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Operation Dancing Polanski, Justice On Cue For A Troubled Season

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

( a Barbie execution : source unknown )
Work in Progress : Operation Dancing Polanski

A beautiful weekend that felt like spring was cycling back in a full erotic dance in defiance of the calendar. And then the horrible german election news. The idiots won… it wasn’t a surprise, ya know, but then the morning after is [...]

Nevermind Deutschland, Rule Your Own Backyard and The Rest Will Follow : ) Save Mauerpark!

Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Rule Your Own Backyard and The Rest Will Follow ; ) No Buildings Here Mother$%^#ers !
A messy reportback:
We received a note that the Really Really Free Market was happening yesterday in San Francisco’s Dolores Park.
Big REsPeX to Kirsten Brydum ( Murdered in NOLa 2008 ) … Long Live the Really ReallY FRee!!! Here in Btown, [...]

Silence + the Outlands : Ana Kiri reclaims …

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

[ Ana Kiri eludes the waketime thieves ]
XLterrestrials are developing a backdoor to the outlands, a new XLt Psy ~ Fi tale… coming soon. If you didn’t yet catch the 1st… it’s here at

Music topples the walls, if only…

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

{ XLt + Fela }
We were so busy with our latest performances, there’s a lot of news we weren’t able to keep up with. Here’s a few bits … and random and not-so-random perceptions:
Woke up this morning listening to some older tunes on LastFM and wondering what sucked the life out of that notorious revolt [...]

Podopolog is back, a few quick items : U-Cef & the Arab League w/ Dr. Das + the XLt crew, A2N conference, 40 Years NGBK, etc.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

[ XLt meets Piranha meets Ramadan meets Pasolini meets ... the Muse + Electric Sheep ; ) ]
<< 21.9 >> Piranha’s Nights of Ramadan finale of a 3 week multi-kulti Ramadan festival featuring U-Cef & The Arab League ( Morocco/Uk ) with Dr. Das (Sri Lanka/UK ) :: Visual System by the XLterrestrials/MDc Crew + [...]