Virtual Philosopher Kings + Jaron Lanier’s Postcards From Silicon Valley Beach

December 11th, 2018



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CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion

December 9th, 2018



We’re Back ! … Sort of….

< Dec.27 > CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion at Club Der Polnische Versager in Btropolis Mitte … time TBA… ( possible full day / nite event )

Our media activism platform / series – C-KINO – has been down for a few months… primarily due to lack of funds… But we are coming back for one last show in 2018,  in-synch with the 35th Chaos Congress in Leipzig.

Our intention is to gather people in Btropolis who can’t or won’t attend, and would like to watch the live stream from our own cozy little psychomedia couch in our Mitte Kiez. And we will analyze the talks and various situations together … with a special focus of looking at the Efficiency and Madness ( a reference to Guattari’s essay on Post-Media, which is an odd and perhaps out-of-date perspective on where we are at in the technological soup + terror of all those unsustainable data-driven / corporate fantasies. ).

Additional situations in the mix may include:

the Green New Deal, Bits Und Baüme Conference reviewed, The Yellow Vests Insurrection ( and the “pallid universalism” of financial powers – Graeber’s analysis from Paris ), straight-jacket governance by a slow algorithmic plug-in death, and post-humanism’s caretaker robots, COP24 in Katowice, Post-Google Cafe in Kreuzberg, etc.

Who knows really what all might be applicable 2 weeks from now… we just started piecing this event together. Suggestions and media clips welcomed !

AND… IF you would like to be a SUPPORTER, please contact us about how you can donate and/or contribute to the production. … We need a large investment injection to keep our project alive !

Stay tune to this page for more info ! … coming soon…

The XLT Guide to Getting Your Omnivorous Interpet Fixed !

December 2nd, 2018



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We have encountered two incredible species in the sacrificial cybernetic jungles the last few weeks…

- Efficiency and Madness by Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski ( Tactical Tech Collective ) – pdf download -

- The Glossary of Broken Dreams, the film by “lumpenerd” Johannes Grenzfürtner ( Monochrom ) -

And it is entirely reckless for us to attempt to review and analyze them simultaneously…

But when surrounded by madness, we too are susceptible to the mad currents. We are now prone to ill-considered and drastic experiments. After all, we are as fully immersed in the ghastly guineapigdom as any of you dear readers… Here we are together, connected, through our devices, in this blood-data-orgy-feast, only an idiot-opportunist in academia or a start-up could love !

And this may be a wild gamble, but perhaps we CAN INDEED liberate ourselves by deconstructing the Master’s Haus with the Master’s tools…  so long as we rampantly disobey the instruction manuals that come with them. And wash our hands of all the toxic fallout and repercussions afterwards.

The XLT Guide to Getting Your Omnivorous Interpet Fixed !

coming soon !

Reclaiming + Nurturing The Exploratory Social Zones

November 27th, 2018



If only we had time…  to make a deep research on what happens when instead of opening a can of worms ( like the ubiquitous misery of the unraveling industrial technospheres ), one instead comes upon a barrel full of magical seeds in a beautiful garden …

Festspielhaus Hellerau on the oustskirts of Dresden has gone from a pioneering theater, to a homebase for A.S. Neil’s Summerhill School ( liberated pupil-directed pedagogy) to a Nazi police academy, military hospital and barracks, to Soviet-occupied Kaserne, and back into a theater and artist residency center.

XLterrestrials had a chance to participate there, and we are working on writing a little reflection on the importance of reclaiming spaces for new exploratory social zones to meet the challenges of our times. And perhaps without getting too lost in the arts industry operations, radically transforming our plurality of cultures into something vastly more inhabitable by humans of all stripes.

to be cont.

XLt Winter Radar v.9: Down for the Cause !

November 22nd, 2018


. _ ::: – . _ ::: _ . — ::: _ .

< 22.11 > Cadus Fundraiser Fuer Bosnia with Pastor Leumund, Lena Störfaktor and more, Katerholzig – Säalllchen ( Fb Invite )

< 22.11 > Blacklist #4 What is Democracy? by Astra Taylor at Spektrum

< 22.11 > Der Plan, Arkaoda


In Saxony:

< 24.11 > Polski Transfer Festival – with a special set by Dj Podinski ( Globalista Radio Kit ) at Hellerau Theater on Sat. night – Dresden

more coming sooon !

