XLT de-tour updates

OK, why not some pratical info ?? like Tour news:
i still cant find apostrophes on a croatian keyboard, but with that being the worst of our problems i think we could say the jammer guardians are looking after us…and so many inspring people along the trail are making our journey an easy coast down a swift river.
In fact, Possible Worlds connected us to an ingenious and synchronous festival just an hour north of where we are based, and the theme is BORDERS. Visura Aperta in Momjan . Fancy that, this world shrinks and expands like a deep breathing dragon-ista.

We will adapt the Transmigration for Visura Aperta just a notch, and experiment what happens when we examine the media ecology thru the lens of Edwin Abbott and his mathematical Flatlands. Well, minus the hard math, Try this: what if our own intrinsic and intuitive cinematic generator was turned inside out and sold back to us like a carny ride scheme, only $10 a pop. Imagine you were flattened from a living Sphere to a pancake-Square looking at the world wide (web) thru a metered 3-d cinemascope. Whereas the work to hack and transcend borders used to be between rigid nations and abundant cultures, the playing field is now to reclaim access to the organic dimensions and cut through the mass Spectacle divide. We were all interconnected long before the NET, but now there are carny gatekeepers of the externalized phenomena reduced to binary streams and tolls, where theres a sucker born every nanosecond, and the lifeblood drips from the connector con.
XL Terrestrial TOUR news :

Aug.6-7 Visura Aperta Festival, Momjan, Croatia

Aug.11 Tuzrakter w/ Tilos Radio, Budapest

Aug.12-20 Ecotopia 2006, Slovakia

Aug.21-22 Summer Open Academy at 13m3, Bratislava

Upcoming Dates TBA :

Club der Polnische Versager, Berlin
Eschshloraque, Berlin
Station Park, Berlin
Christiania, Denmark
Malmo, Sweden
and then …
back to the Balkans in September ?

Want to invite the XL Terrestrials to come play, deconstruct, illuminate the Transmigration Of Cinema at a living Theater nearest you?

Contact: podp@xlterrestrials.org

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