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Turning Corners on the Linear Scripts: Transmediale, Sousveillance, Scient-ill-ogical d-revisions…

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Transmediale updates:
> 30.1 : SLUM-TV 15:00h – CET ( live streamed here ) with Biki Kangwana in Berlin and Alexander Nikolic in Nairobi
You can participate thru IRC at: #tm09salon
SLUM-TV is a youth-run media cooperative in the Kenyan slum of Mathare. SLUM-TV members document the lives of the people in Mathare and facilitate a process of [...]

Danubian trails, drinking virgin blood with a straw, heads above the trees, final? show in Wien

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Well there’s already dozens of tales to tell from the XLt/Stencil Nation tour on the Danubian trails, but we are a bit pressed for time as we prepare for our show in Vienna.
> 22.01 Wien, AT – Zeitvertreib @ 7pm with SN vs. XLt after party (spec. guest Dieter Puntigam)

As soon as we landed in [...]

the Xlt newsletter : No Less an Eye 4 Gaza, Tour news etc.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009


Ahoj friends!
This is the first XLt newsletter for 09.
And while we don’t care much for the gregorian calendar, we’ll take this
opportunity to wish you all the needed strength + élan on yur inspired
paths and time travellings!
From our current angle, it’s looking like “09″ is the year to fully
upgrade to a more sustainable co-existence [...]

United Terror Exports Inc. ( + A Gaza Info and Resources List )

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Whenever diplomacy and strategy in a conflict is determined by criminals you can easily predict more war and terror. Because their agenda is ultimately tied to an almost inescapable linearity of their previous and uncorrected actions, they have devised a tragic box of progressive errors for themselves and the people around them. Their actions are [...]

XLt vs Stencil Nation on tour – 1st stop B-mitte !

Monday, January 5th, 2009

14.1 : Xlt vs Stencil Nation Afterparty in Eschschloraque, ab 22h B-Mitte

14.1: Stencil Nation presentation + book party in Neurotitan. 21h, B-mitte

Stencil Nation ( the new book by Russell Howze on Manic D Press ) on tour in the EuroZones!
Following the Hamburg date, dj/vj Podinski (XL terrestrials) will join the fun! Russell Howze gives [...]