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High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.5

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

{ cover from Jajouka’s Live . Vol.1 release in 2009 / Attar and friends somewhere in Morocco }
< 02.07 > Master Musicians Of Jajouka w/ Dub Gabriel … w/ added visual set by XLterrestrials’ vj Podinski at Haus Der Kulturen, Berlin. And see Jajouka site for full tour info.
And an interesting article at Generation Bass [...]

High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.4

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

{ Art from Benjamin Lacombe }

News: Der Ungarische Schnurrbart ( the hungarian moustache ) and the Szimpla + Tuzrakter crew won 2nd prize at Karneval der Kulturen ( read about all the 2011 winners here ) … Fotos by Denis Beviz. And You can follow¬†Schnurrbart news on Fbook. And Szimpla news here. Szimpla’s 2nd Berlin [...]

High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.3

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

{ Ton-Steine-Garten, Kreuzberg }
This summer is going to be wild !¬† Will economic collapse ANd/OR unrest AND/OR pro-active citizen creativity rule the day ??! There’s incredible things brewing… we think big change is gonna come ! No, No definitely not in small amounts. The Spanish Revolution is heating up Euro-wide. The walls in the Middle [...]