XLt Herbst Radar v.2 : Another Brave New Bubble Bursting …

September 18th, 2018


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Upcoming Actions:

< 20.9 > Alternative Wohngipfel, 10-18h

< 21.9 > Protest Am Kanzleramt, 14h

Events to Keep an Eye On !

< 21.9 > Netzpolitik Konferenz, Volksbühne

< 27.9- 12.10 > The Most Dangerous Game – exhibition + discussions on The Situationists, HKW

more coming soon !


Truly an odd and unfortunate coincidence that Netzpolitik.org in Berlin, founded in 2002, will celebrate its 16th year on the same date that Mietenwannsinn ( the organization which formed to fight against the rising rents and gentri-fork-nation ) will be fighting against Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel’s Wohngipfel ( Housing Summit ) to save our city. Yes, the same “alt right” xenaphobe from south Germany is also Bau Minister – Minister of the Interior, Building and Community.

S.O.S. ! This is not hyperbole! It is for the average citizen, and especially the most vulnerable, one of the most pressing day-to-day issues and threats to our way of life and livelihoods in the “Btropolis”. Rising rents and displacement !

From an XLt perspective, we have often found it problematic that the “Tech Sector” has trouble engaging fully in the interconnected crises, both local and global, which have been exacerbated, boosted and accelerated by corporate + krapitalist technologies.

In fact, one could argue, that at times, their analysis of tech problems and solutions are in the category of “Not My Department ” … ( a reference to Werner Von Braun, and a clever title for one of the Chaos Congresses some years ago ).

Silicon Valley, not only gobbling up all our data, is now also pouring its vulture capital into the neighborhoods of Berlin, a major local news story for easily over a year.  And the Kiez mobilizing resistance has been one of the hottest nodes of activism and community organizing now for several months…  not just as a local story, but global, in that for the first time urban residents are rejecting, not just the Google monopoly / monstrosity’s plans to open an incubator “campus”, but the wholesale digital culture’s neo-colonialisms, smart cities for suckers, the shitty internet plunderers of everything, etc. … Here in a very residential and multi-cultural zone of Kreuzberg, and quite literally a major historical artery of the deep left resistance subcultures.

Rarely does the “tech sector” show up to lend support when situations like a turkish family grocer ( Bizim Bakkal, from which arose the Bizim Kiez movement ), or a longtime local bakery, or a multitude of families with kids are ejected by market real-estate encroachments, profiteering and speculating landlords! But occasionally they do, and many tech activists have gotten on board the various Anti-Goo campaigns… and are not only providing important tactical tech, but also learning alot in the process of how to be in solidarity with concepts + movements like Wir Beliben Alle ( We are all staying ) and preventing more forced evictions! … For Netzpolitik, this seems to be another case of …  “Not Their Department” ! …

Are tech companies to blame for these rapidly escalating injustices ?! Is this even an issue for an Org that is busy focusing on “fighting for our digital rights” !? To begin, we need to start asking a lot harder and bigger questions about digital environments, rights and trajectories … and challenge the techno-fixers, when they are part of the problem and/or complicit, and when they choose to stay on the sidelines, as wealth deploys for gain over community interests.

Well, from some of our own experiences of analyzing and fighting the krapitalist tech invasions of cities like San Francisco ( and seeing neighborhoods like the Mission District devastated and turned into a cultural wasteland of empowered silicon-fried players )… let’s just say the time for myopic analysis and technotopian bubbledom has been way over, probably since the 90s … or even the 50s ( i.e. the internet’s MIC roots, and the weaponization of mass media + communications)… Or, really back to the roots of industrial era to c.1872 when Engels published Zur Wohnungsfrage !

Those who claim to be constructing the happy tomorrowlands of the technosphere, are really really late to arrive at the true landscapes of the many grim present challenges on the ground. Especially acknowledging how and where the “digital revolution” has miserably failed. And we need to come together establish a realtime solidarity culture + city, before it’s too late … for so many !

