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A Bucketload of Radical Blurbs for Summer Rev – v.2 ( updates )

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

{ mayday posters from Just Seeds, and more here }
maydayS maydayS, all cats on deck !

{ SoCalled in the studio }
< 14.05 > Asphalt Tango brings the incredible SoCalled to town with a new album “SleepOver”, with special guests Dj Podinski … and rumored Daniel Kahn from The Painted Bird, 21:00h, HBC venue, [...]

Schlingensief’s Arts + Praxis Phase Alive + Well in Africa

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

{ Knistern Der Zeit by Sibylle Dahrendorf }

The premiere of Sibylle Dahrendorf’s KNISTERN DER ZEIT – CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF UND SEIN OPERNDORF IN BURKINA FASO was at Hau Eins on monday.
And will begin a cinema tour in June. See the details at FilmGalerie 451
Before Schlingensief left us, he must have given numerous presentations and pitches for [...]