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20th Century Fix, social media is retro-hackable!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

For Transmediale’s Vorspiel / Re:source program:
< 25.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable “ 2o:30h at Naherholung  Sternchen, Berlin
+ Afterparty w/ lovely, roaring line-up,  Djs/Vjs/Xjs : shellac Dj Topher Rose ( Salon Obskur ), Mini Matika ( Zentrale Randlage, Kunst Kacke Soundsystem), dr. Podinski ( XLt, Badehaus [...]

Fuck Off Spielberg! Hollywank on Wikileaks…

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

{ Still in the Ecuadorian embassy ! … }

“If Hollywood’s calling, it can’t be good news!” PK Dick

An XLterrestrial analyst responds to Steven Spielberg + Dreamworks making a new Hollywank on Wikileaks, based on Daniel Domscheidt Berg’s critical book on Assange, w/ assistance by the 4th-estate lackey David Leigh from Guardian UK, [...]