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August 14th, 2017


< 16.08 > The Antifascists (2017 ) doc film, Weissensee ( FB invite )

Free Admission !

SE/GR 2017, 75 min | Original With English Subtitles | Regie: Patrik Öberg & Emil Ramos | Produktion: AEAAEA

Wed. 16.08.2017 | 8pm (introduction) 9pm (movie start) | Freilichtbühne Weißensee (Große Seestraße 8-10, 13086 Berlin)

A Swedish-Greek documentary film about the legal pressure in Europe and the people who stand up against the new wave of Nazis. Who are actually the antifascists and what does it antifascism really stand for? This question is examined in the light of certain events in the recent years in Greece and Sweden. The film investigates the rise of the fascist party »Golden Dawn« (»Chrysi Avgi«), which is responsible for numerous murders in Greece in addition to the attempted murder of the left-wing football activist Showan Shattak in Sweden and the imprisonment of antifascist Joel. Joel has been in jail since 2013 after the defended a rally against Nazis. The attackers belonged to the »Nordic Resistance Movement« (»Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen«) which is regarded as the largest and most dangerous Nazi organization in Sweden. »The Antifascists« tried to track the history along with the theoretical background of antifascism and shows what it really means to be an antifascist.  Before the film, there will be an input from 8pm onwards, where activists will report on the situation in Sweden and Greece.


< 20.o8 > Solidarity Event for Auróra Cultural Center Budapest, at ZKU, Moabit ( FB invite )

< 24.o8 > “Superstars Der Demokratie” with Die Partei & friends, So36

< 27.08 > AVA movie nite – “Sacco and Vanzetti” (2017 ) in the original English with German subtitles, followed by a discussion with Michael Hoenisch, Lichtblick Kino -  ( invite page )

< 06.09 > International Lit fest + solidarity reading of the Declaration of Human Rights


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+ Globalista Radio Kit – MUSIKA picks -


< 18.08 > King Coya aka Gaby Kerpel and ZZK label nite at Yaam, 20h ( Fb Invite )

Also at Attention festival in Larz <01.09 >, and again in Berlin at Bailanta < 30.08 >  …

coming soon !

EZLN Raises THE BIG QUESTIONS About Our Digital Existenz !

July 29th, 2017


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Added:  ToNIGHT at the Stammtisch < 21:00 CET – Tues, Aug 8, 2017 >

~–o~-~o~~o~ Globalista Radio Kit v.60 ~-~o–~o~~~~

We are organizing a special gathering to interview various artists, tech adepts, economic specialists, media theorists, curators and other interventionists … about the Zapatista Comrades’ Call for Comparte Digital and their questions raised about the current state of the cybernetic realm… standby for further details to come !

( NEW : Some Interview Archives below ! )

Where: Buchhandlung Cafe, Tucholskystr. 32, Btropolis-Mitte

At the bottom of this blog, you will find some contextual media, and some framework for our discussions and interviews, which will be ongoing from NOW until Aug.12.

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The Call to join the cybernetic edition of CompArte  “Against Capital and its Walls, All the Arts”


(( HERE en espanol )))

((( HERE in english ))

an Excerpt:

- July, 2017 -

Compañeroas, compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth:

Artist and non-artist sisters and brothers [hermanoas, hermanas and hermanos] of Mexico and the world: Avatars, screennames, webmasters, bloggers, moderators, gamers, hackers, pirates, buccaneers and streaming castaways, anti-social network users, reality show antipodes, or whatever-you-call each person on the network, the web, the internet, cyberspace, virtual reality, or whatever-it’s-called:

We are convoking you because there are some questions that are nagging at us:

Is another internet, that is to say another network, possible? Can one struggle there? Or is that space without precise geography already occupied, captured, coopted, tied, annulled, etceterized? Could there be resistance and rebellion there? Can one make Art on the net? What is that Art like? Can it rebel? Can Art on the net resist the tyranny of codes, passwords, spam as the default search engine, the MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing games] of the news on social networks where ignorance and stupidity win by millions of likes?