The founder of Netzpolitik ( and co-founder of Re:publica, the “start-up trade show” ) Markus Beckdahl, supposedly a beacon of lefty digital movements and “tech progress”, only managed TWO WEEKS AGO to finally write that there are options to Google’s tools and we should probably start using them, cause monopolies are bad for us! Doh !

One could hear the intensity of wrist-slapping, as he also wished them a happy 20th birthday; And, we kid you not, thx them for all the great work over the years showing us the way of the future !

Imagining that solutions will now be based on opting out of the cybernetic regime, just seems now to be really in denial of just how deep we were all sold down river ( or upstream ) in regards to an entire web culture driven by surveillance krapitalism !  This is all way beyond a problem of merely reclaiming our rights to a privatesphere ! The Top 5 Titans of the Internet, like Google, will not simply go away through consumer/user choices; There need to be some serious political contestations and immediate reigning in of the abuses ! And there is convincing analysis that our “technological progress” is what is fueling the rise of authoritarianism around the world, because it has so empowered the 1%, NOT democracies.

If a whole forest falls, and no forest creatures are left to hear it, does it make a sound ?! Do cyborg bears shit in the virtual woods, when there aren’t any real ones left ? One might imagine they are preparing to take a big data dump at an electronic theater near you !

( hmm, metaphor-work in progress ;)

Not surprisingly, many DIY neighborhood orgs in the city have developed a far more relevant analysis of the tech threats and how their industries are deeply interconnected to the problems we face in the struggles for a more egalitarian and just future… apparently far better than the supposed tech experts !  … links coming soon.

If you aren’t already in the streets, and planning to attend the Netzpolitik conference, DO COME with some serious questions for the techno-dysney-topians and the wired liberals !

In an interesting juxtaposition, we noticed this weekend that one of the early idealist tech rebels, Peter Sunde of Pirate Bay … wasn’t much interested in the battles over #Article13 and net neutrality…  he’s out at Hambacher Forest this week witnessing and reporting on the courageous tree sitters, and the new levels of ( incredibly, still civil ) disobedience at the various frontlines  …

Times are changing rapidly ! Our activism will most probably need to adapt, and/or be drasticly re-imagined…



We will definitely come back to report on the Netzpolitik… at least the portions we are able to attend…

And we came across an incredible text just yesterday that describes all-too-painfully-well the lost war of The Net and Digital Cultures, and relating to the work of Paul Virilio who passed away this week. We will see if we can get permission to quote it. It seems like an important perspective, particularly for those who work on #Netzpolitik .

to be cont.

100 Years / 100th Mix : Globalista + Niepodlegla Polska

September 14th, 2018



< 14.09 > 100. Jubiläumsjahr Polen – Ausstellungseröffnung, Vernissage with dj Podinski ( Globalista Radio Kit ) at Club Der Polnischen Versager, 19h …

( Fbook invite )

NiepodleglaNarodowe Swieto Niepodleglosci) ) is national independence day (11 November ) to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918 from the German, Austrian and Russian Empires. Following the partitions in the late 18th century, Poland ceased to exist for 123 years until the end of World War I, when the destruction of the neighbouring powers allowed the country to reemerge. It is a non-working day in Poland.

Note: Controversies have been arising on Poland’s Independence Day since 2008, due to the growing extreme right groups organizing patriotic and anti-foreigner rallies. In 2017, American alt-right idiot Richard Spencer was a speaker at the march in Warsaw, where up to 60,000 were reported to have marched.

to be cont.

XLt Herbst Radar v.1 + + Kiez Notes : Counter Initiatives !

September 7th, 2018


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The proposed Google Campus building – the Umspannwerk – in Kreuzberg has been OCCUPIED today !

