Fuck Off Spielberg! Hollywank on Wikileaks…


{ Still in the Ecuadorian embassy ! … }

“If Hollywood’s calling, it can’t be good news!” PK Dick

An XLterrestrial analyst responds to Steven Spielberg + Dreamworks making a new Hollywank on Wikileaks, based on Daniel Domscheidt Berg’s critical book on Assange, w/ assistance by the 4th-estate lackey David Leigh from Guardian UK, with Daniel Bruehl starring as the Hollywood Sock Puppet :

“A billion dollar industry does not , will not, cannot deconstruct a society that coddles billionaires…. FUCK OFF Spielberg! U are pathetic wanna-be humanitarian, a carpet-bagger making kiddie warporn w/ Jerry Bruckheimer, and U are useless to the future of humanity ! If ya wanna pump millions into telling the story of “The Fifth Estate”,  spend yur wad on hacklabs + media workshops for youth, or sit the f*ck down ! “


{ a still, from Guardian UK article on the film, self-promoting its own… }

Idiots in tow for the …”The Fifth Estate” … “a script by The West Wing’s Josh Singer and with Dreamgirls/Twilight director Bill Condon on board, has begun principal photography this week at an undisclosed location.” ( Iceland?)

And everybody wants to take a crack at the story, but too few want to actually change this dismal and blood-drenched world ??!

… Alex Gibney ( a Yale/ UCLA product)  with his own version opened this week at Sundance Festival “We Steal Secrets”.

Some info on that one from Guardian UK comments:


WikiLeaks legal adviser Jennifer Robinson saw the premiere of Alex Gibney’s documentary “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” at the Sundance Film Festival. Ms Robinson commented, “Julian [Assange] was advised not to participate in Gibney’s film and having now seen it – he was absolutely right not to. Very glad I did not participate in the Gibney [WikiLeaks/Manning] film – having seen how others were taken out of context.”

And this : Cryptome has published email correspondence between John Young, Alex Gibney, and Alexis Bloom (producer) regarding the documentary. (See http://cryptome.org/2013/01/wikileaks-jigsaw.htm

All these slimy entertainment industry creatures popping up at festivals, and doc markets trying to capitalize/ sanitize / anesthetize … ??!

” If we’ve learned ANYthing… showbiz will not save the word ! ” an XLt specialist on the over-mediated world.


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