Does Art on, by, and for the net trivialize and banalize the struggle, or does it potentiate it and scale it up, or it is “totally unrelated, my friend, it’s art, not a militant cell”?

Can Art on the net claw at the walls of Capital and damage it with a crack, or deepen and persist in those that already exist? Can Art on, by, and for the net resist not only the logic of Capital, but also the logic of “distinguished” Art, “real art”? Is the virtual also virtual in its creations? Is the bit the raw material of its creation? Is it created by an individual? Where is the arrogant tribunal that, on the Net, dictates what is and what is not Art? Does Capital consider Art on, by, and for the net to be cyberterrorism, cyberdelincuency? Is the Net a space of domination, domestication, hegemony and homogeneity? Or is it a space in dispute, in struggle? Can we speak of a digital materialism? …

To try to find some answers, we invite you all to participate…

* read further at links above *


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Some initial XLterrestrials notes…

Similar to our ( c.200,000+ inter- + outer-nationals ) recent journey to Hamburg to confront, analyse, and strategize in the virtual insanities of an increasingly absurd geopolitical regime of the G20-constructed matrix … the EZLN call for some deep introspection and/or an all-out solidarity offensive in the cybernetic realm !

The XLterrestrials are preparing to put some alien skin in the game ! Our long-developing  critiques of “technotopia” and the rise of Techno-Fascism should fit right in as accomplice cultures of resistance !

“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

* image above is an XLt  remix of the original Zapatista flyer design

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{ link below }

About our own XLterrestrials Framework for participation…

Not only have we been trying to assess all of the rapid developments in the cybernetic regime changes, ie. disruption in human and non-human environmental situations over the last years, with a particular edge-of-our-seat interests in the “Anthropocene” debates…  We have also shifted our own position to take into account what the tsunami of corporate technological neo-colonialism means for indigenous cultures. Signs of how their plights were dealt with at the Cop21 – climate summit – in Paris, namely thrown for a (genocidal) loop under the bus … we can come to no other conclusion then the threat of Techo-fascism is not just on the rise, it is the motherfuckin artificial elephant in the room !

So the call from the indigenous perspective to ask the big questions, which essentially amount to, SO, WHAT THE FUCK NOW ?! is absolutely necessary, and is coming far to slow from those in the global north still trying to wrestle, tweak and tango with the technological beast to gather a few community crumbs. Others have just blatantly put on their uniforms and are doing the dirty work for a high bounty.

Not surprisingly, many former techno-evangelists are finally turning the corner and admitting the massive miscalculations and failed startegies that have been made. Though anyone who has spent the years lingering between now and the proof via the Snowden revelations to do so, probably deserve ridicule.

Recently Oliver Lerone Schulz ( a Post-media Lab co-founder at Leuphana Uni ) posted this astoundingly concise history of the spectacular failures of the Left’s own technotopian dreaming, from a very respected media studies teacher Florian Cramer speaking in Bucharest for the Odd Theory series … it is worth a close listen! HERE on Soundcloud

… And it becomes a framework and launching point for our questions at this critical juncture of tactical media and “art rebellion”. One might remember the now historical and legendary message(s) the Zapatistas and Subcommandante Marcos ( and sent to an independent media conference in the mid 1990s in NYC).  HERE, ( the 1997 interview ) The questions raised now are again a bridge between Chiapas, the jungles of southeastern Mexico and NYC, and with the potential of a much broader network via the expanded  digital culture more than 2 decades later. Definitely not tools to be sneezed at, but not something we should consider by any means under our control nor a liberated space.

