XLt Report : What’s OUR Plan To Change This Mad World NOW ?!

October 7th, 2019



XLt Reports :

< Oct. 7 > XR Action Day (..s…s….S… ) : Resisting Mass Extinction, Berlin/Paris/London/New York … and ??

“”If XR is all ya got TODAY to change the political madness, then we better make the most of it ! … And tomorrow the question will still remain: What’s OUR Plan To Change the course of This Mad World NOW ?!” – XLt Analyst

Are you acting, joining, planning, following, sharing, spreading, supporting on Oct. 7 ?! …

More resources + reports at XLt site coming soon !


XR Deutschland
Trending in Germany


36.6K Tweets

And a Live ticker for Btropolis was added, but no news there yet:
to be cont.
News Coverage:
RBB reports 1000+ Activists currently blocking Grosse Stern ( at Siegessäule ) in Berlin
And Klima Camp is on in front of Parliament :
“Let us drown the earth-f*ckers in the wildest art storm the world has ever seen … There is no end to this performance … until the madness ends… it all began to today… and we wonder how long it will go on !? … an old man locks his head to the steering wheel of a hearse in the middle of frenzied traffic, a blood bath die-in at the Bull on wall street, a line of red butoh maidens confronting a line of riot cops, a puppet mask of Munch’s Scream the size of a presidential coffin is carried across the Thames… The global imagination will be cracked wide open … and in fact, it may never close again! Come along, this epic play has just begun ! ” – XLt analyst waking from a deep sleep
A PSA to XR Activists from Freedom News
- If you want to keep protesting the climate crisis, you need to smarten the fuck up -
XR Berlin : People held the occupation of Postdamerplatz through the whole night. The last person was removed early this morning. And the encampment in Tiergarten continues to grow, several hundred tents, a very well-organized kitchen, several large mess tents for lectures, workshops, and art-making…
The cold + wet weather ( why didn’t this get organized in summer ?! ) will definitely be an extra challenge, but all the more reason to come bring some fresh energy and inspirations !
Come and find out What’s Next !!
( Schedules for Day1 )

Don’t Be Evil. Welcome to Guinea Pigdom 2.0 !

October 5th, 2019


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XLT Radar / Kiez Notes


Don’t Be Evil.

at Volksbühne

( or Welcome to Guinea Pigdom 2.0 !? )


The tech-lash ( as in backlash ) is here !

If you’re reading the XLT Kiez Notes already, you probably have a pretty good sense of how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone !

But maybe, like us, what you need is a good kick in the eye … the black mirror* as a live staged 2.5-hour scream ! …

Kay Voges & Ensemble’s new work Don’t Be Evil at Volksbühne takes no prisoners…  Whatever remaining technotopian cyber-age day-job-dreams you might still be harboring will be expunged.

This is a full dose of the technotopian dark sides only ! No haggling or wrangling about the good sides of: tech-hippies, counter-cult to cyber-cult, the hackers, the cypherpunks… what was supposed to be … and what could be done now ! This is a big picture critical sweep of what the incorporated cyber-life has currently wrought to culture, society and the mind.

It could be the perfect inoculation from all the sleazy promises of the “4th industrial revolution” yet to come. Because after this you will be unable to deny that the weapon-ization of a world wide communications wank ( both at the corporate and consumer /user ends ) is mostly irredeemable. Situations and context are everything; There is little-to-no chance of mere technological fixes to this manufactured idiotic+interlinked cesspool. Well, that’s the diagnosis here. We can debate that, but let’s talk AFTER you get the much deserved kick in the techno-groin.

Only the theater worlds – with Brechtian hammers in their holsters, and their feet+heads still firmly in the so-called “meatspace”- could one so thoroughly make such a harrowing + grisly, freakshow sausage fest of all our cubicled festering half-lives … all watched over by the machines of sucking disgrace.

GO SEE IT ! It may be the antidote you’ve been Duck Duck Going but it never really comes. Nothing wholesome to be found nor lived in those echo chambers of the bottom-feeding + ghosting matrix.

