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More than a few Btown mayday hits : 1st Intl. Drucker Festival 09 w/ money printing contest + Tucho 30 in Mitte + +

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009




More on alternative economies and currencies and the various agitprop maestras/os from the Czentrifuga and ex-Flesicherei folk above coming soon…. ok, we’re gettin to it… but meanwhile maydays are already upon uis in Btown. Yep, Btown kicks it in early, and oh so many celebrations to keep ya on the beat:



The New Age Of Spiritual Toasters…

Monday, April 27th, 2009

[ only tangently related image from Burnt Toast, directed by Larry Weinstein ]
“Don’t you dare say that you weren’t warned
that the end was coming soon.
And your eyes shined like Oppenheimer
as he talks about the moon.
And he don’t even taste the food he eats anymore.
And there’s a space in place of where his heart was before.
And [...]

~~~Global Mash~~v.2~~2nite~~25.4

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

(links coming soon)
~~~GLOBAL MASH~~~ is the title of a new 4 – part series in Mama Berlin Club focusing on the more eclectic side of Global Beatz, wildly mixing colors and cultures. Ethnoelectronic music activists SPARK curate 4 nights in 4 months, all filled with musical & visual input, featuring exclusive Live Acts, moving Visuals [...]

XLt covers Enter 4 Festival in Praha

Monday, April 20th, 2009

[ From Machinarium by Jakub Dvorský (Cz), an adventure Flash game from Amanita Design]

> 18-25.4 Enter #4, festival for art/science/technology in Praha
> 22.4 opening for the “Adapt” exhibition (Part 2) at Dox Galerie

[ Dadameter by Christophe Bruno (Fr) ]
“Global index of the decay of the aura of language, the Dadameter aims at measuring our distance [...]

surrounded by sakuras, spires, and domes… the magic of the Vltava and Danube routes

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

[ A Holešovice alien being interviewed for/by/about, translation coming soon ]

[ performance at the closing party of Multiplace at the incredible Bubenec water treatment plant, overlooking the giant cisterns ]

[ an XLterrestrial chair with the mad penguins on the Vltava ?! ]

[ on the streets of Smichov, translation : " Yes! I want this! [...]

Transmigration Of The Avatars + the Soundtracks For Blindfolded Cyborgs @ Multiplace # 8

Sunday, April 12th, 2009


Raw Transmigration Notes ::
In previous Transmigration sessions ( T.of Cinema and T.of the Telepresent/Telematic ), the XLterrestrial positions had not found enough means or footing to turn the corner from picking away at the perceived errors ( technological, social, environmental, etc.). While we warned that making art  and documents without praxis regarding sinking ships and [...]

Transmigration of the Avatars… Coming Soon To MultiPlace #8

Monday, April 6th, 2009

[ From the underwater sculpture work of Jason de Caires Taylor ]
“Transmigration of the Avatars”
Part 3 of the XLterrestrials’ Transmigration Series coming soon to Multiplace #8 festival, “TOA” is a multimedia intervention, reappropriated and deconstructed cinema, psychomedia analysis, psychomagic ritual, lecture, discussion, debate, and virtual exorcism.
> In Brno + Bratislava 14-18.4 ::

[ From vj Podinski [...]

re:publica 09 : Shift Happens ?! The Progress Of Absentia

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009



- Level RED psychomedia alert -
Shift Happens !? Where do you put your efforts now ?! What do you believe in ?! After a steady stream of decades going elsewhere, the endless beta … let’s call it ‘The Progress Of Absentia’ … Are you Still trusting the manufactured flatlands + Mass Communications platforms?!
Have a look [...]