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Why Snowden at SXSW Reveals Only Half The Net Mess

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

{ Snowden on The Daily Show / Stafford Beer’s cybernetics, an XLt remix * }

Let’s not mince words, what Edward Snowden has done to help society out of the  dark Labyrinth made by a cybernetic regime dream, and caught with its bloody hands in the global cookie jar, is HEROIC ! And to be handed [...]

btropolis bike dérives v.1

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Take a bike dérive in your town today !

Note on #4: Not an active train…. a little time warp side-of-the-road ‘museum’ … it’s parked…. And of course the foto doesn’t do justice to the full futuro majestic surreality … it’s BRD , West Germany 1980s ? we think.
Correction, that’s DDR …
“The historic DMU VT 18.16 [...]