August 14th, 2019



< Aug 22 > CiTiZEN KiNO #81 : Embedded Dystopias at CCCamp2019, Ziegelei, DE

- A situationist cinema for our futurist-fed times -

Day 2 at the About:Freedom tent

About / work-in-progress :

In this episode we investigate the technological landscapes ( and their tragic interiors ) that have put the advertising + consumer worlds in the automated driver’s seat, while the future of a living planet is tied up in plastic body bags , stuffed in the trunk, and ready to be disposed. How do we go about dismantling this brutal dead-end scenario now !? And how do we replant sustainable ways of being,  intermixed/symbiotic urban and rural living, and collective organizing ? And what does tactical media ( + tech ) look like now in the age of Surveillance Capitalism ?!

We have collected some film arts + media clips + themes to navigate together, and unlock the puzzle of our promised mangled future. And we look for the emergency exits.

” Another end of the world is possible. ” With reference to the radical history lens of Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz ( The Shock of the Anthropocene )


Liebe Leute/ Dear Comrades, we are prepping our CiTIZEN KiNO#81 for CCCamp2019… and hope to set up more dates in Btropolis ( and beyond ) for when we return… If you would like to support ( financially ), assist in the production ( i.e. recommend related media bits ), become part of our XLterrestrials team, and/or wish to host us … we are all ears, buzzing earthly brainmatter and flesh-based organisms !

+ Please Note: This is all about taking back our present and our futures, and staying neutral + uninformed is probably one of your worst options !

Contact us by email to find out how you can donate TODAY !

to be cont.


This is our 3rd poster version for CK81 ( and maybe CK82 ) … which is a part of our visualization process … and honing in on the themes we want to cover …

CK#81: Embedded Dystopias topics: “anthropocene” ( misdirections ), surveillance capitalism + mediated society, technotopia/dystopia, seasteading and the bunkering elites,  cultures of resistance, tactical media …


to be cont.

XLt Summer Tails Radar v.1: Embedded Dystopias + The Forbidden Oppositional Islands

August 9th, 2019



foto: via Soviet Visuals, “The Motherland Calls” in Volgograd


XLt Summer Radar Tails v.1

< All of Aug > Licht, Luft, Scheisse, program in Prinzessingarten

< Aug 10 > Solidarity for Civil Sea Rescue – talks, films, music and soli tatoos – at Prinzessingarten ( FB invite )11-20h – ” Iuventa ” film at 21h

< Aug 1-10 > Floating University Berlin project, am Südstern

< Aug 12 > Added 2nd screening of ” The Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin ” at Acud

< Aug 13 > – Indymedia DE / Linksunten discussion, at Bandito Rosso, 19h

< Aug 14 > femLENS Celebrates 4 Years of Empowering Fem Photographers, at Oblomov, Lenaustr. 7, 19h

< Aug 22 > – CiTiZEN KiNO #81: Embedded Dystopias at CCCamp19 in Ziegelei

< Aug 24 > – Soli Party for Wandelwochen at RegenbogenFabrik

< Aug 28 > Screening of  “Wild Plants” w/ Nicholas Humbert ( dir.)  at Prinzessingarten

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More Upcoming: TuMalWat (Sept. 26-29 ), Anti-Goo Cafe, Berlin Atonal, Pop Kultur, Suture Soven Festival in Wendland ( Aug 23-25 ), etc….



AND if you live in BTROPOLIS your should avail yourself regularly of STRESSFAKTOR calendar… AND if your city doesn’t have such a resource + radar, start one today…

THis is essential tactical media for letting comrades + all fierce + friendly organisms know about the Subculture Oases, the Left cultures, the Community + Commons resources and the oppositional organizing from below… for alternative becoming !

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+ KiEZ Notes:

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An XLT analysis exclusive: Tarantino’s New Gutless Gutter-Twist

August 3rd, 2019


. ____:____:____ .

When Doucheboy Tarantino was asked by a journalist about the minimal dialogue given to actress Robbie’s ( Sharon Tate ) character… he replied: “I reject your hypothesis”.

… uh yeah, ok. … Weinstein’s career-long pal rejects a reasonable question from a female journalist at Cannes !

” Really !? You put Sharon Tate in yur flik – as an horderve – and gave her nothing to say… and no other women to express about THat ( history of Hollywood right there ) ! … what a frickin exploitation-king-moron !”