All this aligns with what is being asked in the call for participation by the Comparte Digital… a project initiated by the creators of such projects as Possible Worlds ( a former server host for the EZLN and other Chiapas-based networks ), Spacebank, Diego de la Vega, etc. etc…

Guests tonite include a broad mix: members of the Telekommunisten, C-base, colleagues from the HKW’s Anthropocene and Technosphere seminars,  Bootlab, Raumfahrt Agentur, comrades from the OKK and TOP galeries, Colombian artists and curators based in Berlin, jury members from the UDKs Interflug project, Transmediale’s resource, XLterrestrials, Globalista Radio Kit djs, CiTiZEN KiNO… and … YOU?!


Update: We have 2 interviews archived, one from Daniel Niles, a researcher of human-environmental geography, currently based in Kyoto. And two artists from Belarus and the projects. Coming soon, we’re doing a little post-production with


to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #62: G20 Report Back + Sunken Treasures

July 14th, 2017


_________ + ________

image: ship simulator extremes ( search )


We are definitely NOT done with analyzing the G20 stories !

For the XLterrestrials it remains a pivotal event / moment to extract new maps for citizen engagements. There is fascinating ‘forensic data’ on the authoritarian ultra-liberal state(s) and analyzing how it reacts in its failure to imagine any real plans for exiting their own catastrophes. In addition, to co-opt Merkel’s own words ( in response to Imperial Schrump’s first EU + Middle East visit – pre-G20 ) who said that the EU now needed to take its fate into its own hands…  Well, more importantly that means autonomous communities must now build better and stronger ties to steer their fates, and unlike any plans for EU re-alignments,  power plays and economic priorities, we must find our own means and methods for global solidarity + sustainability on the local scales.

- Upcoming Event + Support -

< Sun. July 23 > CiTiZEN KiNO #62: A G20 Report Back + Sunken Treasures, at Panke, Gerichtstr,23, Btropolis, 21:00h.

[[ the Frackbook invite ]]

Note: C-KiNO is a crucial element of  our media outreach objectives. We cannot exist as online projects alone. It is essential to interact with communities and share our analysis, so that it does not exist as mere theoretical bubbles. We would like to tour and perform and present at social centers and be able to dialogue and collaborate with YOU about building new community ties and strategies.

If you would like us to come to your area to share our perspectives and tactical media platforms, please contact us. We DO need funds to travel, but we are also open to trying to make events for free and/or by donation only.

And if you understand the need for this kind of education and praxis in these dangerous times and are in a position to support us financially, please consider donating to either our Patreon account ( link  ) or Paypal (email us for more info ).

Many Thanks to those who helped support our trip to Hamburg !!



to be cont.

In the meantime, read our reports from Hamburg in previous blogs v. 1-7, and feedback most welcome !

An XLT epilogue – The Meaning of Hamburg : The G20 God Is Dead ! v.7

July 11th, 2017


_______ … _______ … ______ … _______

” G20 is dead. G20 remains dead. What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives. What sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become autonomous self-ruling communities now that nation-states and failed democracies cannot lead a civil and enlightened society ?! “

- in a mad Nietzschean XLt Analyst accent



Without getting too philosophical and over-intellectualizing about it, the G20 mafioso elites gathering in Hamburg to listen to Beethoven’s Ode To Joy at the Elbe Philharmonie can only prove a definitive end of our supposed Enlightenment Era !

In the midst of all the environmental, economic and humanitarian crises, any lingering faith in nation-state democracies leading the way to international diplomacy and the progress of civil society and cultures, the rational and the common good (  and/or any plan remotely resembling getting us out of a grim global-scale future deathtrap )  now represents a bloated corpse washing up on the shores of a hellish new irrational alliance, a conglomerate techno-fascism, a basket case of political clowns crammed into a VW Bug driving off a cliff…  all in the wake of a haunting, immoral secular silence !

