Berlinale Time v.2.1 : STOP THE FORCED EVICTIONS !


Nevermind the Berlinale!

If you watch any films this week in Berlin, this one by Leftvision Clips ( click for english subtitles, and now a turkish version here. )  is a must see and a must share !  … In these times, the only media that really matters is tactical media! Spread It !

And see you in the streets on Feb 14th ! Lausitzer Str. 8 ! 7 am !

This is going to be VERY IMPORTANT DAY of SOLIDARITY! We can’t think of anything better you can do for your city than to show your support ! We must force the city’s political process into protecting HOUSING AS A HUMAN RIGHT ! People Before Profits ! Be There !

More Info at :

Flyers ( De/Es/Tu ) + Banners + Stencils

Stop the Forced Evictions !


Added: more resources:

Twitter: @WirKommenAlle : #lausitzerstr8 : ( turkish )

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