- XLt analyst 1

” Haven’t seen it, and probably won’t… the new Tarantino is no enfant terrible / bad boy work … he’s as central to Hollywood as Disney, Sexism and Old White Men getting rich off exploitation + spectacle + numbfeeding + thumbsucking.”

- XLt analyst 2

A clever mofo in constructing his macho controversies + cashflow… what a dismal script for fellow douchebags ! Spoiler Alert, read the Boston Globe’s quick finale synopsis, and if you’re ready to talk about it, we’re here. The new gutless Hollywood game probably deserves a little Numchuck thrashing with a nod to giving the spirit of Bruce Lee or Sharon a final word !  And anyone needing to give it a kick to the groin in the spirit of #metoo is also most welcome.”

- XLt analyst 3

” Tough dude that Quentin ! He had all the spine of a leftover party slime mold when his own girlfriend – Mira Sorvino – was getting repeatedly sexually harrassed by Weinstein, his sugar-daddy executive producer ( for 8 out of 9 film bro swigs ) … guess keeping the money flow and power in the net was more important !  Should anyone care much to see what he has to say or fawn-over in his nostalgia wank for the same-as-it-ever-was Hollywood?! “

- XLt analyst #4


Please note the Globe’s review of “The Great Hack” – in the link above, and put ABOVE the review of another one of Tarantino’s gutless gutter romps.

We hadn’t yet realized that it was directed by the media ninja Jehane Noujaim ( whom we interviewed back when her “Control Room” doc came out ) and Karim Amer. A far worthier topic to discuss… and as soon as we watch it – probably without paying the Netflix vulture-conglomerate – we look much more forward to the constructive and tactical conversations that can come out of real bad ass cinema.


Now THAT’s THE DARING film to watch + discuss right now !

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #81: Embedded Dystopias, A Society Mangled By Admen !

July 25th, 2019


<> >< <> >< <> >< <> >< <> >< <>

CiTiZEN KiNO #81 – Coming soon to an embodied space near YOU !

Date(s) TBA

<> >< <>


“While everyone’s waxing nostalgic about the genius of Blade Runner again ( R.i.p. Rutger Hauer ) … let’s not forget that Ridley Scott is still one of the world’s biggest advertising execs/moguls/profiteers… who also happens to make Hollywood films.

His company RSA Films employs over 30 directors ( and huge production crews ) pumping out ads year-round. And his pioneering ad game in 1982 helped to make “product placement” übercool ! Wanna guess how many ad deals Scott made for BR1 ?!

( We’re still investigating that, and what kind of deals + amounts were made for that in 1980s. Any inputs welcome. )

… And it should be mentioned that the characters Roy Batty, Pris et al actually serve more or less as slick + sexy ads for a coming-of-a-demented-age of human-like robots, A.I. and the whole techno-dystopia … And one of the most appalling anti-art descents in hindsight, is that in the midst of an admittedly powerful climactic scene of Roy dying, Ridley drenches it in numerous “TDK” backdrop-plugs… It is unquestionably a profound moment in sci-fi cinema, but also one of the most revealing to take apart and analyze how your emotions might be manipulated by this gargantuan industrial Spectacle … with embedded agendas. Here is a script whereby your empathy gets triggered ( and re-oriented ? ) as you watch the duel of a ‘homocidal’ rebel replicant ( fighting to survive, and extend its lifespan ) vs. a Bounty Hunter ( and date-raping ) COP … So a “psychomedia analyst” – many years later, as techno-fascism looms all around us – might ask: Were we truly getting our strings pulled by what is essentially the two sides of a kind of Nazi-Bro-Übermensch coin !?… Sympathy for the corporate Bots being installed ? … Ridley wasn’t critiquing a dim post-human future, he was plugging it in !


Not exactly what the author PKD had in mind when he wrote his rich irony-ridden classic promethean sci-fi tragedy + WARNING about the perilous state of humanity strung out in an endless corporate-consumer junkydom. ”

-XLt analyst

<> >< <>

We’ve already done a number of shows on BR… Electric Sheep Revisited, Replicant Memories and Electric Sheep Revisited x2 ( for BR2 )….

This is another good moment to revisit the case of Hollywood’s bastard-adaptations of PKD… a theme which was at the very roots of whence CiTiZEN KiNO began to imagine a public lab for media analysis, deconstruction and decompression. A situationist cinema ! Spectale hacking and tactical media navigations.