[ Not unlike the existential crisis at the end of the 19th century, perhaps it's interesting to consider Nietzsche's odd language for perceiving the 20th century's calamities far ahead of his own situations .... the original "God is Dead" via wikipedia. In brief. : " The problem is to retain any system of values in the absence of a (divine) order... The rejection of belief in an objective and universal moral law, binding upon all individuals. ... the loss of an absolute basis for morality leads to nihilism. " ]

Forgive us, if we grab at a little dramatic, dada-esque poetic and/or anachronistic philosophical terror in an attempt to underscore the scope of this monumental historical disaster, not yet fully perceivable ! [ And even perhaps surreally, invertedly alluding to spiritual matters as a facet of our necessary social + cultural evolution, survival, and new consciousness. But we have no time to elaborate on that here. ]

Aside from the grimmer angles, There were also many stories that are a wellspring of inspiration and new directions… and Hamburg’s left communities are themselves a bounty of “social organism treasures”, like exploring rich coral reefs in the bowels of a post-modern industrialist shipwreck. There’s several articles worth of material; Let’s see what we have time for  !


The Rise of The Autonomous Circles

Foto: This technological landscape backdrop of an old Nazi Flakturm ( bunker with a strategic, anti-aircraft purposed design, now turned into a niteclub and SAE school ) and the Hamburger Fernsehen Turm ( tv tower / telecommunications spectrum ) … and in  the foreground the football training fields, where the protester youth gathered inbetween the street demos, is more poignant a picture then you may at first grasp.

Missing from this pic is the militarized police helicopters who controlled the airspace of the port city. Often floating stationary above the scene below for hours at a time, gathering data that we can only speculate on. And if you were wondering why there is no drone footage in your G20 newsfeeds, it’s because the city pre-emptively ruled them illegal, in order to have exclusive control of powerful tools from the air. As far as we know, No one was willing to disobey the rule. We suspect the penalties would be high, b/c of endangering the numerous helicopter pilots.

Re: Electronic Warfare

This is a far off tangent, but comes to mind because of the juxtaposiiton of a 3rd Reich bunker, a telecommunications tower, and the people w/ little other than the power of  ‘critical mass’ and our community bonds.  One of the most incredible things we’ve seen lately analyzing the history of electronic warfare and the age of Silicon Valley…

Watch: Steve Blank’s Secret History of Silicon Valley

Understanding this territory will be crucial in the overall picture of organizing against a society of control ( and nihilism ). Not to say , we have many answers or strategies there, b/c mostly the hacker cultures have failed to properly assess the cybernetic regime.





Please Note: We are still raising funds to analyze the G20 issues and construct new strategies in the aftermath. These are mere sketches. With your help we can produce more complete articles and resources. Please consider donating to our Paypal or Patreon accounts… contact us and ask how.

Added: One of the crappiest papers in Germany – Bild – somehow managed to make the perfect video for our XLt analysis of the G20…

Watch Here on the YouGlue !

to be cont.   

The XLT reports v.5 : Global Solidarity For The Win ! !

July 8th, 2017





Note: The banner above reads “G20, We are everyone, the drowned are not here “

this is was what SOLIDARITY looks like ! …

76,000± ( estimated by the Grenzenlose Solidarität statt G20 organizers , but that number has been fluctuating alot ) on the way to St Pauli … #g20demo

Follow the FCMC media + live ticker for updates through the night.

media links + reports coming soon.


The NoGo20 reports v.4 : The 20 Horsemen ( and women ) of The Apocalypse …

July 6th, 2017



- the Videoticker – THE realtime online newsflow

- @GaengeOase , a very-equipped oasis infopoint in the midst of   the blue meanies

- FreiesSenderKombinat @FSK – live reports and great beats to keep you charged !



( apologies for any clunky phrasings, we’ve been on the run, and writing deeper reflections will have to come later…  or … we leave that up to you in the comments, which are always appreciated ! )

Report: thurs.06/07 -  An Intro to HH in chaos :

Constant sirens, constant buzzing of helicopters, since we arrived.  Two military twin-engine Chinooks flying overhead really spreads a dark shadow and feelings of something looming more ominous than the usual demonstrations vs. state terror + political dysfunction.