At the alive-n-well and in-the-flesh and very Berliner punk attitude Volksbühne ! BRAVO !

analysis to be cont.

In the meantime this article in the New Yorker by Andrew Marantz is a good companion text to Dont Be Evil:

The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

*Note: Not to mention the craziest + most cynical + industrial cover of Nico + Velvet’s ” I’ll be your mirror ” you’ll ever hear ! Hats off to the actress+chorus ( names not yet found ) + Paul Wallfisch’s musik.


Don’t Be Evil begins with up-close giant flat screen video of the performers faces… yawning… acted yawning and the act of yawning.

The stage then opens up beyond the screen, and we begin with a character inside a container-like box, a new depth, dimension, a live character, it is Brecht… and his lines are from The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication, an essay written in 1932.

This sets the stage for examining our current digital habitat.

Some resources for the media theory backround with which Kay Voges ensemble will begin to dissect the Cybernetic-apparatus and its monstrously unfolding dilemmas:


Bertolt Brecht and The Theory Of Media by Roswitha Meuller

AS you read these historical texts on media… you will realize that Brecht may have been one of the first to realize that it was essential to have an apparatus + network for 2-way communications…

Sounds logical and common sense now… especially in light of the horrific dictatorships of the 20th century, who used mass media for their power.

But the internet provides that now… we have p2p technologies… and yet still the systems are failing us !

Not only because of the corporates and the dotcons, but because our whole society runs on another non-commons, non-open system, enclosures. And implementing merely a technological infrastructure to bring about the change is NOT going to fix or hack or disrupt that !

Non-victimizing democratic process, the commons, and a collectively organizing society must come from below, from the communities constructing an entire cultural + local eco-system themselves. It’s a mind-body-place-populus-techne transformation.

Without that, a technological revolution was never going to provide anything but power struggles and inequalities and victimization … and a whole lot of demented shit !

to be cont.

XLt Autumn Radar v.3 : Btropolis in Action … Ready, Set, Go !

September 27th, 2019


___________ _ __________ _ _______________ _ __________


Tu Mal Wat Action Days, Berlin Bleibt! at Hau,

Extinction Rebellion Oct 7th, MuSuku + Islands of Utopia at Haus Der Statistik,

Art in the Underground / Up In Arms ( NGBK ) , Open Scores: How To Program The Commons at Panke

___________ _ __________ _





Check your local STRESSFAKTOR calendar for important places to plug in !!!

And do your homework !  There are many things happening this weekend, and not all of them may be listed on the interwebz… connect with your KIEZ, and find out how you can get involved !

And reminder to ourselves ( and for you if ya care to listen ), sure there are lots of good arty events covering good topics… but it’s more often direct actions that gets the goods !

stand by , more to come…

in the meantime:

?#TuMalWat? … Wir zeigen uns solidarisch und wünschen allen Menschen einen ruhiges WE ohne ?#Riotcops? ?#Frankfurter187? ?#LA54? ?#besetzen? ?#Potsebleibt? und ?#Drugstorelebt? ?#b2809? ?#Hambibleibt? sowieso. ?#OneStruggleOneFight?




“A world without landlords is possible”


to be cont.

XLt Autumn Radar v.2 : Btropolis in Action … To Fight The Ever-Grimmer Times !

September 16th, 2019


” ’ ””  ”’ ”  ”” ””  ”” ‘


< Sept. 20 > Climate Strike ! – Everywhere – Planet-wide

See: www.Klima-Streik.org


A Critical ( Mass ) Climate ride has been added in Berlin, meeting at 2oh at Mariannenplatz

”’ ”  ””

< Sept. 26- 29 > Tu Mal Wat ( Do Something ! ) – see full program on the blog – Berlin

” ’ ””  ”’ ”  ”” ””  ”” ‘


” ’ ””  ”’


At the Chaos Camp there were a good number of climate activists + orgs representing … One discussion there pertaining to this strike… there was perhaps a need to point out that a -1- day strike, is not exactly a strike… and presents no real threat or leverage to the ruling powers… as in the traditional forms of a labor strike, in which stopping work does actual damage – daily – to the owners ( class ), and thus they are forced into negotiating.

