XLt analysis of TRansmediale BWPWAP – v.1


{ XLt examines “Back When Pluto Was A Planet”}

XLterrestrials will be doing our usual Transmediale Festival analysis, cause… well… we haven’t yet been able to escape to a tropical island…i.e. where the lemurs live, and fewer anthropocene-sters roam. And we instead have a knaack for finding ourselves … in the vortex … of cold germanic, mechanistic futures….

< 29.01 – 03.02Transmediale 2013- BWPWAP at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt

< 25.01-03.02 > Club Transmediale, at HAU and many other berlin venues.

< 25.01-27.01  > TM’s P2P Vorspiel ( see previous plog )


The official TM launch is (2morw)tues. at 17:30h -  so here in the meantime, the festival 2day posted a very good OVERVIEW of this year’s program, to get your head around it all before it begins…

And some of our XLt highlights:


- In the Jodoverse and Beyond – A special talk by Alejandro Jodorowsky, who we just learned will unfortunately not be in town, but will be presented via video conference at HKW ( Sat.).  Happy Birthday to Jodo ! This month he will be 83/84 … going on 23 !

Back When Pluto was Another Cold War Heavenly Body:
Militarisation, Media and Space -
very dense information!


-Disrupting the Bureaucracy, Rethinking Social Networks (15:00 to 17:00 – Auditorium)


- OCTO P7C-1 Miscommunication Technologies ( w/ Telekommunisten )

- Social Media: From Complaints to Alternative Tools w/ Geert Lovink

- misc -

- The Miseducation of Anya Major ( warning: for deconstructive purposes only )

- Learning From Evil Media ( warning: for deconstructive purposes only )


under construction….more coming soon…


{ Octo installment, pic from Kunstraum Bethanien 2012 }

Added: resources / coverage:



the digital love affair ( we don’t have time to deconstruct just yet) :


pics at Popcontext:


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COMING SOON : “Democracy on Pluto” an XLterrestrials analysis.

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