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The Online Life of Sea-Monkeys 2.0 (Tm)

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Ohh so nice listening to “modem radio” Live from the new Tijuana Media Lab, and a friend is sending us relic tracks from one of our favorite Praha bands/musicians Naceva circa 2001, “Mole V.” is asking us thru chat if we can send some of those german work pants (huh??) to SF… meanwhile [...]

Xlt reports from Jihlava (an intro)

Sunday, October 26th, 2008



One of the 12th Jihvala doc festival themes this year is about going beneath the surface, a way of using film to x-ray, penetrate or unveil its subjects and reveal their (often hidden and/or dangerous) contents…
Much material for one of our key angles for XLt analysis: humans caught and transformed in the scanner [...]

REally Really Free Markets Now ( Dolores Park)

Friday, October 24th, 2008

If ever there was a rhizome ready to sprout everywhere… THE REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET, ready for DIY franchising NOW !! Try ONE in YOur Neighborhood TODAY !!! … And if you live near DOLORES PARK…

Btw: anybody checking the hits on RRFM at wikipedia?? Bet this one’s gonna explode over the next weeks… Spread [...]

Radical Autumn Blurbs 3.0 :: We are everywhere…

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

:: In Riga::

> 16-25.10 > (RIXC’s) ART+COMMUNICATION 2008
Spectropia : X International festival for new media culture
:: In Praha::

> 22-24.10 > CIANT Gallery’s RESET Vol.1 – “Open Spectrum” + Evolutionary Nights
:: In Jihlava ::

> 24-29.10 > The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
:: In Berlin::
> 25.10 > Freigeist -KurzfilmFestival in Offene Uni Berlin
> 25.10 > [...]

From “We are winning” to “What Would It Mean To Win?” to …

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Note: 2nite’s the final night of Globale fest and Moviemento Kino’s been quite a nice spot to mix with the thinking global peeps… Final program tonight includes “Finally We Got The News”, “Drum Beats Detroit II” ( montage of text, musik, and film in collaboration with Labor B ), and Boom: The Sound Of Eviction [...]

Kreuztanbul Festival + Globale Film Fest, XLt reports

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Two great events happening this week in Berlin : Kreuztanbul, which began on monday ( 13-17.10 ), and Globale 08 Film Festival starting 2nite ( 15.10-21.10 ) !!! … Xlt reports coming soon….
Added: 17.10 : Mercen Dede aka dj Arkin Allen, the master ethnotronic-fusionist from Istanbul/Montreal plays TONIGHT at SO36 also with the band Ayyuka [...]

Warning: This is Not an Endorsement…

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Warning: This is not an endorsement for Any prezidential puppet/monster show.

- – -
And well to be fair and balanced, we feel it would be necessary to provide these links to the latest news item regarding the “Palin Pilot”. And here’s Part 1 made some year(s?) ago: “Bush Pilot“. Both with eng. subtitles.

_ _ _
We were [...]

Oct. 11 – Freedom Not Fear – International Day Of Action – Radio 1984 – Projections + Analysis

Friday, October 10th, 2008

°´¯`°¤.¸¸.¤°´¯ `°¤.¸¸.¤°´


Orwell’s dystopian scenarios have simultaneously become both a ubiquitous cliche and a gross understatement; the new technological landscape has perhaps become Big Brother’s ultimate wet dream.
Citizens willfully participate in their own surveillable trails and profiles via cubicled labor often disguised as daily ritual leisure and entertainment. Now obsessive – compulsive knowledge-as-power and [...]

This Is What Globalistas Look Like! + “Ground Noise And Static”

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Stills from Submedia Tv + Pepperspray Productions’ NEW Film
“Ground Noise And Static”
” Either the Crumbs or the Batons are on the table for the new democratic process, depending on where you stand. Not surprisingly the gloves are off… Not between those four spineless politico pimps (you see twaddling about on tv and around [...]

Radical Autumn Blurbs 2.0 :: 2nite! + All 2morrow’s Partisans +

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

:: Coming Soon ::

:: 2nite! ::

4.10 > Creole Musik Wettbewerb in der Werkstatt der Kulturen mit Romenca, Polkaholix und dj Yuriy Gurzhi ( Rotfront + Russendisco)

4.10 > Vernissage von Leonard Konopelski – Plakate, Pigasus Gallery (more here)
4.10 > BalkanBeats mit Robert Soko in Pavillion im Volkspark Friedrichshain
:: those days ahead ::

11.10 > [...]