Here the climate “strike” plans are somewhat useful for building a wider movement…  showing our strength as a growing international network, but requires more strategic moves and investment to have necessary impacts on political players AND corporate actors responsible for the most damages to our planet.

Of course there are innumerable organizations now mobilizing, and it is hard to keep track of it all… If we have time, we will try to list more local things to plug into.

Stay tune…

Spread the banners on your own pages… Spread the word about our XLT Radar posts… and send us things you would like to give more exposure to.

XLt Autumn Radar v.1 : Btropolis Still Shining Bright in These Ever-Grimmer Times !

September 9th, 2019


””’ ”””’ ”””” ””””” ”””


< 9.9 > Iuventa Captain Pia Klemp ( Seawatch ) Book presentation hosted by Weltkugel at Morgenrot Cafe, 20h

< 10.9 > Iuventa Captain Pia Klemp ( Seawatch ) Book presentation at K-Fetisch, 20h

< 13.9 > „Das ist Netzpolitik!“ – Die Konferenz, Volksbühne ( come prepared to debate the technotopian nerd stew )

< 20.9 > Global Strike #AllefürsKlima #fridaysforfuture

< 21.912.10 > Open Scores: How To Program The Commons - curated by Felix Stalder, Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank – vernissage, workshops, discussions, screenings - at Panke

<Aug 30-Sept.15 > Making Futures, Haus Der Statistik

< Sept.12 > 30 Jahre Samtene Revolution, vernissage at Czech Zentrum

< Sept 13 > Tito on Ice screening ( part of the Stripburger exhibition ) at Neurotitan

< Sept.13 – 16 > Disco Babel Sommerspäatfest ( see ZirkusMond for details )

< Sept 17 > This is How we Survive: Revolutionary Mothering , War and Exile in the 21st Century – Mai’a Williams at Oya Cafe in Kreuzberg, 19h

< Sept.21 + 22 > Citizens of Evidence, Disruption Network Lab ( v.17 ) at Kunstquartier Bethanien

More coming… Extinction Rebellion, Fridays For Future, Tu Mal Wat…

To be cont.


the jaw-dropping news caps from Hell …

Whoa, the high seas of change in a world of grim + dim prospects: MIT Media Lab is in an all-male freefall of dirty money grubbed un-apologies, Joi Ito resigns and Lessig chases after him with a public swoon letter / Bahama residents w/o passports left to swim last-minute at the airport ( and harbor ) as the Dorian filter-bureaucrats unveil their techno-fascist tendencies / Ringo Starr, who lives in LA, champions the Brexiteer Dim-ocracy / Hong Kong protestors wield pictures of Trump + Tanks + Stars + Stripes asking for help / Jonathan Franzen – American illiterati – bravely picks strawberries in Santa Cruz to fight climate apocalypse ….

and last but not least…

Wikileaks supporters are all googly-eyed + jerking off for Pamela Anderson cause she goes anarcho-marxist-millionaire-celebrity wild in the TV wrestling ring… giving verbal nuggies to Meghan McCain on morning talk shows … a truly stalwart + self-sacrificing maneuver in these tough times !

Luckily for us on the Btropolis Island, we are mostly staying above the rising stew of hypernormalized newsstink !

It’s been said before, but the Onion cannot even compete with this shit … but it’s still fuckin hilarious…


KIEZ NOTES – Part 2 – :

Hey speaking of all that Epstein-meets-MIT fundraising Fallout… Did you know that Joi Ito was at Chaos Congress at least 3 times, and gave one of the most laughable keynote talks ever … at 23c3… on World of Warcraft…

Its not as if… in the midst of an unfolding war on terror, patriot act(s), and the silicon+digital cult headed at full speed toward everything we now know is a terrifying mess… there wasn’t perhaps more important activists, tech experts and tactical media specialists with something more pressing to speak about.

