20th Century Fix, social media is retro-hackable!


For Transmediale’s Vorspiel / Re:source program:

< 25.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable2o:30h at Naherholung  Sternchen, Berlin

+ Afterparty w/ lovely, roaring line-up,  Djs/Vjs/Xjs : shellac Dj Topher Rose ( Salon Obskur ), Mini Matika ( Zentrale Randlage, Kunst Kacke Soundsystem), dr. Podinski ( XLt, Badehaus + Piranha Events),
+ very special live act:
A/V/Band(istas) w/ vj Fader (US/AT) …
and Xxtra visuals by the XLterrestrials !

+ a 2nd Citzen-Kino mini-excerpt at 24h for the late-nighters…

< 27.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable “ … 2 shows:  14:00h a sunday brunch matinee ( all ages ) …  + 20:00h an evening ”’Adult X”’ version at Panke, Berlin

Your are welcome to show yur solidarity here > the Fedbook invite < which Does help for publicity purposes, and spreading the word. But there’s certainly many Other ways of doing that… (which don’t require sharing data w/ a very dubious corporation)… like simply bringing your friends with you to the show ; )


The XLterrestrials present an all new Citizen Kino :

“20th Century Fix: social media for social bodies is retro-hackable !”

w/ special guests, to be announced.

Citizen Kino is a hybrid of cinema, theater and digital culture, where we collectively navigate the topical storms and/or currents. An ongoing experimental format performed in a variety of venues.

In this version specially written and curated for TRANSMEDIALE’s BWPWAP theme ( Back When Pluto Was A Planet ), we explore the possibilities of “retro-hacking”… As the trajectory of internet and digital culture is producing a dangerous and/or unwinnable corporate landscape in opposition to organisms living in chaotic, diverse and collaborative social settings, we seek an emergency exit… This is no steampunk fantasy, not a hypothetical or sci-fi exercise, but an extreme tactical maneuver.

In 1908, Charles Pathe’, the son of a butcher shop owner, invented the newsreel in France. By the 21st century, the medium had devolved into such artless and disconnected spectacles, so removed from consensus reality, that a so-called information society began to resemble the blind and automatic mimicry of a crippling malware. C-Kino goes back in retrospex to change the course of those early gatherings in the dark to create another kind of collective and interventionist ‘newsreal’ experience.






A possible playlist of works includes Sylvia Schedelbauer, Yin-Ju Chen and James T. Hong, André Werner, Peter Greenaway, Laibach + Jan Svankmajer, Mars One, Telekommunisten, Travis Wilkerson, Charles Pathe, Martha Colburn’s collaborations w/ Mystical Weapons ( w/ Sean Lennon), Anonymous, Occupy, Idle No More, Bruce Sterling and Deepspeed Media…

w/ special guests from Telekommunisten’s Octo project, Topsy Qur’et, Andre Werner ( Director’s Lounge ) …

and more to come…

Hope you will join us for these Xxtraordinary events!!

dr. Podinski
& the XLT…

Our partners for this CiTiZEN KiNO:


more news + podopolog article on Transmediale 20123 coming soon !

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