So now we begin work on a slightly different scalpel approach to these Brain Tumor Industries. Now that the communications spectrum is almost entirely driven by the advertising engine … ( i.e. The Net + Surveillance Capitalism )…  let’s take a little dive into picking apart the world of the Admen !

to be cont.

XLt Summer Radar V.3: Shoot for the Moon !

July 18th, 2019



XLt Summer Radar V.3
- in Btropolis -

< JULY 18 >

Paper Bullets – 100 Years of Political Stickers

An Ecology of Mind — Remember the future ( on Gregory Bateson )
at Fairmondo, Kreuzberg

< JULY 19 >

Greta Thunberg zu Besuch – #FridaysForFuture

29 Jahre Schokoladen – Hoffest

< JULY 20 >

MOON WALK – 50 Jahre Mondlandung
Sat, Jul 20 · Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

ARENA – #1: Intro // umsonst & draussen
Sat, Jul 20 · Zwitschermaschine

Fuffzig Jahre Mondlandung! – Die Show!
· Hosted by Zirkus Mond – ( Fb Invite )

< JULY 31 >

A L’ARME! Festival Vol. VII
6 PM · radialsystem

XEN presents: Screening of “Worlds of Ursula K Le Guin”

Sorry, no time for links atm… but pLZ do send us what’s on YUR radar… and we will try to expand our scopes !



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Calling All Steppers and Frithians ! 1990… And Into The Ripped, Roaring and Panicked 2020s…

July 17th, 2019



Calling All Steppers and Frithians ! … Music+film-heads !

The XLterrestrials are looking for people who would like to travel into an experimental + tactical time tunnel project with us…

The film and soundtrack “Step Across The Border” will be 30! years old in 2020… ( How the F* did that happen ? )

We’ve decided to utilize this milestone project + related encounters to reconnect with that special experienced tribe of outsider art-worlders … ( or however you like to define your own DIY-lives,  scars and stripes, alien nations and/or stateless ninjadom, etc. )  … and share some tales + perspective + plans … and to reconnect with some art-nomad explorers + makers we’ve lost touch with over the years.

And investigate the dramaticly shifting dark landscapes of what has changed and changing in cities like the Btropolis, San Francisco and others … and their impacts on art livelihoods … and our ways of being, surviving, resisting, and reclaiming.

To contextualize those pioneering forms of expression then and now. Now that we are all a VERY ENDANGERED SPECIES ? …

We could and should probably say : All planetary life is currently in a deep crisis ! And ask:  Must art+culture be now committed to the questions of “what is to be done ?!” … And actually doing it !?

So here we are, an initially celebratory 30-years looking back… but taking it to another level … to examine the new emerging arts + praxis scenarios, situations, strategies … in the new age of gold-rush networks… here constructed for tactical-scaling ! And de-scaling ! And/or small-scale subversion !

Below is glimpse of the tales + analysis + dialogue + reactions to come…

+ – - – +


+ – - – - +


+ – - – - – +

( The Babylon marquee, Jan. 2019 )


- Excerpt -

The times they are a changeling…

Back in 1990, Step Across The Border was for the XLterrestrials and a few other music+film-head comrades a monumental and magical occurrence tapping into some prepared and/or improvised electric-playground outside the Spectacle + Stacheldraht loops of the corporate mass media-pumped channels and occupied territories. We were outsider kids with an extra-effort for that rebellious, escapist and anti-authoritarian edge, but still very susceptible to the way the music + culture industries pumped out their usual products and that whole Hollywood brain-drilling mess. In other words, still very much finding our ways, half-in and half-out ( the problematic Halber-mensch). And depending on who you were hanging with you might pretend which half was The Real You at any given moment… in order to belong, detach, flirt, impress, antagonize, keep-yur-job, ditch-the-jobs, reject, self-destruct, liberate … and alienate.  In short, totally Schizo !

Alien Nations became our specialty. And “most alien” in our book, usually won a prize. We were fortunate to have had enough orientation + maneuverability + mentors to have overfed ourselves with the obligatory subcultures: indy record+book shops, underground zines + comics + cinemas, odd venues + galeries, etc… that when something with such impressive aesthetic + genre-mutating investigations came along like a Frith, we felt giddy.  Like we had stumbled across some precious, smuggled contraband.

to be cont.