Who knows if Ito at that time was already getting yanked by the tail of the Esptein/Brockman IT shapeshifters ?!…

But it was pretty clear that he was already an IDIOT !

The actual video seems to be down, but here’s a few links to examine it further…

https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2006/Fahrplan/speakers/187.de.html  +++
https://events.ccc.de/congress/2005/fahrplan/events/390.en.html ++++ https://joi.ito.com/weblog/2006/12/31/wow-talk-at-23c.html ++++
https://we-make-money-not-art.com/joichi_ito_on_w/ ++++
++++ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gWie_MBndA
+++ https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2006/Fahrplan/events/1738.en.html

Here’s Joi getting more serious at 22c3… seriously libertarian, that is:



> Video link Added >

Joi on WoW at 23c3

warning: it’s terrible !

20 years of Indymedia : Where are we now ?! Where to From Here ?!

September 6th, 2019


”’  ”’  ‘  ”’  ”’


”’  ”’  ‘  ”’  ”’

This November INDYMEDIA – (( i )) – will be 20 years old !!

April Glaser writes a good short history of the pioneering network/platform/newsfeed … for Logic Magazine ( here ). But there’s probably many more things that need to be analyzed in the history of the Internet and digital culture to understand and assess whether “Another Network Is Possible“… and where + how tactical media can unite communities tomorrow… XLterrestrials are working on a post about ALL that…


Part 1 : Where are we now ?!

( that haunting, nostalgic + personalizing final-years-Bowie tune is playing back in our
heads as we write… )

This is an extremely complicated discussion, and it will take more than
a short essay to sort through all the angles and dilemmas we find
ourselves soaking in with the cybernetic technodystopias +
technospherical spectrum +/or rectal probes of the military/corporate
communication industries, now oozing ubiquitous through all the tissues
and orifices of human + social organization like electro-shock +
doctrines + disruption therapies to cure our inherited
already-anthropocene-driven madness… by accelerating it … like: Here
take this, it’s another anthropo-scenic downloading spiral into
Stephen-Pinker-esque “tech-n-progress” Inc.

There’s a whole swarm of profit-soaking entities making a killing off our needs and desires to find our way out of these dismal industrialized loops, while not providing much real community infrastructure, other than this ultra-dubious surveillance tether to (corporate) net dependence.

Imagine an “UBIK” mortuary business scenario in PKD’s hilarious and creepy satire written at one of his peak output moments in the late 60s … We are now paying out our asses to go along on the circular jerks’ carny ride of some new technological game of keeping in touch with the dead, ourselves ( in the machines ) … This is very similar to the half-life of the consumer zombiedom merry-go-round – dysney-topian haunted mansions of the Noosphere – and the new totally organic social-organs harvesting farms. Yes, u ( and we) digital monkey subjects typing in the cubicles are filling the coffers of the Titans ( and tightening the noose of their controls ) as we e-speak.

It’s high time to question it all, and make some quick tactical maneuvers… to avoid the worst possible outcomes !

It makes perfect astute sense that April Glaser properly locates the origins of the indymedia alternatives in that Zapatista wisdom… and Subcommandante Marcos’ precision diagnosis and prescriptions made at an Anti-globalization conference in Chiapas in 1997.  ( Link ADDED ) If you take some time to watch the whole interview with him made around that time. It feels like nothing has changed except the temperature of the already boiling globalized pot.

A magazine like Logic, while fascinating… and useful… appears to also be in the business of keeping up your hopes for another all-sewn-up, locked-in digital revolution, rather than mobilizing a radical set of emergency responses to our on-the-ground realtime habitats getting the scorched earth treatments. AND it appears to have no real experiences of, or connections to, the so-called “developing – other – worlds” which always gets the burnt end of that futurist stick first … now for the last 2 or 3 or 4 centuries at least.