As we entered the zone around noon, our bus sat in traffic crawling nowhere for an hour, cause the Hamburg city center – and Hauptbanhof – had already been thoroughly entangled by either protestor actions or just the system itself cutting access to the normal thoroughfares. When the driver finally managed to get out of the jam , he let the passengers off at a regular bus stop to grab their baggage, still a half- kilometer from our official destination.


Hamburg is cooking in some unknown vat of oil (-igarchism) …

Some dirty state play already unfolded on tuesday to set things off on the war footing. There’s footage captured by Unicorn Riot ( now known around the globe for their dramatic frontline Dakota/NoDAPL/ StandingRock reports)  which show the “Bullen” raiding a camp site in the early evening, and swinging fists at bewildered activists and snatching away their tents.  A park which had been fought for in the courts as a camp, legally approved some day(s) before, but then thrown into chaos by an uncalled-for attack.

Note: We heard that legal camping places have now been restricted to 300 tents, which could hardly accommodate the crowds pouring in for this historical + critical showdown !

It’s hard to say if we exaggerate the tensions in the air… in some sense it’s the same old game of G8/G20 type convergences… and we’ve only just arrived…

As we sat through a couple workshop/lecture sessions at the alternative solidarity summit.. (  One important one, excluded from much of the normal media coverage,  were the voices of African migrants, i.e. Lampedusa in Hamburg, relocated to Germany after being forced out of Italy ) …  in the organized comfort of an uptown theater, Kampnagel. Perhaps a majority of attendees are the out-of-towner activists… but high percentage of german speakers, and all those who have chosen the safe space for contemplating longer-term strategies.

Meanwhile the locals, the hardcore, the anti-capitalists, the antifa, the black block, the youth, the realists … are all down in St. Pauli and could understandably be stewing in their home ‘kiez’ ( hood ) juices, determined to reclaim their city from the storm of 20,000 Polizei and the 20 Horsemen of the Apocalypse ( and a couple women )… Making a crucial stand that there is no more time for the same old brutal system !

This is the 2nd full day of alt summit analysis of the rising global rage to make visible all the implications for our future in the wake of G20’s disarray and inabilities to address the real problems. Mostly a repeat loop, for those who’ve been to these things before. But we hope for more strategies to be revealed and a new critical mass to get the kick and the wave, and finding ways to be there in solidarity at the critical points of ” constructive disobedience” ( Horvat + DiEM ).


And who knows what’s to come !? Surely we have arrived at the boiling points … no matter which side of town you’re assessing it all from.

There’s plenty of inputs to describe and analyze, and this is just a fly-by post …

A bold and boundary-pushing Srecko Horvat – a Balkan co-founder of DiEM – is about to speak at the closing panel 2nite… and he’s already written a few good entries describing where we’re at… So we’ll leave you with those for now:

We came to Hamburg to protest about G20 – and found a dystopian nightmare

Are Protests Enough to Bring Down the G20?



to be cont.

The XLt Guide to the G20 v.3 : RESOURCES – Power concedes nothing without demand !

July 1st, 2017


{ foto: Hamburg, “Protestwelle” on the Alster, July 2nd }


v.1 – Another Possible Global Summit [ G20 Hamburg ]  + FUNDRAISER

v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !

v.3 : “Power concedes nothing without demand !” + RESOURCES

||||||||| RESOURCES |||||||||

Monday morning we woke up and caught a Channel 4 clip about the forgotten crisis in the Mediterranean, refugees being rescued from the sea, now by the 1000s per day, and many NOT ! This is Monday morning on Planet Earth !

What are the chances the world’s most powerful leaders will come to Hamburg this week and get their shit together at the G20 to find solutions for problems like these ? Little to none, and certainly not without pressures to do so !

