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SF/LA/Cali bits and pieces cont. + 41 Years On The Res!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

{ life on the Res… }
< 1.30 > The Residents at The Henry Fonda Theater, LA – check the full Talking LIght tour schedule here which includes Euro dates starting in April.
According to the Cryptic Corporation: Spawned in Shrevesport, La. in 1969, which means The Residents have been slipping the LSD (lickety split dementia?) into [...]

SF + LA served fresh… events + news

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

< 1.24 > the 2nd annual LA Anarchist Bookfair at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood
Publishers, Booksellers, Publication+Nonprofits attending include:

Semiotext(e), Earth First Journal, Taala Hooghan: Infoshop & Youth Media Arts Center, South Central Farmers, Skylight Books, Institute for Anarchist Studies, Critical Resistance, PM press, AK press, Journal of aesthetics and protest, Center for the Study of Political [...]

Flora Bora archives and random news bits from the Mission district

Monday, January 18th, 2010

{ XLt-FB-1}
The XLterrestrials are busy going through the Flora Bora archives, FB, being the secret 2nd floor laboratory in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco. We begin w/ things we had posted on the walls to fuel the day …
Item-1: Imagine, a people/ a culture used to mummify their sacred cats, while today’s “civilization” [...]

The Media Are Weapons

Saturday, January 9th, 2010



{ Museum für Kommunikation Berlin }
These texts are extremely inadequate, but allude to a telekomm red pill, stay tune for a little plunge into the theme, if there’s time.
“Media are not pseudopods for extending the human body. They follow the logic of escalation that leaves us and written history behind it.” (Kittler in Geschichte der [...]

Total Techno Pocahontas Marine Porn, Step Right Up, James Cameron’s Got Your 3-D Brain Enema Right Here!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

{ for education + psychomedia analysis purposes only ; ) make yur own McDivision propaganda avatars, like a native Navi Leni ‘Refill’ Riefenstahl. See below. }

{ the unredeemable Leni | foto by Andreas H. Bitesnich }

Total Techno Pocahantas Marine Porn
“The contradictions of the Hollywood Blockbuster are not proprietary to Cameron.  They are the contradictions of [...]