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XLt Radar v.8: Bits Und Baüme, and Dante’s Infernal Machine

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

:::: – :::: – ::::: a forest in Dartmoor, UK :::: – ::::: – ::::
XLt Radar v.8:
< Nov.17/18 > Bits Und Baüme Conference at TU, Berlin
( Bits and Trees, a project by the Chaos Computer Club people )
Can Digital Culture ( in a Hyper-Krapitalist world ) be sustainable?!!… Seems like a false nerd dichotomy for [...]

Kiez Notes : Our Death Traps by Friendly Design

Friday, November 9th, 2018

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Kiez Notes : Our Death Traps by Friendly Design
-a quick sketch- / -work-in-progress-
Blätter and HKW’s Democracy Lecture series invited Richard Sennett, Francesca Bria and Andrej Holm to discuss and debate the “Kampf Um Der Stadt” last nite. In English: “The Struggle for the City”. But there was little struggle, and little [...]

XLt Radar v.7: Another End Of The World is Possible !

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Croissants, Capital, Commons, Crisis + Community – A (cr)edible theory of arts, livelihoods and resistance ?!

Let’s imagine running a bakery and producing something your friends, community and strangers alike love to eat; And people are willing to trade you something for your work to make it. To do that, we have some limited options in [...]