+ – - – - – +

CONTACT US: And tell us some of your journeys + impacts while taking the Big Deep Steps Across The Borders … ( And ask us if you have any questions about how to proceed. )


Apologies for putting the guys on top, to start these conversations… this is definitely not meant to be a male-dominant think-pond … Btw, we were extremely grateful for the 2 jamming filmmakers ( in pic 2 – Nicolas + Werner ) introducing us in the 90s to the explosive sounds of Iva Bittova, here below… and many others… and spreading the multi-kulti-collaborative muses !



+– –+

XLt Summer Radar v.2: Drink Up, and Be Mercurial !

July 13th, 2019




THis lovely Pic nabbed from the Transcyberian archives… and because “they” are active this weekend in the Btropolis… an expanded Crypto-Party of sorts… called “More Cyber”…

… which to us – XLt – seems a little absurd, hope that is meant ironically, cause we need more cyber like we need more large bore-holes drilled in our heads !… Nevertheless there are some interesting speakers, including Mr.Oliver. No, not John Oliver, he’s pretty funny and pretty good at skewering our cooked times, but… This is not the entertainment sector; THis Oliver has dedicated some skills to help secure communications in the Extinction Rebellion network, and usually has some very precise things to advocate to get our shit together before its too late(r) !

There’s other stuff down below that will probably get you on track for a productive weekend … and beyond… and over the borders … and well-pissed … and/or nourished !

On the XLT Radar :

< July 13 > Transcyberians at C-base, 17h til ?

< July 13 > Dokumentarfilm: Die Erdzerstörer (F 2019 – 99 Min) – Screening + Discussion at Kalabalik, Reichenberger Kiez

< July 12-13 > Trash-o-lade – 1st Congress for Eternal Space Holidays-  at Kultur Kili Haus, Disconnect Store, etc. ( Fb Invite )

about : – Fuck off system (Berlin) unites with Panzerschokolade (Vienna) to celebrate our respective 10 year anniversaries -




More to come, probably !

XLt Summer Radar: CK#80, Boiling Over + On Point

June 27th, 2019


——— ——– —- —— ————

< July 5 > CiTiZEN KiNO #80: Eyes WIDE Shut – Part 2  < 23:00h >

A special Circus tent version of C-KINO…

for the 3-day MESS FESTIVAL !

at a *secret location* in Btropolis

Instructions on the site for how to receive a map.

Or : Email + RSVP us here for details and to reserve a CiTiZEN KiNO spot !

seats limited – ACT FAST !

XLterrestrials present another tactical cinema, in this episode we take you on a wild ride thru the Anthro-Obscene + the Technodystopian Mess … and hopefully come out the other side thru Analog–clown–Rebellion …

And come at 20:00h if you want to see Charivari circus before the Kino, and tons of incredible stuff all weekend !

—– ——– —- ——


— ———– —- – ———-

< July 6 > Alternative Volksbühne Gipfel at Mensch Meier

An all day / all nite events and a long list of workshops and presentations and rebellion-makers…  incl. The XLterrestrials… and a party too.

—– —— —– ——–

Mess Festival poster blown up to A4-Hands-size ;)


Full of Btropolis Fallen-Stars – Undergrounders ! …

No address printed on poster.

Please Contact the XLterrestrials + our TICKETRON counterfeiters …

for more info !

+ more gorey details coming sooon !

Warning : people under age, close your eyes !

XLt Alert : CiTiZEN KiNO #79 – Eyes WIRED Shut – June 20 ( in Btropolis ) + Newsletter

June 17th, 2019


_ ___ _ ____ __ _ ____ __ _ ____ _

Dear arts and praxis friends,

We’d like to invite you to our intense new episode of CiTiZEN KiNO on June20th in Berlin and a special fundraiser afterparty…

And share a little urgent *KIEZ* NEWS – from the hood – ( more online ).

Please spread the word !

__ __ _ _ _

Thurs. – JUNE 20, 2019

CiTiZEN KiNO #79: Eyes WIRED Shut -

In the dark age of surveillance krapitalism + anthropogenic agendas


Regenbogen Kino, Lausitzer Str. 22 – Kreuzberg / Berlin

19.00 Doors + drinks in the garden / playground
20:00 Kino program + discussion
22:00 Afterparty w/ LIVE music + very special guests, and a dj or two.

- Donations of all shapes and sizes welcome – No one turned away for lack of funds -


Tactical media for revolutionary times ! In this episode we collect films and media clips to create more public discussion about the cybernetic regime, techno-colonialism, surveillance capitalism … and the impacts on social structures, labor + livelihoods, social + personal behaviors, cities and neighborhoods and habitats, everyday life … and the RABBITS too.