#Besetzen #GoogleCampus  / #FuckOffGoogle

#Bestezen blog site

*Neu* # G17a

Statement from the occupiers at Indymedia.de ( de only) … in short: to prevent the campus from opening, and to counter the exploding rent increases, and to utilize the space for something better. 

The occupation was within a couple hours forcibly evicted, but a demonstration remained outside the building into the evening. The movement issued statements that this is the beginning, the “herbst” of  occupations, and more will follow.

There were reports of one occupier being (seriously) injured in the eviction… and 5 or 6 people being arrested. 

Mini-Report ( and #besetzen demands in Eng )  by Enough is Enough.

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+ XLT Herbst Radar – Upcoming Dates +

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Sept. 7-9 – Disruption Lab – Infiltration
Sept. 8 – Artists at Risk : Mutatis Mutandis,  Galerie Kai Dikhas
Sept. 6-9 – Experiment Days in Haus Der Statistik + Prinzessingarten
Sept. 21 – Netzpolitik Konferenz
Sept. 27 – Laibach – Gesamtkunstwerk, Klang, Bild und Politik, Slowenischen Kultur Zentrum
Sept. 27- Dec.10 – The Most Dangerous Game – Situationism, HKW


Sept. 7 – Anti-Google Lärm Stunde, Landwehrkanal – 18-19h

( 1st fridays of the month, nice timing ! )

Sept. 7 – ( new) Embryo at SoWieSo
Sept. 8 – ( new ) Embryo at Supa Molly
Sept. 8 – Veteranenstr. Festival

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to be cont…



” Dear citizens and non- and anti-citizens, just a friendly DIRE WARNING ! IF you are not paying attention to local struggles, you have little-to-no hope of winning ANYTHING !… You will likely lose your city and your home ! … And you will likely lose your community… and any form of tolerable governance or any freedoms from state + corporate subjugation. And you will likely have zero leverage to affect any positive outcomes for anything even remotely resembling a sustainable future on planet earth… … … ” XLt analyst

With that in mind, we wish to write a few kiez notes on initiatives “from below” ( as in : “stadt von unten” – city from below) .

We cannot live and eat protests and demands alone. We must be for another possible world, and actively create and share inhabitable in-progress dreams. We have a few thoughts on realizing some “counter” projects ! Counter to an oppressive corporate state! Counter to predatory Krapitalism ! Counter to the Dead Zones and War Zones !

These  projects will also require some economic strategies, or they may only exist as remote and/or temporary islands…  which cannot maintain or defend themselves… nor withstand various adversarial factors. We may need to become hybrids of an old and new world.


XLt Summer Radar v.12: No Time Like The Present….

August 30th, 2018





No Time Like The Present…



Please see XLT Radar v.11 for most links, while we add some newer news and important KIEZ dates + fresh Notes here…


( via @am_ma65 )



More coming soon !


Yesterday was a demo against Nazis and Rightwing Violence in Neukoelln – Ob Chemnitz oder Neukölln: Auf die Straße gegen rechte Gewalt – as a response to the Nazi mobs in #Chemnitz, #Saschen… Reports of up to 10,000 marched in the streets.  And this weekend there will be #Antifa demos (and a big soli concert? see below. ) taking place there. Many from Berlin will likely head down to participate. We are hunting for more info to post here.

Here on one of “our blocks” is the Reichenberger Kiezfest, and there will be some XLterrestrials tabling some info on the ANTI-GOO campaign(s) and against the rising rents and the oppression by greedy and speculating landlords…

And also on the Goo theme: TOP and CounterCampus are also organizing a DEMO against gentrification and corporate tech + digital colonialism, which begins at 14h at Oranienplatz, and we’ve heard will pass by the Reichenberger fest.  ( see links at XLT Radar V.11 )…

AND on Sat. evening XLT and GLOBALISTA RADIO KIT highly recommend a rare chance to see the legendary ASian Dub Foundation playing a live soundtrack to the film La Haine. ( A recurring project, but perhaps a 1st time in Berlin ). As part of a weekend-long program called SpreeViera festival at YAAM on the Spree.


