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clearing the musical palette / reboot with indigenous worlds / and many random things

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

[ Summer in the Palestinian Islands ( via dusanson) + greetings to our global citizen compas currently in Jerusalem! ]

Well, having felt a little bamboozled and of conflicted opinions re: the N.a.s.a. L.A.-style party beats last weekend ( more on that in the previous entry ), it’s a good time to clear the musical palette [...]

{}} Hot XLt summer blurbs #8813369&& : Call Now! : N.A.S.A. in Btown, Freigeist, etc. {{}

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

< 23-25.7 > Freigest Music Festival with Brass Wood and Wires, DLC- Sudsound, Ganjaman, XLterrestrials + Media Decompression ( Sat.), Open Air + Big Tent Kino, Infostands, TV Coop, workshops, & Art resistance in many forms! all at YAAM, Berlin ( a bit subject to weather since most of Yaam is open air )

< 24.7 [...]

everything you thought you knew was packed upside down, and even sillier to think you’d need any of it at the next station

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

So many thoughts are pouring thru, maybe we’ll write some down eventually, but for the moment one cannot appropriately post the music or the silence of the emotional and humbling anthropomorphic journeys. Another sign that the reductionism of the digital is a very very funny joke. Maybe a tribute to the man on the moon [...]

Freezones part 2 : Put Yur Money Where Yur Communities ARe !

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

< 17-19.7 > Schokoladen Hoffest # 19 with Schokoladen Venue, Club der Polnischen Versager and a whole colorful assortment of true neighborhood flavors in the Hof at Ackerstr. 169, Berlin
Added: dj~vjs Youssarian + Podinski ( upstairs ) sat. nite
~ ~ ~
Recently the XLterrestrials determined that a tactical guide to surviving in the 21st century would [...]

Freezones were never a given… they must be created !

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Freezones were never a given, they must be created ! Having navigated Berlin for many years, the XLTerrestrials have observed that the territories for “free living” ( best defined for yourself ) have tragicly declined… and the city life is spiralling into a dismal normalized state. Fortunately the awareness is on the rise, and the [...]

8.7 Berlin :: ~dj~shazam + ~vj~podinski remix the Museum Insel

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

< 8.7 > Mittwoch Abend 20.30 ~ DJ ~ VJ ~ Performance am Alten Museum in Mitte
More info in english here (below):

Hallo liebe kulturinteressierte Mitmenschen,
am Mittwoch 8.7.09 ist es soweit:
die Eröffnung des Berliner Museumsinselfestivals wird zelebriert. Dazu gibts an zentralem Ort eine einmalige Performance von DJ Shazam in Kollaboration mit dem Visual Artist Podinski aus [...]

Rip, Rewind, Cut, Loop, Interweave + + the Xlt Non-linear news bits

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

[ still from Ron Fricke's Chronos ]
< 8.7 > ETHNOTRONISCHE ZEIT & INTERKONTINENTALREISE mit DJ SHAZAM & VJ PODINSKI with special guests Lillevan and Jen-Mai at the Altes Museum, Berlin for the MuseumsInselFestival 2009 ( ab 21h in the Lustgarten )
“Combining museum archives with both cinematic bits and still imagery, XLterrestrial media ecologists provide the [...]