( Btw, That Logic manifesto borders on pushing an odd new round of Cyber-dreaming Declarations, that needs debating and picking apart. )

And now, unless you’re one of those whose got a bunker-estate in New Zealand, a couple private jets on a Mountanview NASA airstrip, beachfront property ( for resale?) in Greenland, Alaska, Sibera, Scandilands  … well, we are all indigenous organisms now ! … And we’ll all get the shaft of this idiotic guinea pigdom future, unless we organize ourselves anew. A real feet-and-bodies on-the-ground collective community intelligence is still possible ! But any online factors therein will be a minimal factor… like a can opener when all you got today is a can of beans… But why not go for a takeover of a few trillion hectares of potential fertile farmlands + homeland + commons …  just beyond the perimeters of your tiny isolated electrified cubicle cages!?

On a quick note… Glaser’s piece is a little US-centric… and it would be wise to revisit a few other places… that were precursors + seeds to the Indymedia platform… i.e…. The ABCs of Tatical Media ( 1997 ) and discussions that were brewing on Nettime ( founded in 1995) which was very much a kind of counter- California Ideology + libertarian webz dialogue.

Though as we can also likely deduct, it also had its weird evangelisms… we’re currently reading “Marx Und Die Roboter” ( Dietz Berlin, 2019) , which to some extent looks to question the fetischism of the digital rev left imagining some potential escape hatch in those floating tin cans – above the variety of Bio-catastrophes awaiting us … in our disconnected +/or overconnected strung-out industrialized states.

to be cont !

XLt Radar : Endless Summer Meltdown v.1

August 30th, 2019


( email for more info )

~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~

< Aug 30> Protest Strassenfest at Wildenbruch + Weserstr.

< Aug 31 > Fuckparade + Afterparty at Kili

< Sept. 1 > Post~Himmel Party at Secret Location

< Aug28-Sept1 > Berlin Atonal

< Sept.20-22 > Disruption Lab: CiTiZENs of Evidence

< 26-29 > Tu Mal Wat, Actionstage in Berlin


more coming soon !

~ ~ ~





August 14th, 2019



< Aug 22 > CiTiZEN KiNO #81 : Embedded Dystopias at CCCamp2019, Ziegelei, DE

- A situationist cinema for our futurist-fed times -

Day 2 at the About:Freedom tent

About / work-in-progress :

In this episode we investigate the technological landscapes ( and their tragic interiors ) that have put the advertising + consumer worlds in the automated driver’s seat, while the future of a living planet is tied up in plastic body bags , stuffed in the trunk, and ready to be disposed. How do we go about dismantling this brutal dead-end scenario now !? And how do we replant sustainable ways of being,  intermixed/symbiotic urban and rural living, and collective organizing ? And what does tactical media ( + tech ) look like now in the age of Surveillance Capitalism ?!

We have collected some film arts + media clips + themes to navigate together, and unlock the puzzle of our promised mangled future. And we look for the emergency exits.

” Another end of the world is possible. ” With reference to the radical history lens of Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz ( The Shock of the Anthropocene )


Liebe Leute/ Dear Comrades, we are prepping our CiTIZEN KiNO#81 for CCCamp2019… and hope to set up more dates in Btropolis ( and beyond ) for when we return… If you would like to support ( financially ), assist in the production ( i.e. recommend related media bits ), become part of our XLterrestrials team, and/or wish to host us … we are all ears, buzzing earthly brainmatter and flesh-based organisms !

+ Please Note: This is all about taking back our present and our futures, and staying neutral + uninformed is probably one of your worst options !

Contact us by email to find out how you can donate TODAY !

to be cont.


This is our 3rd poster version for CK81 ( and maybe CK82 ) … which is a part of our visualization process … and honing in on the themes we want to cover …

CK#81: Embedded Dystopias topics: “anthropocene” ( misdirections ), surveillance capitalism + mediated society, technotopia/dystopia, seasteading and the bunkering elites,  cultures of resistance, tactical media …


to be cont.

