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Press Freedom Under Siege In Germany ! #Landesverrat

Friday, July 31st, 2015

A sad, stupid and disturbing day in German politics !!
Markus Beckedahl (left) the editor-in-chief of Andre Meister asst. editor ( and also a longtime Indymedia contributor ) were earlier this year given a prize by the govt. of Germany as part of the “Land of Ideas” competition. The site also won the prestigious Grimme-Preis, [...]

Into A Dark Silicon Back Alley … or a Regenerative Society ?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

You are passing a DARK ALLEY, and therein awaits a savage mob of thieving Krapitalists, thugs with knives, automatic rifles, tasers, networked surveillance tools, corporate bank accounts, an army of investors and lawyers and lobbyists and crony judges.
The MASTER NINJA says: It is unwise to pass through the alley in these times.
The TECHNOTOPIAN says: Come [...]

XLt Summer Blurbs V.2: From Grexodus With Love

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

and many more things to come….

{ currently at the German Pavillion in Venice }

< Sat, July 18 > Platoon venue’s 3 year anniversary
{ frackbook invite }

And keep an eye out for more Blockupy style actions and organizing and solidarity at Oranienplatz in Kberg ( i.e. next weds. evening ) .
And the O-platz Revival as a [...]

Community Arts Exchange : Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

{ We call this one the XLt wormhole logo, which is the what the football-like object on the right supposedly represents }

Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism
XLterrestrials propose a LOGO CONTEST !
A community arts exchange idea , a work-in-progress

So XLterrestrials and CiTIiZEN KiNO, our 2 current main projects both need a wider [...]

Spot Krapitalism Before It’s Too Late ! Resources for the EU Crisis …

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Resources for the Universal Grexit !
+ How to Spot Krapitalism in Your Govt. Before It’s Too Late !
Well, hard to say whether or not we consider Greece exiting the EU a positive direction, but it would be far better to argue for the EU ( and the planet ) to exit Krapitalism * !

We’ll try [...]

1000x Amelies Rising: XLt Summer Blurbs

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

XLterrestrials To/From Greece+Beyond With LOve !
::: ” We send you a mental image of a 1000 Amelies putting glues in all the robo-bureaucrats shoes ! Solidarity, pranks, revolt, community, counterculture seductions and romance ! We will win ! ::::

The Summer’s getting HOT… here’s a few from our recommended blurbs to get you further ENGAGED ! [...]