“We recently uncovered new insights into how much the neo-colonialism + technodystopias are intertwined with anthropogenic *agendas*. It’s NOT an accurate narrative to merely describe humanity barreling over a geological threshold into a new trashed epoch. It’s time to acknowledge this is our whole living planet getting driven over a cliff and swept up in TECHNO-FASCIST AGENDAS, and to react ! And strategize ! This path of ecocide is not one “We” – humans – have collectively chosen and/or made; It’s a trajectory primarily constructed by the profiteers of a global-scale Futurist Disruption Economy… the same greedy, bloody, patriarchal, corporate entities who were the warmonger-profiteers in the last season of Empire Shitholes Uberalles ! We say: BASTA ! We say: REPAIR it !

We say RECLAIM ! We challenge the “Anthropocene Project”, and replace it with other co-habitable worlds that we can make beyond the corporate-driven atrocities !

- the XLterrestrials

Let’s discuss our possible exit strategies, but not the ones that the Silicon Vultures have in mind !

+ + +

And after the show we are throwing an AFTERPARTY + crucial FUNDRAISER for The XLterrestrials + C-KINO projects. To help upgrade our infrastructure and XLt website… and to better serve the public with our media education, interventions, etc. … and to pay the bills. And to take our new shows to some upcoming key conferences and new venues.

With special guests, live music performances, tombola and various known + unknown pleasures.

Line up so far includes : “Tracks” Robert ( from Ghana ), the world premiere of “Dead By December” with O’Ke on violin ( from Dublin ) and dr. Podinski on piano ( from Planet XLt ), Amigo-(2) ( from Ex-Embassy ) and …. ??

Join Us !

__ __ _ _ _

In Solidarity,

dr. Podinski and The XLterrestrials

arts + praxis organisms


_______ ____ ___ __ __ _

Coming soon : KIEZ Notes + The XLT Radar

XLt reports : The Trials Of The Homocidal Anthropocene ! v.1

June 10th, 2019


–_–_ ——-  — – — ——-  –_–_–

- work in progress -

- INtro -

Well,  it’s been done ! On May 21, 2019, The Anthropocene Working Group ( AWG ) made a binding vote on two key scientific questions on this newly defined geological epoch:

Q1.  Should the Anthropocene be treated as a formal chrono-stratigraphic unit defined by a GSSP?

- 29  voted in favour (88% of votes cast); 4 voted against; no abstentions -

Q2. Should the primary guide for the base of the Anthropocene be one of the stratigraphic signals around the mid-twentieth century of the Common Era?

- 29  voted in favour (88% of votes cast); 4 voted against; no abstentions -

( Read more on the Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy page and an analysis from Nature magazine and from 2016 in The Conversation – the article source – of the title pic above. interesting perspectives as these questions were being formulated at a geology conference in South Africa. )


The Trials Of The Homocidal Anthropocene ! v.1

We – The XLterrestrials – have been to dozens of Anthropocene conferences, seminars, panels, reading groups and workshops. It must be close to a hundred lectures and presentations by now, if not more. Not to blow some selfie horns, but important to state: it’s been terribly depressing to see how little has actually been done in this time to adequately pinpoint some of the primary factors/agents that threaten our world and our well-being, to alert the public … and to articulate specific + meaningful + immediate responses !

The latest of these gatherings has just been this past Pfingsten unholiday weekend. Two full days of fascinating discussion at Humboldt University called Atlas of The Anthropocene. Another recent one has been a 4-part workshop series put on by Volksbühne The School of Disobedience, with Max “Planckies” Institute – as we like to fondly call them – participating. Perhaps the most extraordinary of the whole lot have been those assembled by Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ), also in close collaboration with Planckies.  There have been inspiring and incredible thinkers at most of them, and we are always trying to absorb and learn, and put to use crucial information to understand these horrendous, dire and complex situations. And to go beyond the detached analysis, and illuminate what needs to be mobilized … what praxis can be created… what resistance is required … to prevent the worst !