Below are a quickly assembled list of resources for activists ! You don’t have to be in Hamburg to be enraged AND engaged. At the very least, one can help amplify the news and analysis by sharing the non-corporate media coverage with your friends and colleagues ! … For other ways to engage… have a look, perhaps you’ll find some powerful ideas below :

Actions, Blogs, Infopoints :


Here’s a blog in Dutch  … Globalinfo … which led us to this downloadable PDF Protest Reader from ( with detailed maps  )

please send us more, we will continue to update this list !



Remember when the ridiculous G8 met in a remote location in Ireland , 2013…  and nothing really changed ! In fact, the shit has only gotten worse…  much worse !

[ Note: This picture was not fotoshoopped ]

Follow us on Twitter: @podinski

#NoG20 #G20HAM17 #G20Protestwelle #entenwerder #nog20hh, #G20, #G20HH … etc.

XLt Guide to the G20 v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !

June 29th, 2017


[ Figure 8. Fred W Rose, Revised Edition. Serio-Comic War Map for the Year 1877, London, England, 1877. ]

XLt Guide To the G20 – v.2: Redrawing the Political Maps !

v.1 Here



Last night we were web-hunting for the quite famous cartoon of Napoleon and the British PM carving up the globe between them at the dinner table… { by James Gillray, 1805 – “The Plumb-pudding in danger– or State Epicures Taking un Petit Souper” . see below }. It’s a masterpiece of political satire, and has inspired many artists to recontextualize for a variety of situations.

Initially we thought this would make an entertaining and informative blog… to show throughout the ages the redrawing of the tumultuous and violent history of the European continent over the last few centuries.

But it can also be a more serious exercise to think strategically…. Let us try and explain…

With many global nation-state conflicts heating up, mainstream news is already reporting a potential clash playing out between the EU and Trump’s new wild and demented west. A Macron – Merkel alliance has been forming to attempt to strengthen the EU hand… to save the EU.

But we should also look beyond how the elites will be redrawing the maps, and imagine how We The People can redraw our fates, strategies and visions against the deals that might be cut in G20-style. We already know how many of our more internationalist hopes can get crushed under the wheels ( and wars ) of  economic agendas and operating systems. Just look at any of the COP climate negotiations over the last decade. Or the petrol economy’s resource wars !

So what would OUR maps look like for global citizens redrawing politics into new forms of solidarity ( and a new global consciousness ) over the machinations of power+profits and their bloody sacrificial rituals … i.e.the Necropolitics of the neoliberals.

We’re not exactly sure what that might look like, we CALL ON ALL ARTISTS to try to imagine it…

Our picture at the top is a starter in that direction… a simple culture jam …  the people of europe ( but also everywhere ) under siege by a G20 Kraken…  NOT as a demonized or scapegoated Russian Other  as portrayed in this 1877 bit of propaganda and fearmongering. But rather represented as the forces of transnational Krapital being wielded by all the political figureheads and their business entourages, whose exact allegiances may remain hidden from view …  but history shows: it is rarely to us !

Many of us XLterrestrials are visually oriented, perhaps we all are now, given tthe deep immersion into all these highly mediated screen realms. So imagining new maps, can be a way to open up new ideas, maybe even the way words are said to set things and ideas into motion !

to be cont.

In the meantime, have a look at these astoundingly juicy examples…of art, maps, satire… as political (media) devices ! ( click to enlarge )…








ANd to be less theoretical… Here’s a layout of things in Hamburg, which activists coming from other lands and cities may find useful… And in the next piece we’ll have a list of practical resources, and links to organizing groups, demonstrations, etc.


The XLt Guide to Another Possible Global Summit [ G20 Hamburg ] v.1

June 21st, 2017


The XLTerrestrials Guide To the No Go G20 In Hamburg :




SUPPORT the XLT journals / SUPPORT Indy Media !

XLterrestrials are raising funds to be able to do provide in-depth and on-the-ground reports from Hamburg in July. Please consider donating to our Patreon page.

( or contact us for other ways to donate or help  )



From wikipedia: The G20 (or G-20 or Group of Twenty) is a self appointed international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. It was founded in 1999 with the aim of studying, reviewing, and promoting high-level discussion of policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability.[3]

Please don’t laugh !

