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[ From the film about renegade architect Michael Reynolds, Garbage Warrior by Oliver Hodge ]

New: We finally opened up our films + hot docs Page, which is for now just a recommended playlist w/ links for Ecotopia Gathering 2008, which began this weekend in Sinop, Turkey, 750 km east of Istanbul. We learned from a compa who works with the Berlinale and Globale film festival that Sinop, which had been mostly known for its prison in former times, has now transformed into something of a progressive community outpost, a place of global citizens in a kind of voluntary exile. A few years ago, Tobias H. travelled there a couple of times to organize a theatrical performance/presentation based on Peter Watkin’s La Commune.

Today Sinop faces the predicament of government plans to build a nuclear power plant in the area ( 1 of 5 new reactors in the next 5 years). With this new story as a preface, Ecotopia has organized this year’s 2 week gathering there around the theme of Energy issues. Also rumors are that Ecotopia is considering a new format for its annual activities and this may be its last Camp/Bike Tour.

Atomkraft by Pierre Brauchli in Pergamon’s “Babylon Mythos” catalogue

In other news, Podinski and Dj Shazam were guests on Mikro.Fm’s weekly program now broadcast on funkwelle.org 95.2 which has rented a frequency for a month and has just one more week to go… Might be we are playing more music for them for the grand finale next sunday.

We read a curious piece from Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch this weekend, and while we’ve been entertained and informed by his talks at the Anarchist Bookfair in San Francisco on a number of occasions and generally consider his deep analysis on the sorry and disturbing state of American political “affairs” on the radical ( if not always tactical) side, this new article strikes us as a misfire on the Spineless Corporate Media. Strangely Cockburn considers the current Edwards scandal/affair as one of 2 Hot summer topics ( WTF ??! XLts can surely give you some better themes)… which reminds us of Michael Franti of Spearhead singing in one of his sharper tracks of a few years back titled “Oh My God”:

Politicians got lipstick on the collar; the whole media started to holler. But I don’t give a fuck who they screwing in private; I wanna know who they screwing in public.”

Cockburn revels in the fact that the National Enquirer was somehow more in touch with reality than the main corporate sewage pipe. Ok, funny enough, but this merely shows the worthlessness and Spectacle-addictions of all the mass media trip wires, and that often an equally vicious left likes to swim in it as well whenever they get ahold of an early scoop ( or just trying to keep their readers piqued).

Ok, there’s certainly something nauseating about the Edwards scenario ( not because of an xtra-marital affair! ), but the way the press world determines how public figure/politicians sex lives must exist in the shadows, we can probably expect their public policy perversions to only become more tortured expressions in proportion to their unfulfilled (or unadmitted) desires. Would be intriguing to see a study of monogamous politicians vs. polyamorous vs. closet politicians, a Reichian-esque analysis of repression + aggression. Sounds like an issue better handled by Dr. Block.

On the Counterpunch front, far more interesting is their summer reading list from contributing writers.

Oh and Saul Williams in a murdy newsletter sent out a summer reading list, with reader/fans replying. Hmm, can’t find it now, but i’ll try and add some later… Pretty sure Naomi Klein was on it.

And ours currently includes, not as recommendations exactly as we’re still fishing through and weighing them, and sure as hell don’t expect to finish them, but here goes: Spook Country – W. Gibson, 54 – Wu Ming ( ok , STILL trying to finish that one), Die Radiotrinkerin – Max Goldt, Imaginaire Grosse – Stanislaw Lem, Tito ist Tod – Marica Bodrozic, Adressat Unbekannt- Kressmann Taylor, Babylon Mythos- Pergamon Museum, Sound Unbound- Paul Miller, Complete Poems, Selected Letters – Rimbaud… and online: a wee bit too much commondreams, and Brian Holmes and DMZ’s Blog… ( links coming).

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World War 5 ??! According to the film Venezuela Bolivariana, the Cold War took enough casualties to easily be considered a World War so that makes THREE, and Big Noise’s Film 4th World War describes # FOUR as the (corporate/military) Globalization waged upon the so-called 3rd World or the global south… So the Oil Heads battling over the last (retro-)energy resources ( and water next … and/or concurrently ) by our calculations makes FIVE…

SO, if you’re following the news on the latest brought to you by the Oil Heads, You should read THIS:

War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation? by Michel Chossudovsky

tbc ?

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