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UrNOtAGadget- and not a moment too soon!

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

{ the MIDI interface as a telling metaphor * }
> “One day in the early 80s, a music synthesizer designer named Dave Smith casually made up a way to represent musical notes. It was called MIDI. His approach conceived of music from a keyboard player’s point of view. MIDI was made of digital patterns that [...]

S.O.S.! The Arts+Culture Drydocks: MS Stubnitz(es) Everywhere! … Or Else A Ghostfleet World of Shoppers + Bureaucrats + Virtual Zombies

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

{ MS Stubnitz – in the Inderhavn/Christianshavn KBH port, foto by Falk Rugies }
< 26.3 > Update: Stubnitz is relocating from Havnegade back to Christians Brygge/Langebro in KBH, and looks like it may be back open for business this weekend… Analogik w/ Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer show is Likely still on for < 27.3 >. And [...]

the XLt winter tail blurbs, part 3: Wired, Waning + Unwyrd

Monday, March 15th, 2010

< 18-20.3 > ElectroSmog – International Festival for Sustainable Immobility : Amsterdam / New York / Madrid  / Riga / London / Banff  / New Zealand / Munich / & on-lIne
From some of the folks at De Baile (in A’dam) who brought us Next Five Minutes events:
“The ElectroSmog festival develops a critique of the worldwide [...]

the XLt winter tail blurbs + International Women’s Day(S)! part 2: Musika musika

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

{ Iva Nova, festival Wazemmes l’accordeon, 2007 }

< 12.3 > Iva Nova (listen here) at Global, KPH
EXtended International Women’s DayS fun w/ extreme girl rock from St.Petersburg

< 10.3 > Animal Cops w/ Yann Keller at Knochenbox, Berlin

< 13.3 > Yalla! Oriental Bass Kollectiv at Tacheles, Berlin

< 13.3 > Dj Podinski (XLt) at Cafe Kalaset near [...]

the XLt winter tail blurbs + International Women’s Day(S)!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

{ hugh d’ andrade’s wicked good posters }
< 13-14.3 > Bound Together Books presents 15th annual SF Anarchist Bookfair, SF

{ soft zulah’s street flyers nonstop on yur block !}
< 11.3 > Happy Ft. presents Defiant Proclamations at Cellspace gallery, SF

{ Paper Politics out now on PM Press }
< 10.3 > Shaping SF Talks present a [...]

March 4th ! We are …

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

{ UC Riverside , Fullerton, Ca. }
“WE ARE students, workers, unemployed; we are undocumented and on probation… We Are…
If one thing is brutally obvious, it’s that there is no point demanding anything from a system which is trying to eat us alive, or negotiating with rulers who will never see us as anything but numbers. From [...]