XLt on BWPWAP – v.4 : Another Pluto is Possessed


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So our coverage of the Transmediale Festvial continues… See v.1 and v.2 + 3 in previous plogs …

XLt on BWPWAP – v.4 : Another Pluto is Poseable … Disposable…  Possessed… ? … Our final analysis is under construction… But below are some quick sketches and impressions…

- – So Jodo’s Universe  or Jodoverse would not be squeezed into the post-modern day pneumatic tubes ( i.e. Octo )… Jodorowsky was not with us in Berlin! As Transmediale attempted to connect to him via video conferencing,  it made apparent video-screened reductionism… technical breakdown….disconnect. It should be noted that similar problems happened with another sesssion Video Vortex in the Theater Saal, while attempting to speak with artists from China, Mathew Adeiza from Nigeria, and (?). Difficulties also with Brazilian artist, Felipe Fonseca, during Remixing Digital Cities panel.

These technical and/or curatorial flaws are  disappointing, but they are also  obvious and important signals to rethink our tele-dysfunctional systems and the temptations to use them in place of more local realities. We also proposed at the Video Vortex session breakdown that it would probably make far more sense to invite international representatives from these regions already in Berlin ( and collaborate offline w/ those remote guests offline beforehand. Similar to the role of diplomats who convey the message from the homeland,  and then the technological tools could be used as a suplemental appendage, i.e. in some form that is more palatable to communal gatherings, rather than submitting us to those dubious tele-present digital pipes ;).

But specifically with the example of Jodo, it was interesting to note that he was also being rather narrowly framed within Transmediale’s theme, in order to finally bring comics culture for the “1st time” into focus as an extremely important genre in our media history and current spectrum. But perhaps what was not really ready to be transmitted through the old (corporate) pipes was the fact that Jodo’s primary work is as a healer and culturally resonating  spiritual medium. And it was that caliber of interference that the XLterrestrials desire !

- – Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez’s BWPAP Users Coded Narrative was in many ways also a technical fail, but she correctly and quite beautifully framed the issue: it was also a user fail. She set up a performative situation whereby it was really up to the public to get creative to escape the 2-dimensions and 2-line txts of a jacked -in i-pad-ded audience participation. A device was shared with the audience ‘empowering’ them to communicate to the whole room ). Meanwhile she – in Amazon- Xingu dress – invited a small circle of people on stage to sit around a prop camp fire, and drink wine. And sadly the audience could not find any productive use, no exit, no compelling connections. A painful and tragic little microcosm,  but absolutely revealing metaphor. Was it a clever set- up to mirror this technological / user fail ?! As if, no true community results could come from sharing the i-pad device ?? As if, we will not find our way out of our labyrinth by technical means ? Briefly speaking to her, we discovered that she Had Hoped for more tactical engagement from the public participation, so it was not necessarily her intention to produce such a communicative flatland or dead-end.

- – Ironicly these two scenarios, put the onus on US the Transmediale attendees… We were given the problematic situations in momentary doses. Sitting around waiting to be entertained, we might have emerged, awakened with some solutions, we might have transcended the technological fail , and made use of our gathering. We Did Not… so… where we, in our previous analysis ( v.2+3) of laying attack upon the restrained and futile attitudes of academia, we ourselves are also highly to blame. So expect another rant coming, aimed at The Dysfunctional We, the silent and easily entranced and dis-abled Citizens !

- btw, props to Marcel Mars for ‘attacking’ or confronting Kenneth Goldsmith ( of Ubu Web) for his inappropriate and useless gestures of ‘mocking’ (?) Aaron Swartz ! More on that later!

- – a few more things to catch on the last day… focused primarily on Desire and Gender… see you there….



BWPWAP – Day 6 – Desire

- – We’ve already asborbed 2 incredible presentations today… We had our doubts about white europeans being the only ones which speak of Black African culture, but:  In A Quare Time and Place: On the Politics of Blaxploitation-Cinema and Sun Ra’s Afrofuturism - with high-speed delivery by Tim Stuettgen w/ Antke Engel, we got a deep connection point for understanding Quarism or QuAre time. ( which we will try to come back to relay a summary and our interpretations. Let’s just say now, Sun Ra is alive and vibrating with us, and should definitely be featured more often in media symposiums… where continual-colonial and fractured Africa is so seldom featured.

- – And Many Heartfelt Thx to (BWPWAP desire with) Allucquére Rosanne “Sandy” Stone for bringing the emotions, the body,  pleasure + orgasm into the house, for REAL (?) ! We wish there had been time to ask questions, because we are still very unsettled by this academic embrace of robotics ( perhaps in particular when linked with eroticism ). Perhaps broader than the Donna Haraway school, but Sandy definitely brings this branch of the UC Californi-topia school with her. Our questions might begin with this:

Clearly humans are in serious trouble, and given the current horrific contexts – from drones to surveillance to militarized foreign and domestic policing -  of the species lack and/or misdirected imaginations, technological developments are churning out an horrific array of robotic manifestations, and we’ve only just begun !

Perhaps in parallel to a similar XLt position, as say, giving credibility to planetary exploration/colonization and further entertaining the academic institutions w/ these advances in technology, BEfore the species can get it’s social shit together is inviting multifarious possibilities for abuse and even the anihilation of life on the planet!  What gives ?! Showing Bjork and Chris Cunningham’s now classic cult video ( wherein a sexy “Bjork-bot” is fucking her machine-self, while singing “All is Full of Love” ) , without this critical context tends toward consumer techno-fetishism, pandering to the mad technotopians ( also known as the M.I.Complex, and now in its more privatized and fanatical incarnation – The Singularian Complex ! ).

Or have we missed some irony in your work ?!!



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