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XLt Summer Hotspots v.9: Animal Spirits vs. Corporate Beasts (Part2)

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

< 30.7 > OMFO w/ Primitive Equations, Chaikhana! Zentralasiatische Teestube – mit Goldfinger, Alamurad Rakhimov, Ensemble Mezherep, Fay Lovsky + Al-Asadi Brothers, beginning 16h at Haus Der Kulturen. See Program.

{Kaja Renkas, Pigasus Galerie}
<5.8.> Vernissage, Pigasus Galerie meets Buchhandlung Cafe, a collection of Polish Poster Art. more details coming soon.

{ El Martillo }
< 8-18.8 > Think [...]

XLt Summer Hotspots v.8: Animal Spirits vs. Corporate Beasts

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

{ a dubscope snapshot from our XLt ^s. Dub Gabriel set @ Das Buro, now creating a visual frame for the next CiTiZEN KiNO at Chaos Camp 2011. }
” take the # of hours spent w/ a screen, subtract time spent w/ living creatures, multiply by the # of yur corporate-made belongings + work hours [...]

The Mysterious Plaid Man, Paid Pie Hitman ?!!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Note: XLterrestrials apologize to Jonathan May-Bowles aka Jonnie Marbles, who appears to be a sincere artivist involved with projects like UK UNCUT.  And Thx to the Guardian coverage for giving us a clear picture !

{ Watch Guardian clip HERE }

Though we think it will continue to be extremely valuable to analyze + debate (detournement) strategies, [...]

XLt Summer Hotspots v.7: Who Owns The Hood !?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


< 15.07 > Wide Scope Of Dub, w/ Dub Gabriel, Djane Mohak, Shazam, Adam Atics + Ken Mutant , and vjs Tofa (tresor) and XLterrestrials’ Dr. Podinski on a 3-beamer +  6-screen surround-a-scope visual set ! @ Das Buro, Kunsthaus Tacheles, ab 22h.
the fedbook invite ( at yur own risk ; )
Aside from [...]

XLt Summer Hotspots, v.6: Civilian “Space” Program

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

< 09.07 > Eurozentrika vernissage at Leap, featuring dozens of artists i.e. Tanja Ostojic, Baruch Gottlieb, open for the next 5 days. see link for times.

{ From REd Channels “As A Crowd Gathers” }
< 10.07 > Red Channels in Berlin ( see full program) present “LESS FETISH, MORE ACTION! ALL POWER TO COLLECTIVITY! ” : [...]