We stopped by the opening night of the Black Biennale at Kule, in Auguststr. in Mitte. There’s a month long program for this exhibition, which takes aim at their neighbors down the street, KW Institute which is one of the institutions that hosts the Berlin Biennale, titled ( strangely ?)  “We Don’t Need Another Hero” after the Tina Turner song.

This year they invited a whole team of black curators, since they had been so absent in the past history of the Biennale. Only one could now argue that they haven’t successfully filled their halls with any serious black themes, so Kule Venue tries to fill the gaps…

And their exhibit is heavily framed around the dark history of German Colonialism in Afrika. For example the horrible atrocities in Namibia, for which the German government has never officially recognized nor apologized for, nor paid reparations for !  The opening nite was Aug. 30th, the date of the annual memorials which take place in a number of cities in Germany. We will post some of the events still to come. Important stuff !

Always good to see the arts and culture world coming together in difficult times to try and confront the rise of a nasty populism. A bunch of music groups are billed for a solidarity concert against racism called …

< Sept.3 > Wir Sind Mehr, Chemnitz ( FB invite )

A little historical backround to understand the troubles in east germany, Sachsen region… in the UK Guardian today:

Germany’s far right never went away, but festered in its eastern stronghold by James Hawes

( We are no experts on the matter, so we cannot verify it’s accuracy, but seems useful to get an overview of the “festering” political turmoils. )

to be cont.

XLt Summer Radar v.11: Everywhere and Nowhere …

August 23rd, 2018



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Upcoming + Essential :

< Aug 23 > Podiumsdiskussion : Kommen Und Gehen Oder Gelebte Gemeinschaft, @ Kunstpunkt, Schlegelstr. 6 – Mitte

< Aug 25-26 > Occupy Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin ( FB Invite )

< Aug 30 > Kiezversammlung gegen Verdrängung, SO36, 19:00h

< Aug 30 > Ob Chemnitz oder Neukölln: Auf die Straße gegen rechte Gewalt… Demo am Hermannplatz, 18:30h  ( Fb Invite )

< Sept. 1st > Demonstration: GOOGLE CAMPUS UND CO VERHINDERN! 14 Uhr // Oranienplatz, Kreuzberg

< Aug 31 -Sept. 1 > Reichenberger Kiezfest hosted by Regenbogenfabrik and Lause Bleibt, Kreuzberg ( Fb Invite part 1 and 2 )

< Sept.7 -8 > Infiltration: Challenging Supremacism

< Sept. 8 >The Artists at Risk (AR) Pavilion – Berlin: mutatis mutandis


Essential Music:

< Aug 31 > Eröffnung MdzM / Kontraklang: Splitter Orchester + Felix Kubin

< Sept.1 > La Haine der Film mit Asian Dub Foundation & Dj Cut Killer @ Yaam … part of the….

< Aug31 – Sep.2 > Spreeviera Festival at Yaam

< Sept.5 > Embryo: A Journey of Music and Peace Premiere

Also recommended :

< Every Sunday > Aktion offener Sonntag in der Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek

< Aug 31 > Critical Mass Berlin

to be cont. ( and more links )




( Spreeviera ! )

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KiEZ NOTES: Everywhere and Nowhere …

( work-in-progress )

Digital Culture is having some massively unpleasant side effects…

You could even argue that in many ways this new frontier resembles a new pharmaceutical product – a miracle drug or a recreational drug or maybe even a PKD-like “god-making” drug ( i.e. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, 1965 ) – which was released by mostly corporate interests for public consumption, without testing any of the implications it would have on society. Not over years, and certainly not over decades.

