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invite >> STraiGHt frOm tHe he@rT >> FEB. 16 at Station 40

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

dearest xtra-passionate terrestrials,
In case you haven’t had enough of giving all that Hallmark sentimentality and consumer mentality a good thrashing, Station 40, one of the hottest catalyst collective spaces in SF, has been planning V-day and XYZ-day festivities – as in, THE REVOLUTION AND THE EROTIC OF EVERYDAY LIFE – now set for FEB 16>>
at [...]

Chris Carlsson’s ( Xxxtra special Valentine’s ) LAND GRAB session at Counterpulse Tonight

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Grab your sweetheart(s) and take em down to where the Insurrection Landscaping gets HOT!!
February 14: Land Grabs
San Francisco’s entire history is based on land grabs, within its own borders and far beyond. Sketching this history to the present, we will also look at counter-efforts to grab land and to create open and cooperative spaces in [...]