XLt Summer Tails Radar v.1: Embedded Dystopias + The Forbidden Oppositional Islands

August 9th, 2019



foto: via Soviet Visuals, “The Motherland Calls” in Volgograd


XLt Summer Radar Tails v.1

< All of Aug > Licht, Luft, Scheisse, program in Prinzessingarten

< Aug 10 > Solidarity for Civil Sea Rescue – talks, films, music and soli tatoos – at Prinzessingarten ( FB invite )11-20h – ” Iuventa ” film at 21h

< Aug 1-10 > Floating University Berlin project, am Südstern

< Aug 12 > Added 2nd screening of ” The Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin ” at Acud

< Aug 13 > – Indymedia DE / Linksunten discussion, at Bandito Rosso, 19h

< Aug 14 > femLENS Celebrates 4 Years of Empowering Fem Photographers, at Oblomov, Lenaustr. 7, 19h

< Aug 22 > – CiTiZEN KiNO #81: Embedded Dystopias at CCCamp19 in Ziegelei

< Aug 24 > – Soli Party for Wandelwochen at RegenbogenFabrik

< Aug 28 > Screening of  “Wild Plants” w/ Nicholas Humbert ( dir.)  at Prinzessingarten

_-_-_-__-_________ _ _





More Upcoming: TuMalWat (Sept. 26-29 ), Anti-Goo Cafe, Berlin Atonal, Pop Kultur, Suture Soven Festival in Wendland ( Aug 23-25 ), etc….



AND if you live in BTROPOLIS your should avail yourself regularly of STRESSFAKTOR calendar… AND if your city doesn’t have such a resource + radar, start one today…

THis is essential tactical media for letting comrades + all fierce + friendly organisms know about the Subculture Oases, the Left cultures, the Community + Commons resources and the oppositional organizing from below… for alternative becoming !

_-_____ _ – _ ______-_

+ KiEZ Notes:

coming soon

An XLT analysis exclusive: Tarantino’s New Gutless Gutter-Twist

August 3rd, 2019


. ____:____:____ .

When Doucheboy Tarantino was asked by a journalist about the minimal dialogue given to actress Robbie’s ( Sharon Tate ) character… he replied: “I reject your hypothesis”.

… uh yeah, ok. … Weinstein’s career-long pal rejects a reasonable question from a female journalist at Cannes !

” Really !? You put Sharon Tate in yur flik – as an horderve – and gave her nothing to say… and no other women to express about THat ( history of Hollywood right there ) ! … what a frickin exploitation-king-moron !”

- XLt analyst 1

” Haven’t seen it, and probably won’t… the new Tarantino is no enfant terrible / bad boy work … he’s as central to Hollywood as Disney, Sexism and Old White Men getting rich off exploitation + spectacle + numbfeeding + thumbsucking.”

- XLt analyst 2

A clever mofo in constructing his macho controversies + cashflow… what a dismal script for fellow douchebags ! Spoiler Alert, read the Boston Globe’s quick finale synopsis, and if you’re ready to talk about it, we’re here. The new gutless Hollywood game probably deserves a little Numchuck thrashing with a nod to giving the spirit of Bruce Lee or Sharon a final word !  And anyone needing to give it a kick to the groin in the spirit of #metoo is also most welcome.”

- XLt analyst 3

” Tough dude that Quentin ! He had all the spine of a leftover party slime mold when his own girlfriend – Mira Sorvino – was getting repeatedly sexually harrassed by Weinstein, his sugar-daddy executive producer ( for 8 out of 9 film bro swigs ) … guess keeping the money flow and power in the net was more important !  Should anyone care much to see what he has to say or fawn-over in his nostalgia wank for the same-as-it-ever-was Hollywood?! “

- XLt analyst #4


Please note the Globe’s review of “The Great Hack” – in the link above, and put ABOVE the review of another one of Tarantino’s gutless gutter romps.

We hadn’t yet realized that it was directed by the media ninja Jehane Noujaim ( whom we interviewed back when her “Control Room” doc came out ) and Karim Amer. A far worthier topic to discuss… and as soon as we watch it – probably without paying the Netflix vulture-conglomerate – we look much more forward to the constructive and tactical conversations that can come out of real bad ass cinema.


Now THAT’s THE DARING film to watch + discuss right now !

to be cont.