And yet here we are, almost 30 years into the grand cybernetic experiment ! And if you’re still wondering what it was meant to fix, so are we. And if you are still wondering if it is a “good” recreational drug,… well, we can perhaps definitively say: many have clearly found some quite in-depth temporary escapes from the physical / embodied world, but quite possibly at the tragic detriment of a collective well-being and/or the required-for-living-organisms sustainability of the planetary eco-system.

The irony is not lost on us that quite a large percentage of Silicon Valley pioneers were also *psychonaut* tinkerers. Great to have around for the wild transpersonal “parties” and exploration ( and for all that military + krapitalist cash flow); Apparently not so great to find them working on, or resolving issues related to racism and white supremacy, abuse of power, neo-colonialism, authoritarianism, global mafia-scale criminality , exacerbated inequalities, wall street implosion, poverty, runaway climate breakdown, wars and international diplomacy, refugee crises, childcare, parenting, krapitalism, hyper-orwellian manifestations überalles, developing a culture with codes, customs + ethics for social responsible practices … and socio-economic and political house cleaning at the end of the dark and deep psyche-tipping nights  ;)

The power of the internet has given us the uncanny ability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time… “the NOGO-sphere” … more or less drowning in information + data-plunderings …  and yet still creating highly manipulatable populations, who are utterly clueless, poorly misinformed and/or detached from the hard realities. “Filter Bubbles” ( Eli Pariser ) is putting it lightly… in a Barnes and Noble kind of way.

The schisms and instability in Trumplands, May-lands, Orbanlands, Duterte-lands, Modi-lands. Saudi prince-lands, Disneytopia-lands, Goo(gle)-lands … ( and/or name your favorite rabid new nationalistic or transnationalistic horror show ) …  are now glaringly present in today’s political, neo-liberal and predatory climate(s)… and all are ready to boil over… in our laps.

But surely this is not due to the technologically-driven devolution of humanity alone. There’s a massive list of problems in the current stew ! And it would be hard to rank them on a scale of importance…

BUt … if we were to make a quick, kind of sacrilegious, thought experiment… If we take the issue ( + time and space ) within which we are currently inhabiting a majority of our waking hours… We ( speaking as XLTerrestriasl;  Feel free to make your own personal calculations ) would have to start with TIME SPENT in the DIGITAL CULTURES + the miscalculating NOTIONS of TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS as PRIMARY ROOTS of things in our lives going seriously awry and disjointed !

This would also include the submersion into daily media newsfeeds that respresent the dismal prospects for any sustainable, or even rational, collective future.

At the least, we might conclude that digital culture is not going to be any cure for the human condition…  Unless of course, you’re willing to buy into all that new religion advertising of Post-Humanity, that’s being given the ubiquitous hard-sell by all those vested interests !


Part 2 : The Mass Mediation Peddlers



( ( foto: David Pecker, hard at work in the still wildly profitable heydays of realtime misinformation streaming ) )

One of the fresh new scandals out of the White Magic Kingdom coming through our mass media newsfeeds just yesterday is the story of the sleazeball media mogul David Pecker ( National Enquirer and American Media Inc. CEO ). Does this seem a bit relevant to our digital cult analysis ? … Yes, even while this seems like a tale out of the old hardcopy corporate media publishing world, it nevertheless reveals a continued surreal weaponization of The Spectacle and the realms of these Simularcum-enriched days.

How many Peckers does it take to screw in an FBI lightbulb ?

to be cont. :)



XLt Radar v.10: Suddenly, Last Tails of Summer

August 14th, 2018


# – # – #

- please note : We are still listing FB invites, but at your own risk ! We fully support the #deletefacebook campaigns, as it is a very dangerous surveillance krapitalist parasite/monopoly! And yet there are many of us who rely on it to reach audiences and the public, and do not – as yet – have enough satisfactory alternatives. It’s complicated ! …  ALSO  check v. 9 for more still active and upcoming XLT RADAR dates -

AND check Stressfaktor for all your anarcho-syndicalist + solidarity + social justice +  riot needs, i.e. the serious stuff, and not just our entertainment fluff !

