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XLt Blurbs: Eye & We & Tails Of Summer Nights

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

{ the XLt Kollectiv }
< 10.09 > Piranha’s Nights Of Ramadan finale w/ Speed Caravan, Kobra 36, Dj Pasha, the XLt Kollectiv, Terakaft ( former members of Tinariwen ) …
< 11.o9 > DJ Shazam’s UrbanKarma night at Tresor w/ XLterrestrials

Upcoming XLterrestrial shows w/ 17 Hippies, Speed Caravan + Kobra 36, Dj Shazam…
+ All Together Now [...]

Vive Les Enfants Terribles ! In Memory of Christoph Schlingensief

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

{ Schlingensief  (not) in the Volksbuehene }
” i hate theater. “
1960 – 2010 †
The master deconstructionist who would never keep his art within the walls, on a stage, in the cinema, or within reasonable limits…
Long Live The ENFant TERRible von Oberhausen !

Perhaps it will take some time for the english-speaking press and cultural spheres to [...]

Folk & Fæ Symposium … Where the wild things converge!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

{ On the way back from DK, the seagulls dance in the wind currents of the ferry }
Folk & Fæ Symposium

Last week the XLterrestrials participated in a Symposium on a small idyllic island anachronism in the Danish South Sea. Named Folk & Fae, the event was constructed as a convergence of international artists to explore [...]

XLt Summer blurbs: Back to the art grind… Yow, Are we having fun yet ??!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

{ 2 Copenhagen stencil finds, can u find the polysorbate 80 fan ??! }
< 7.8 > Club der P. Versager nite w/ Kruno (Hr) of Gentle Junk, Zeljko (Sf) of Kafana Balkan, Podinski ( X? ) of XLt… Yow! are we having fun Yet ?!!
THis Sat.Nite – East Dance Space Shuttle
at Club der P. V. [...]

XLt Sustainability Research, Route #1 : Social Enterprise

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

{ the Baisikeli warehouse, Henrik and Ivan }
Coming soon: The Baisikeli project(s)…