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The Spectacle’s Violence To Anima In Oneiric Cine-Onanierung* … and the ABCs of Transmigration v.4.0

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

[ Note: One of nearly a thousand new Polish art posters at Pigasus Gallery in Berlin. More coming soon ! This bit of genius is from FRANCISZEK STAROWIEYSKI ]
Standby for processing…
A. And the Oscar goes to Al Gore while lathering his ancient rubber chickenhead with Occidental Petroleum as Ellen Degeneres reaches under her skirt to [...]

The Bureau of Public Secrets with an upgraded english version of “The Society Of The Spectacle” screened at ATA, and what about S.O.S. 2.0 you ask??

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

“The only interesting venture is the liberation of everyday life, not only
in a historical perspective, but for us, right now. This project implies the
withering away of all the alienated forms of communication. The cinema, too, must be destroyed.” G. Debord

The Society of the Spectacle is neither an ivory tower “philosophical” discourse nor a helplessly impulsive [...]

Viral Video Olympics at Station 40 spans the short attentions in a media-seppuku orgy

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Last night Station 40 hosted a Viral Video Olympics night, which was like a couch potato’s media seppuku ritual. A scene which could have been a gorey cubicle outtake from the 9-5 lunch break with fellow wage-slaves unable to unplug their online umbilical/existenz cords. But this cozy public living room of the old Mission [...]

Dictionary Of War 4th edition, Berlin Feb. 23-25

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

“… like so many other things these days, war too seems to be subject to a de- and re-regulation process that radically challenges old certainties and replaces them with new premises that shall not be questioned. DICTIONARY OF WAR sets out to oppose war and, at the same time, calls for “desertion” from a war [...]

invite >> STraiGHt frOm tHe he@rT >> FEB. 16 at Station 40

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

dearest xtra-passionate terrestrials,
In case you haven’t had enough of giving all that Hallmark sentimentality and consumer mentality a good thrashing, Station 40, one of the hottest catalyst collective spaces in SF, has been planning V-day and XYZ-day festivities – as in, THE REVOLUTION AND THE EROTIC OF EVERYDAY LIFE – now set for FEB 16>>
at [...]

Chris Carlsson’s ( Xxxtra special Valentine’s ) LAND GRAB session at Counterpulse Tonight

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Grab your sweetheart(s) and take em down to where the Insurrection Landscaping gets HOT!!
February 14: Land Grabs
San Francisco’s entire history is based on land grabs, within its own borders and far beyond. Sketching this history to the present, we will also look at counter-efforts to grab land and to create open and cooperative spaces in [...]

Monochrom’s leftist hemisphere Exploratorium

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Well while we are awaiting some visuals from Sunday night’s Monochrom visit at the Exploratorium, we thought we should analyze the burning wreckage left by the prankmeisters of Vienna… Because any traces left by these articulate and transnational leg-pullers may have fair and future use for escaping your own homeland debris and finding/formatting more bricks [...]

Monochrom is back in SF to excavate “The Talk Show” from America’s mass media graves!

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Monochrom, a Viennese art-technology-philosophy group known for developing a number of highly controversial Improvisational (Art) Implosion Devices, will be at the Exploratorium in SF this Sunday to attempt to disengage and/or detonate one of the most lethal American mass media forms: The Talk Show.
About: ” Among their projects, monochrom has released a leftist retro-gaming project, [...]

Journalists get your war drums beating: FREE JOSH WOLF NOW !

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

On Feb.6, Josh Wolf became the longest-imprisoned journalist* who has ever been held on contempt charges in the United States, and it’s time for the solidarity bit to hit high gear! Journalists get your war drums on ! Get your banners up ! Start writing in protest ! Take action !
1. Use this easy to [...]