For the purpose of this latest analysis and investigation, let us begin by saying that from one of the very first encounters with this neologism to grapple – primarily – with the environmental issues + climate change was a conference in London called “Planet Under Pressure” (2012). And it had a well-designed and pretty slick trailer called “Welcome To The Anthropocene” ( – 3.28m ) which went sorta viral. It’s still an important landmark in the short history of all the research that has since transpired under this banner/term. Perhaps useful after all these years to consider who was sponsoring this thing that seems to set a very specific path for social + planetary transformations. As you might guess, it was very institutional.


- click to enlarge -

For us it contained some glaring fallacies, problematic angles and misleading frames. In our view, it was so aggrevating that we immediately programmed it into our CiTiZEN KiNO public series to analyze, challenge, debate and deconstruct it.

About a year later we encountered the work of historian Dipesh Chakrabatti, who brilliantly skewered the westerncentric and technotopian angles embedded therein, as HKW launched its own, still ongoing, investigations into the Anthropocene themes. It’s not clear if Dipesh was responding to this London conference specifically ( unclear how widespread the topic was at that point ), but it definitely became for us a surgical dissection + protest of the problems we were already uncovering.

( Btw, later this year, HKW will feature a sure-to-be a profound evolution of the dilemmas and subjects as it drops its collaborating team ( across a diversity of fields ) down in a very alien(-ated) world… in one of the more maligned hearts of Trumpland (and of course, not to forget the precise place of one George Bush’s most telling, darkest + racist hours – i..e the Katrina hurricane, and the lack of an emergency response ) … in the still reeling and recovering municipality of  New Orleans. It’s frame for the conference – Mississippi – An Anthropocene River. How lightly it will go into THat dark night, is too early to tell ! But we are keeping an eye on it, and may attend. )

Chakrabatti momentarily and bravely broke the institutional and grossly-erring spell of the geological “agitprop” of the “projected” Anthropocene, and our fully-industrialized destinies. He begins by saying at the outset of HKW’s now 7- year curriculum + programming :

“While I still warmly respond to the invitation of the conference organizers, I am going to be very rude to the Anthropocene, and decline its invitation…  and still talk about anthropogenic global warming and climate change, and what it means for history… … …. “

Watch THIS GEM ! ( Chakrabatti lecture at HKW, 2013 – 1:o1:14 – Still sadly under only 20,000 youtube viewers ).


Ever since that eye-opening and heart-rending talk, and long weekend at HKW… the XLterrestrials were forced to reckon anew… to take on new strategies in regard to the work we were doing, which was already deeply engaged in a heavy critical view of the techno-centric and techno-utopian lens of all these institutional environments and the funders ( in some cases venture capital ? ) behind them. This new Anthropocene “strain” now opened up new angles on the futurist projects we had already been investigating and confronting.  There already existed a severe distrust in regards to the Silicon Valley monsters – entwined with all the high-tech, fossil-fueled and militarized nations of the Global North … with all that amassed wealth, who were now dominating, shaping and capturing the future(s) of a wired-in and locked-in globalized + digital society, with practically zero concern for any traditional democratic processes, consensus, human rights, ethics, autonomy, sovereingty, etc. … This trajectory of the high- tech society is inextricably connected to the environmental crises … and all those crapitalist-driven misdirections are clearly no exit from the extractions schemes that are killing the living earth.

We also began to decline “The Anthropocene” invitation ( in our own ways ), as the central frame for discussing our uniquely human-made, techno-playpen mess.

Over time, we have have developed a more tactical substitute…

Nevermind the Anthropocene, let’s deal with the more tangible problem of TECHNO-FASCISM !

While the facts from the sciences can be very precise and useful, this is not so much about humanity crossing this geological timespan / threshold, but an atrocities-crime scene, where the most powerful industries and their profiteering operators ( with names and addresses ) are implementing a reckless, high-risk, criminal, and ultimately murderous Agenda. A terrifying and disastrous Guinea-Pigdom ! Is this a sequel to the previous colonial projects that perpetrated so much human, wildlife and eco-systsem carnage, long before this new Anthropocene brand? Not questions being asked too frequently in these academic settings, especially when there are so many coming from that species of genocide-apologists, i.e. the Stephen Pinker-esque schools of progress + opportunity.