# – # – #


< Aug 14 > Flashmob “GRENZEN AUF FÜR DIE #AQUARIUS“! Um 18 Uhr an der Oberbaumbrücke! https://seebruecke.org/events/grenzen-auf-fur-die-aquarius/ #Seebrücke #Seenotrettung


< Aug 17 > Lause Bleibt #3 - gegen Verdränung ! – with Barbara Morgenstern + Christian Biegai, Lausitzerstr.10 ( Fb invite )

< Aug 17 > Multiversal #85 ( exp. noisy ), Villa Kuriosum ( Fb invite )

< Aug 18 > Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals, Ostkreuz ( Fb Invite )

< Aug 31 -Sept. 1 > Reichenberger Kiezfest…

< Sept.1 > 1 La Haine der Film mit Asian Dub Foundation & Dj Cut Killer @ Yaam ( Fb invite )


To Boycott or Not to Boycott ! A very very interesting question…

< Aug 15-17 > Pop Kultur – concerts, discussions, commissioned works – @ Kulturbrauerei

We heard about the BDS for Palestine movement boycotting Pop Kultur fest a couple? years ago… B/c one of its partners/sponsors is the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. Now with the new Nation-State law passed, which goes even further toward an apartheid state, this is again a very hot topic!

Pop Kultur even scheduled a panel discussion this year re: Boycotting with an Israeli author Lizzie Dorn, and Berlin’s Kultur Senator Klaus Lederer… but not with a BDS supporter, nor an arab perspective on the issue !

XLt are investigating further… In the meantime you can follow the protest voices on twitter at @BoycottPKBerlin


More coming Soon !

Send Us YOUR tips, thoughts, feedback, perspectives ! … or not, but just do us a favor … and consider everything deeply !

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“Mass media was never about connecting people, it was about carpet bombing the masses with the overlords’ putrid spew and order … Today, its corporate progeny – The Internet – is nothing more than an extended invisible wanker’s hand injecting it into your individual daily gruel from above!”

“While we can communicate this to about *5* scattered eyes + ears at a time, there is the illusion of an empowered civic sphere in the digital realm, but try to broadcast any matrix-peeling onion-dissections or radical resistance to a whole broader community, and you are very likely to experience the electronic gates quickly shuttered. Any real communication + organizing arts with sufficient political and physical world gains are limited. We must continue to develop tactical tools, but the revolutions will not be digitized. “

” There is a moment in an asymmetric game of chess against a corporate opponent (with unlimited financial resources ), your best move may be to toss the rigged board into the air ! “

XLt analysis

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XLt Summer Radar v.9: The Futurist Human BBQ, the (DE-) Recipes !

August 9th, 2018



MuSiK OvErLoAD !


< 9-12.08 > 23 Years Of C-Base, Rungestr. 20 – ( full program at Clubmap )

< 10.08 > 10 Years of Ich Bin Ein Berlinerin – ( SO36 page )

< 10 + 11.08 > Digital in Berlin, 10 years, MusikBrauerei / UFO Studios -  ( FB invite )

< 11.08 > Sun Ra Arkestra, Festsaal

< 11.08 > Alvarius B. ( aka Alan Bishop ) @ Silent Green – ( FB invite )




< 11.08 > 40 Jahre So36

< 13-19.08 > FLUX FESTIVAL – Contemporary Electro-Acoustic Music From Berlin @ Spektrum

< 17.08 > Syrphe Night #13 at Loophole – ( Fb Invite )

< 19.08 > DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE – Concert/Performance, in      KULTURRAUM ZWINGLIKIRCHE Hauptportal Danneckerstraße Rudolphstraße 14, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, free -  ( FB invite )





< 11.08 > Hoffest In Der Magda 19 : für einen bunten Kiez! Workshops, Music, Soli ! Good causes ! ( FB Invite )

< 13.08 >  + < 20.08 >  + < 27.08 > Omniversal Earkestra – recurring monday jam nites … Space Jazz …  check the different locations ! ( FB invite )


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+ Kiez Notes :

We are currently examining and analyzing the historian and futurist writer Yuval Noah Harari – author of Sapiens and Homo Deus – which both have some fascinating insights, but also perhaps some dubious alignments with the ideological technotopians.

