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Upcoming necessities cont., i.e. Richard Barbrook on Imaginary Futures, the Multiplace Festival, and…

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Live Stream 30.4 from> LABfactory < in Vienna, start:21:30h CET
April 30, Dr. Richard Barbrook lands at the World-Ex-Position to bring his deep analysis of the last half-century’s HISTORY Of The FUTURE and the information society’s prophecies of our future… which may describe our fucked up present better than our currently fucked up dreams for the [...]

suPerDruZbAr Soli party + other upcoming necessities : ) i.e. the Hederljezi Festival with Eugene Hutz !

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

SuperdruzbaR für Tanzbärchen
Samstag 26.04.08 ab 22 Uhr in der NewYorck59
Am Mariannenplatz 2 (Bethanien – Südflügel)
( Dj Podinski spins a psychcotronic ostblok set, and many more special guests! )
For a little taste of history about Kreuzberg and the Mariannenplatz a Ton Steine Scherben song always does the trick. Here’s a mix by Empi with [...]

25.4 : World-Ex-Position 08 opens with Sister0 + Shazalakazoo

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

World-Ex-Position O8 begins 25.5 in Vienna

Two art spaces, LABfactory and Open Space, in Vienna’s 2nd district -Leopoldstadt, will have parallel openings 2morrw nite, with a film/ performance/lecture “My First Burial” by Sister 0 , “I was a teenage pornstar” film by Jessie Darlin, music by Shazalakazoo and Djane White Girl, and all moderated by curator [...]

2008’s the Summer of Cruel Love, Baby! Kill Your Avatars…

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The XL Terrestrials have convened in a secret meeting and have made their call for the 2008 Summer Of Cruel Love: Kill Your Avatars*, Love Thy Neighbor… And the machines, they will lie alone together in a bloody parasitic pool of simulated love and hate, code and unconsummated loops ( the Eternal Return to sender) [...]

a ToT psychomagic test drop

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Report of the 1st Transmigration Of The Telepresent test drop coming soon.
We haven’t had time to do a full report, but the the ToT test drop at the Buko conference last weekend was a grand experiment, with incredibly revealing and charged results. We are still working on our new paper/tract entitled: Watts vs. Clarke*, [...]

XLt Newsletter 08v.1 : Deconstructive Cinema, Transmigration of the Telepresent (please handle!)

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

dearest psycho-Active organisms,
This is sort of our first nearly official, and very irregular, XL terrestrial Arts + Praxis Newsletter of 2008 and we have an urgent request of yur xtra-Large brain matter, see below.
((A.)) News : Send us your film recommendations !!
((B.)) The Tour Dates : XLt in Berlin : Saturday 12.4, Vienna in May, [...]

On The Xlt Horizons: Upcoming Arts + Actions on The Rise (part 2): DQ University Solidarity Now!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

A quick roundup of things, news, events on our radar , coming up in the various arts+praxis ports from Berlin to LA to SF to … We’ll come back to fill in more details + links when possible:
DQ University solidarity (NOW!) SF Bay Area
The Right To The City – Soziale Kampfe in Der Neoliberalen Stadt [...]