< July 7-8 > This summer, the 12th G20 meets in Hamburg

Poised to be one of the most controversial summits of its kind, tens of thousands will no doubt converge and collide with numerous other visions for global relations, stability, economic and political transformation !

As rabid neoliberalism takes increasingly vicious and wildly-unsustainable forms, there is no reasonable excuse for any person or citizen to believe any meeting of bankers and nation-state figureheads can negotiate any peace or stability or evolutionary strategies in these anti-democratic cesspools!

XLterrestrials wish to provide a list of resources and perspectives which we hope will inspire you to be involved in opposing these hopeless forms of brokered governance. Our civilization and our planet require entirely new thinking ( and infrastructures ) to navigate the challenges ahead. Whether or  not you are able to be present in Hamburg, there are many ways you can participate in creating alternatives to the carnivorous prehistoric creatures who come to sharpen their banking claws, gnash their hierarchical vested-interest nation-state teeth, and feed their transnational corporate-pet mauls…  behind the closed doors of G20 summits !



< July 5-6 > Global Solidarity Summit, at Kampnagel

” Of course, there’s the cliched : you cannot only be AGAINST something, you must know what you stand FOR  … And yet, if we do not liberate ourselves from that which obstructs and destroys all our possible alternatives, the things we stand for will never have the fertile ground, nor the resources, nor the material space to manifest. We must be creative and in solidarity on all the people’s fronts ! “  XLt analyst




[ Maritme police in Hamburg, foto: Christian Charisius ]

Even Der Spiegel headlines the coming G20 as “Welcome to Hell” … ( which is the title of one of the protest blogs, but more on activist resources in our next post )

‘Welcome To Hell’ Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors

XLt coverage … to be cont.

A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis … v.2

June 19th, 2017


work-in-progress ( still )

Ultimately, this is just a sketch of an essay… we require your support to do these topics justice. If you would like to help the XLterrestrials do further research in this field, please consider donating to our Patreon Page.

[ A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis v.1 ]

It’s a little uncomfortable to dive into this without doing a complete job, but neither do we wish to lose some of the insights we’ve gained from some recent encounters…

Namely, McKenzie Wark’s Anthropocene lecture at the Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ), which is now online… HERE. Unfortunately the Q+A section from the audience has ended up on the cutting room floor, so we’ll try to reassemble and expand on some of that. Challenges to Molecular Red, Theory for the Anthropocene, may help us develop better strategies for our newly forming horrific and/or transitional times.

Our XLt question to Wark was about his  mentioning “collaborative work”… and we pointed out that in these monumentally challenged times  strategies for NON-Anthropocene collaborations must be central, that is WITH existing nature … But by suggesting obscure theories + trajectories ( of “2nd nature” and further geo-tinkering )  from the likes of Haraway, Bogdanov and Platonov… ( painted in post-krapitalist collapse + science fiction dystopian/utopian strokes ) … muddies the waters !

We suggested, that while the alt tight is in denial of climate change ( or rather disruption ), the left ( and perhaps especially technotopian Marxist-oriented left ) are in denial of the current Techno-fascism. We pointed to a recent science conference by the Zapatistas in Mexico… ( link coming )… and pragmatic stragtegies of solidarity and cultures of resistance to defend planet earth and whole populations from environental and geo-political chaos !

Accessible praxis, not over-intellectualized theory, is urgent !

Obviously this topic opens up several cans of worms, but also promising and exciting potentials for community-scale tranformations… And we wish to pursue these routes  in a deeper and well-researched essay.

Again, please consider supporting us in this endeavor !

Update :

HKW announces two upcoming Anthropocene lectures:

Bruno Latour and Dipesh Chakrabatty in Sept. 2017

And will also be co-hosting an Anthropocene seminar in Philadeplhia in the Fall.

to be cont.