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on the podfly… chat sketches sf<>labin – part 1

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

“Jako Was A German SS and Sako Was My
Japanese Benefactor” or ” My Personal Psychosis Will Be In The End Untranslatable ”

Assam: podinsky
Assam: goot morgan
WE-pod: oi, greetz from beograd ( again )
Assam: again?
Assam: me and tory watched the net
WE: loop, just returned from transylvania,
got fang marks to prove it… no just kidding , fantastic [...]

on the podfly…chat sketches sf<>labin – part 2

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

” Nicholson Schmicholson Can Eat His Big Hollywood Homonculus ”
We: yo assam, what up?
Sent at 1:28 PM on Friday
Assam: what up
what up
Sent at 1:31 PM on Friday
We: im at a workshop on sound tools… using things like Jack ?
Assam: jack?
We: um its all here, if yur interested in the geeky details… im only half-absorbing,
url coming…
Sent [...]