film The Act Of Killing is one of the most gut-wrenching films you may ever read ! If you just watch it you may conclude it is one of the most important films in this year’s Berlinale. And by the time the festival’s over, you will move on, your mind will move on, and life will go on pretty much the same by Monday. If you take a deeper trip, to analyze it, to assess where we are in the epoch of mediations, this film work resembles something more like a mythological creature which sets the Culture Of The Screens on fire, and reduces our quaint mental parks and villages to smoldering ash.

We have about 2,300 questions for Joshua, but since he left Berlin today, we’ll start posting a few of them here…  ; )

for now, the official trailer here.

added: Just won the Berlinale audience award for best documentary. Not surprisingly. And/or Surprisingly. (Does the audience itself need psych0-media analysis? we might ask…)

Biting The Media Hook And Thrashing Inside…

So, we are subjected to the perpetrators’ world, mass murderers, atrocity makers, vicious thugs, nauseating creatures and dare we say extremely colorful real life characters… i.e. pure film material.  And Joshua focuses on the one, out of 40 or more he interviewed, who exhibits Some realization about what he has committed, one who has an almost surreal likeability and human-ness.

The other psychopaths do not appear to have any awakening whatsoever… and they All remain in power… and one of the first questions might be … What tactics are at work here ?! And is there something very dangerous that lies underneath the surface of this film…when one reads deeper into the mechanisms at work here.

We do not wish to attack Joshua. His sincerity is very real , admirable, incredible. We commend his bravery and audacity. He spent 10 years of his life understanding Indonesia and its culture, and 4 of them in extremely risky situations to expose a story that is not being discussed in Indonesia, and as far as we’ve witnessed, unheard of in the history of arts + media + journalism + “film therapy”?… And yet we have some serious issues and a whole range of questions regarding this experiment, its results, and its concepts around human nature and reconciliation.


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