This is a highly intriguing media specimen for possible use for an upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO.  A New York Times event and conversation he had together with the notorious warmonger, rabid neoliberal and corporate apologist Thomas Friedman…

And in his forthcoming book  “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” he seems to have not yet bumped into any books on colonialism … which doesn’t make for a very comprehensive or meaningful debate re: immigration in the EU.  Excerpt in The Economist. … WTF !?

Our quick jab response to all those who play in the Friedman-esque Clubs:




( note: sorry, comic artist as yet unknown )

XLt Summer Radar v.8: Ice Scream Melt !

August 3rd, 2018




< Aug 1-4 > A L’Arme Festival v.VI @ Radial System

< Aug 3 > One Night For Fela w/  The Omniversal Orchestra, The Soulvendor, Dj Koko, Amate, etc… @ Yaam

< Aug 3 > Derya Yildirim & Grup SimSek, @ Silent Green ( FB invite )

< Aug 3 > Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics, HKW

< Aug 4 > Festival By The Lake, Weisensee

< Aug 11 > Alvarius B. ( aka Alan Bishop ) @ Silent Green ( FB invite )

More coming : 40 Years of SO36, Flux Festival at Spektrum, Digital In Berlin 10 Years, Berlin Atonal, Sun Ra Arkestra, Da Cruz at Quasimodo, etc …



Noise Hour / Lärm Stunde Against the GOO ! on the Landwehrkanal, Kreuzberg + Kreuzkölln, 18-19h ( see the FOG wiki )

+ + Always check the STESSFAKTOR Kalendar for Btropolis Subkultur and Linke Politik … Thx Stressi !

________________ ________________


< Aug 3 – 18 > Stencil & Streetart Workshops + Exhibition @ Yaam ( workshops daily at 17h, registration + fee required )

< Aug, 4- 20 > Ex-Embassy Exhibition, Talks Performances and Texts, at the former Australian embassy to the GDR, Grabbeallee 34, 13156 Berlin

_______ _______ _________

KiNO :

< Aug, 6 > Hamburger Gitter ( about G20 ) with Eng subs  - @Freiluft Kino Friedrichshain ( Fb Invite )


KIEZ Notes:

XLterrestrials went by Dussman’s the other day just to browse some book resources… But we always try to buy from the small neighborhood shops first. And we’ve boycotted Amazon since DAY 1, cause you could smell for miles (and years) what a piece of disruptive, monopolizing, labor-abusing shit they would become !

We wanted to look deeper into Yasha Levine’s “Surveillance Valley“, but Btropolis’ largest bookstore didn’t have it in stock. And come to think of it, their entire Media Section shelves were a dismal collection. Mostly full of techno-industry promo-jerking, with a few exceptions like James Bridle’s “New Dark Age” ( Verso ) and Jaron Lanier’s “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now” . . . Interesting, BUT these were stark reminders that if you really want to be fed by radical and tactical thinkers, just skip the shopping mall variety bookshops altogether ! And/or while you’re there, you might consider ordering 1 or 2 books, or a bunch of far more radical literature from them, and never pick it up !

For better selections and to order what you need try : Pro QM ( Mitte ), St George ( Pberg ) , B-Books ( Kberg ) … Buchladen zur schwankenden Weltkugel (Pberg, primarly DE ) …


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to be cont…

The XLT/ CiTIZEN KiNO Fundraiser + eXit-E-xistential agro-A-ngst

July 31st, 2018


<> <> <> <>

XLT newsletter : This is NOT a KICKSTARTER, it’s an APPEAL to ENGAGE !

