Berlinale Time v.1 : The XLt’s Leni Riefenstahl Awards


{ performance art by Soren Dahlgaard (DK) via Kay Eske… thx }

It’s Berlinale time again… and we’re already thoroughly annoyed !

We’ve been pondering presenting our sorta-annual Leni Riefenstahl award(s) at the next CiTiZEN KiNO event (TBA). But well, Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty isn’t playing at the festival and is so obvious that it has brought good ol’ despicable Leni into even the mainstream vocabulary (again). And Steven Spielberg’s take on Wikileaks ( based on Daniel Domscheidt-Berg’s tactless book ) won’t be out til next year… And well rather than wait for that, why not this year just give it to the whole Film Festivals Industry instead ?!! Ok, GoldenBearheads we’ll start with YOU !

Congratulations !

For years, Xlterrestrials have covered the festival, including the Berlinale Talent Campus, and while there can often be some intriguing guests ( Dusan Makavejev being one of our most memorable ) and a variety of workshops there, for the most part this plays out almost entirely as a talent scout game, indoctrinating young emerging artists into the entertainment industry. And this year’s program looks dreadfully out of touch with the times ! More Show Biz than ever !

SO what if we, this time around,  just arrived a bit more quickly at the conclusion that there are really only the most miniscule social impacts of films in the grand scheme of things?! When was the last time you watched a documentary, and started the next day/week/month to concretely take on the issues it put on your plate? Ever ??! The ratio alone must be a dismal enough one for any real citizen to abstain from making or watching films for at least a few months.

But… but… life without art ? …  w/o those projections, that dance of poetry and light …. and what about the information war ?… Should we just relinquish the screens to go dark with an endless stream of lowest-common-denominator shite … but… but…

Could it be that civilization has sunk so low, the medium itself is submerged way below any social pragmatist’s measuring device… ?

ANd consider, if you were on the Titanic, an iceberg having just pierced the bow, would it be your priority to gather a large team, spend a few hundred thousand or millions of bucks, and construct a narrative to tell your community about the situation via cinema… ?

Well, we’re probably pissing a few people off here. But seriously, consider this: The next time you have the urge to express your deepest passions, vent your rage, inspire and engage your community in genuine, constructive acts… just forget about writing scripts, get rid of that itch to pick up a camera, erase the notion that you will manage an entire year around the hunt for the required money from mostly odious un-redeemable people, and that absurd delusion of fulfilling your desires by merging your trivial need to connect your very own version of a story with some celluloidal or digital bits…  fantasy… vanity… narcissism (X’d) to the power of mass media…

Go Out and Touch Some Lives Nearest You Instead…

OR better yet, storm the frickin studios ?! Sound the alarms !!? Attack the screens ?!! Get a Visceral Life !!?

Ok, just a thought, nevermind, go back to your seat and eat some sparkly Spectacle droppings !

But keep this in mind…


They are probably both on-the-money !

On the OTHER hand if you’re a junky and up for the sheer pleasure of injecting the high-grade SOMA, head on over to Director’s Lounge #9 … sure to be loads of social fun… and it won’t be oozing with all that pomp, celebrity void, decorated and decorative misinformation… and you’ll probably be supporting some local artists and programmers !


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