Berlinale v.3, Transmediale v.6 …


{ TPB AFK, 2013 }

Berlinale v.3

Well our cynicsm can only go so far, and with the bitter cold, what else is there to do, but suck down some over-mediation, a little SOMA time, and maybe even some juicy bits from the frontlines of the cultural resistance….

Transmediale v.6

Sadly this film – TPB AFK – wasn’t being shown at Transmediale Festival, and would have been prime material and opportunity to have discussions about how + where the struggles for digital communications and information liberation are playing out in realtime… uh, rather than Pluto time ; )

[ Note, Transmediale Festival has been over for a week, there seems to be little ongoing resonance, and no postings as yet about when archives might become available. May take time. Meanwhile we keep thinking of things we wish had been present at the festival that would have satisfied our craving for more tactical engagements... and now in hindsight, it seems kind of amazing there was no forum to discuss the important work of The Pirate Bay ( and its persecution) ... P. Bureau and P. Party. Nor Aaron Swartz for that matter. Other things missing ?! ]

TPB AFK is the up-to-date story of Pirate Bay, and the battle for the internet that rages on… It’s playing at Berlinale Festival – 8.2, 9.2, 11.2, 15.2 – but not surprisingly it’s all over the web for watching….

To sum up something you get from the film is that contrary to the mainstream perspective that’s out there, Pirate Bay is not really about some young techie/hackers creating a platform for ‘pirating’ copyrighted media. The internet allows for an entire paradigm shift in how we utilize media communications, and the old industry is not willing to let go of their ‘Content Bank’, not willing to evolve in favor of artists, for example. With the new media structure it would be possible to allow media makers, film, music , articles et al… to directly connect with their audiences without corporate media middle men. And to pave the way via Peer-2-peer (P2P) culture, which is at the base of a culture which allows users the freedom to communicate and share as they wish between themselves. To make Sharing A Crime, is a much more serious problem ! And unfortunately that revolution is being squelched by powerful forces like Hollywood. Sure there are some complications as to how makers will generate income, but that is something that people like Peter Sunde from TPB have been attempting to create.

Added: A very complex film, and we are assessing what position it takes in the struggle! It may seem obvious it is in support of the Pirate Bay founders and P2P in general, though it ends on such a tragic, tangled and depressing note, one could argue it does some damage to the fight. But it has documented and captured very intimately and truthfully an extraordinary conflict from the very epicenter of the old industry’s fight ( Hollywood primarily )  for rigid copyright controls at-all-costs… vs. the new net generation’s innovations in IT and mass communications.

If director Simon Klose is in town, it would be fascinating to see what he has to say about the experience and his own core beliefs on the issues. And might be very useful to attend and push any discussions forward w/ engaging questions and next steps.

Here’s one link to catch it:

The wikipedia link has links on how to support the maker(s):

Berlinale v.3 cont….

So while we may continue to point out the dilemmas of the cinematic arts, perhaps rapidly decreasing as a tool in today’s urgent and precarious situations (not to mention the ubiquitous media empires which are set on entertaining us to death ; i.e. the Huxleyan soma )… still there are certainly curators and programmers here who know a little about what powerful media IS currently out there … so we’ll try and point to some films which are at least … relevant… to XLterrestrials …

i.e. the Indigenous Films program…

And what are your TIPS??!

more coming soon…

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