Dear arts and praxis friends,

This is a newsletter to communicate what we are up to the next months.
but first we must admit that we are reaching out here to RAISE FUNDS for
some crucial new steps to upgrade our activities.


Become a CiTiZEN KiNO + XLterrestrials supporter TODAY !
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For many years ( since at least 1997, if we had to pick one specific
milestone moment) the XLterrestrials have been collaborating with
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XLT Anaylsis: The Real Meaning Behind All The Kleptocracy Collusions !

July 30th, 2018


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An essay … work-in-progress

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Cartoon by Dave Coverly at Speedbump.com


The Real Meaning Behind All The Kleptocracy Collusions !

The notion that there are “climate change deniers” at the helm of many authoritarian regimes is misleading. Sure, there exist a good number of lobotomized politicians who may believe their own flatulence, but they are more like pawns in a spectacular theatrical front!

Much of the 1% ( and the .o1% ) – the oligarchs  and the kleptocrats – who prop up these lobotomied politico figureheads -  know what havoc they are creating to our environment and to our society. They are well-aware that the time has come to pay their bills for decades, if not centuries, of unsustainable extractive plunder, colonialism, wars and deception. And perhaps not all, but many, are like addicted gamblers, they would rather bet on long shots ( or shore up more wins ) than do the hard work it requires to clean up the insane global mess they’ve been major players in leaving behind. These are more than just treacherous, treasonous times; Our current global situation is one which threatens ubiquitous war, total mutual destruction and mass ecocide !

“It is much easier for the high-rolling krapitalists to imagine the end of the world, than the end of their regimes … and sitting in the dock of criminal prosecutions. “ – XLt analyst

But…  do not despair! Do not become paralyzed! Do not be those rabbits in their incorporated, bulldozer headlights!  … We don’t have to follow them into their foxholes and bunkers, their abysmal strategies, their vested/profiteering interests, nor their ludicrous escapism, nor their blatant lies and malfeasance !

NOW is the to time to construct mutually-benefiting + cooperative social systems…  and there are endless experiments + practices that we can take to make them within our own communities, or even try to make them scale to global networks. We would be idiots not to try some out today, when the planet is in such a perilous grip of sadists and masochists and suicidal gits  !

There aren’t easy answers, and it can take alot of time to figure out just how to get your feet wet in the new territories, where to begin and where to invest your efforts, or to find investment + resources to make community projects really catch, take root, work out.

To make matters more complicated, the current powers are directly in opposition to changing the systems. ( Buckminster Fuller’s work is one interesting example that colliided with the gatekeepers, i.e the builders’ lobby groups ). So we will simultaneously need to devise methods and political maneuvers to break the locks ( and laws ) that prevent other systems to flourish.

But this post is not meant to go too deep into the conflict zones… but rather point out  that there are tons of gifted and well-intentioned thinkers who are suggesting numerous, reasonable… and exciting… solutions and paths ! And perhaps to begin, those routes with fewer risks and fewer (direct or visible) provocations.

While we work on bringing more info resources to this little re-thinking table ( blog ) , here’s a few resources to get you going… of course there’s incredibly deep philosophical texts for all this ( a large majority of those published being over-intellectualizing white guys with beards ), but we’re looking for small immediate steps, things that feed and nourish us right now, things that keep us afloat now in the storms, and keep us motivated and moving together for the long haul… or the long voyages to elsewhere!

No no, not Musk-tacean Martian leaps, just small realtime steps for our already grandiose earthly kind !

— George Monbiot’s Out Of The Wreckage

— Chris Carlsson’s latest Nowtopia blog ( a quick read )

We haven’t had a chance to look at this, but might be useful here, and because the XLterrestrials are stifled in our own financial quandaries… and this author is recommend by George Monbiot who spent the last year(s) for his latest book collecting the best examples he could find….

— Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics

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