Victories in 2012 ! XLterrestrials look at what we did right…


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The XLterrestrials had a rough year, and we read accounts of many others who struggled through some heavy times… But we thought it would be a good start for 2013 to look at what we did right ! And the VICTORIES in 2012 ! So we’re assembling them here… and if you like, please send us yours, from big global stories to community triumphs to personal wins !

Coming soon: Idle No More movement, The Declaration of Mother Earth ( Bolivia ), Students/Occupy win big in Quebec, SOPA bill dead ( for now ), Peru bans Monsanto! etc, etc …  to our own smaller local bits like the Citizen Kino series celebrates edition #20!! with its first ‘voku’ dinner + cinema at Panke E.V in Berlin….

XLterrestrials are getting really bored with the endless bad news, so in 2013… we’re ready to hear about yur/our victories, and yur/our strategies for winning !!! Don’t worry we’re not gonna get all ‘opto-populist’ and delusional, we just wanna spend more time on things worthy of investing energy in…


The List … in no particular order ( yet ) … links coming soon :

+ Quebec’s “student spring” (+ Occupy) forces the universities to Back Off on tuition hikes.

+ The Declaration of Mother Earth ( Bolivia… to UN )

+ Idle No More movement goes Global. Video. Story.

+ Monsanto banned in Peru…

+ Berlin Refugee Strike secures a new squat for housing refugees on their own terms ( more or less)… and a semi-permanent encampment with ongoing assemblies in a sweet + heated circus tent at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg…

+ 2012, ‘we’ didn’t blow ANYONE up with nuclear weapons ; )

+ Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) digital rights activism victories in 2012: stories here.

+ SOPA and PIPA dead ( … for now )

+ Occupy Sandy came to the rescue of thousands !

+ An 11 year-old girl from the Sliammon First Nation makes Stephen Harper and his cronies + the Rio+20 bureaurofats look like absolute f**ckin morons… story/video here.

+ Some of our favorite artists, activists, artivists did massively successful kickstarters, like Jossie Malis ‘ Bendito Machine, Grey Filastine, Dub Gabriel, Maga Bo and the Yes Men ( Andy Bichlbaum + Mike Bonanno )… do you know of others ??!

+ Josh MacPhee from the Just Seeds collective wrote a killer article about why there could + should be things a 1000x better than kickstarter ; ) … story here.

+ Speaking of kickstarters, Anita Sarkeesian got more than 25x !! her $ goal… a huge f*ck YOU to all the sexist + misogynist trolls who harassed her, for her new project examining the common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games. video here.

+ CiTiZEN KiNO, our very own XLt hybrid of tactical arts + media, reaches it’s 2oth episode! And we finally got the ball rolling on mixing community dinners ( called ‘Voku’ in Germany ) w/ an interactive embodied cinema. And we’re excited to start off this year with a premiere at Transmediale 2013, some themes are already taking shape: RETRO-Hacking !




more coming soon, + feel free to send us your positive tales and trails !


And please note, if you are a fan of the XLTerrestrials tactical arts Podopolog, and would like to support our projects, please get in touch with us. We have lots of big plans for this year, and we could really use some new contributing patrons.

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