And then there’s this overlayed narrative of “climate denialism” and all our dumb-ass puppet-Führers ( whether feigning or instrumentalized ) are no longer really a credible explanation nor excuse for what is happening here. There are whole “armies” of  scientists, intelligence agencies, military and national-level strategists, ministers, academic department heads who are well aware we have had a massive sustainability crises on our hands for decades ( at least since the Club Of Rome in the 70s ) and are intentionally avoiding horrific truths. And all too many are willfully avoiding to propose or take the necessary humanitarian course of actions which could benefit the global population as a whole. This wretched lack of a realistic plan, or rather a plan not unlike outright warfare, could result in driving us all over a cliff along with them. And very clear that the most vulnerable will suffer first. Are suffering first ! And it is highly probable there are those who believe, and act upon the fact that there will be winners and losers, and they have exactly that kind of power to try and decide who lands where and on which side in the environmental collapse to come, and on which side of the migration/refugee fences. And in the “grand scheme of things” … which “inevitable” nightmares will manifest?

There is always the question of scale here… and as people like Naomi Klein and many others… even 1 or 2 or 3 degree Celsius differences from CO2 emissions in the climate disruption have massive implications in regard to the level of devastation we will face. In that sense the worst of the Anthropocene was never an inevitable ! But BEWARE those who pitch it that way !

In terrifying new beastly stripes, there is also what the rise of authoritarian, nationalist and white supremacist groups and their political parties are doing with this knowledge and these unstable circumstances.

In Part 2 we will analyze the extremely controversial work of Gianroberto Casaleggio, the media theorist/philosopher and advertising entrepreneur in Italy who became a major player in steering the Five Star Movement ( now under Salvini ), and who became a huge inspiration apparently to the next waves, such as Steve Bannon, Farage, Brexit Party, Cambridge Analytica, and so on.

AND we will discuss one of the best reads of 2018… Christophe Bonneuil, French historian and research director at the CNRS who is interviewed in an article called “Climate and collapse: Only through the insurrection of civil societies will we avoid the worst” … NOT the kind of thing that gets a platform at those more properly groomed, upper echelons of institutional-steered culture. ( IF you must skip ahead to one of the most tactical of anthropcene responses, here’s the article from BastaMag, translated from the French by Julian OLiver and Crystelle Wu. We can’t blame you for being impatient… please do come back and check our full analysis… if you have time. )

But before we get into all our evidence for this potential tsunami of malicious intent, political machinations and the corporate project disruptions (of all our lives, habitat and culture ) … And before we discuss the counter-revolutions, grassroots organizing, the civil disobedience and other insurrections, etc, …  Let’s back up a little bit and question the geological frame which has dominated the discourse about what we can do, as the scope of calamities loom Extra Large.


In cynical layperson terms, these highly controversial conclusions of geological committees ( the AWG et al )  – i.e. pinpointing a “golden spike” of human activity that supposedly marks the quintessential shift – are a little like detecting some extremely poisonous pies you are being fed on a regular basis at a University cafeteria, and defining them as being made since the 1950s… and let’s say they are mostly those terrible blueberry pies we need to be concerned with ,as if an apple one from the same source, would be anything different ! AND after several years of investigations the AWG could find neither the deranged chef – who happens to still cook the same pies daily in the same kitchen -  nor the dean of the school – who just happens to be on vacation again this week in the Caymen Islands.

Granted our so-called “Anthropocene” times have numerous actors and a wide spectrum of interlinked sociological, economical, ecological, military industrial complex deals ( and other ) factors, that the poor, narrow field of Geology departments could not possibly provide any comprehensive study nor response suited to addressing the grotesque threat ( and implementations? ) of a mass extinction event, which is already fast in motion.

And yet there are many many highly trained scientists and political strategists who have identified a long list of actions to immediately discontinue “the manufacturing of deadly planetary-scale pies”. So perhaps we must point out, that to put so much emphasis on this geological frame of view is… just a little dubious … and/or daft … like a bunch of data-collecting specialists hammering obediently away into the coffins.


We could go into a much deeper investigation about the extremely political maneuvering that this particular focus reveals about how the institutions of our global-north-dominated + hyper-industrialized civilizations plan to address these terrifyingly real + concrete dilemmas upon which all our futures hang so precariously.

But rather than to get lost in these frame-fixed debates and the academic-contortionist center-ring show, we will suggest a crucial experiment … NEVERMIND these “Grand Master” Anthropocene Narratives ! …  We would like to more tactically engage you in imagining WHEN the TRIALS of the ANTHROPOCENE PRODUCERS will begin.


foto: A mock trail of Exxon at a B-side event during the COP21 Summit in Paris with Naomi Klein, Bill MCKibben and many others.

Let us try to ( creatively ) explain…

To Be Cont.

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