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XLt Summer Radar v.4 : The Fire This Time !

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

( pic: more upcoming dates – from the HAU program on claiming common spaces. we are typing up and adding below… work-in-progress…. and sorry for the lack of actual links, we are currently overbooked and underfunded. wink wink. i..e Donations and plog volunteers always welcome!  )

- On the XLt Radar v.4 -
in Btropolis:
< June 22 [...]

XLt Launches Viral PsyOp Ad Nauseam Counter-Campaign ;)

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

More Details to Come !

The Xlterrestrials have been using a VJ tool program called Modul8 for many years, not only for film/video mixing but graphic collage. Here we have layered Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu onto the Migrant Children Kidnapper-in-Chief’s image…
We’d like to create a viral campaign…
Mix your own monstrous character imagery onto any [...]

XLT Summer Radar: Stadt Von Unten / City From Below ! v.3

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

( foto: @ Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Graffiti Writers Wanted in Btropolis ! …
Apply Now ! ;)

Recently at a screening – set up by Kunstblock at Acud – of Oliver Ressler’s doc ( link ) on Le ZAD struggles in France ( and everywhere ! #ZADpartout ) , John Jordan and other inhabitants of ZAD, explain [...]

XLT Summer Radar: Turn up the HEAT ! v.2

Friday, June 8th, 2018

((( ooo )))
Upcoming Things…
Please visit V.1 for previous listings for more JUNE events
< June 7 -10 > Berlin Punk Fest, So36 / Wild at Heart / Cassiopeia
… … …
On the gentrification front, things are definitely accelerating … and heating up… it is THE Btropolis HOT TOPIC… and it is not unlike a war for the [...]