KIEZ Notes : Democracy vs./and The Big A

Astra Taylor’s new film is worth further meditating on… and the Blacklist screening was a great place to discuss it… If we have time, we’ll try to do a little report on what happened there… but for now…

A decent, quick read review in The Guardian by Charlie Phillips


XLt Radar v.8: Bits Und Baüme, and Dante’s Infernal Machine

November 15th, 2018


:::: – :::: – ::::: a forest in Dartmoor, UK :::: – ::::: – ::::

XLt Radar v.8:

< Nov.17/18 > Bits Und Baüme Conference at TU, Berlin

( Bits and Trees, a project in collaboration with Chaos Computer Club people )

Added: The Archives via CCC team

# bitsundbaeume

Can Digital Culture ( in a Hyper-Krapitalist world ) be sustainable?!!… Seems like a false nerd dichotomy for those who have realized way too late that we went down the wrong path, and yet still wishing there are ways to repair the damage, without fully unpacking all the baggage and exploitations of the technotopian ruse.

Well, let’s give them Some credit for trying to save whatever’s left of the living … and/or the next wave of start-up culture ;) ….  Or perhaps just nailing down the dead horse of Globalized Miscommunications Inc …

In any case, some good-intentioned and very sharp people can probably be found in the mix !


:::  A cobalt mine in the congo, ooops ! :::

But alas, there are green elves and ninjas to be found everywhere… and actions and organizing that needs to happen…


Stay tune for more …

Oh and Btw…

< Dec. 27-30 > Plans are being made for 35c3 – the 35th Chaos Congress – the 2nd year at the new Leipzig Messe Halle location…

And we have a strange idea …

We would like to create a “B-side” event to gather people who will NOT be attending … and watch the live streams together. This could be in Btropolis, Leipzig, Hamburg… or ?? … suggestions welcome ! Invitations welcome ! A host space needed !

We imagine a scenario somewhat like Mystery Science 3000… watching and trolling and psycho-media analyzing…  But also in a serious vein, we would like to discuss with people who are NOT necessarily of the technotopian persuasions ( and industries ) to discuss what they think about these obtuse digital culture adepts scheming better tech once again in 2018 for all our futures.

Perhaps even documenting these outsiders, maybe in some anonymous or costumed form, and as a feedback letter to those who have been our digital infrastructure ( and/ or “structural adjustment” ) guides through…  all of Dante’s Infernal Machines…

Suggestions and collaborators welcome !!

KIEZ notes:


It’s come down to this….

People are protesting EXTINCTION !

If you are not already reading George Monbiot, or not yet seen his latest… THIS IS A MUST READ:

The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

And find out more about the Extinction Rebellion !


Kiez Notes : Our Death Traps by Friendly Design

November 9th, 2018


:::: o:0 :::: o:0 :::::

Kiez Notes : Our Death Traps by Friendly Design

-a quick sketch- / -work-in-progress-

Blätter and HKW’s Democracy Lecture series invited Richard Sennett, Francesca Bria and Andrej Holm to discuss and debate the “Kampf Um Der Stadt” last nite. In English: “The Struggle for the City”. But there was little struggle, and little fight. All-in-all it was an incredibly over- polite show about our massively terrifying global mess !

The intro already was a bit of absurd theater. The enthusiastic and cordial Blätter chief fawned over Sennett, the cosmopolitan thinker who has inhabited two of the greatest cities of the world New York + London. Let’s get real: these were 2 abominable vampiric imperial vortexes of the last 2-4 centuries that shaped, industrialized and financed the great anthropocentric consumer-culture frenzies that now have us all living on the slippery ravaged slopes of ecocide and mass extinction.

And all our 21st century mega-cities are STILL not remotely sustainable, nor headed in any reasonable or redeeming directions ! The latest pyramid-scheme runs and rabid goldrush of ever higher-tech industrialism, cybernetic life-compression and bunkering 1% elites all threaten the already thin thread to all our better social ideals, human potentials and desires ! There can be little hope that in the current predatory marketplace of “the future” that cities will suddenly become radically open, inclusive, friendly places for the majority of their ( locked-in ) inhabitants. Radical and tumultuous change is imminent !

But let’s not argue or resist… we are all one… Breathe in, chant Om … and let’s imagine more porous design, rather than closed, gated systems of control… and let us get to know our messiness and our even more disenfranchised neighbors better. …  Opposition sounds so troubling. Can’t we all just get along in the urban con-job jungles ?


Intentions were all mostly very sincere. Many things to learn from here. Like a class on The Enlightenment, without all the bloody historical entrails of militarism, colonialism, exploitation, crusades and imperialism to sully the charm (of the bourgeoisie). But much respects to Andrej and Francesca as they ARE doing their part – now with better and better access to the levers of city politics in 2 of the more progressive urban oddities we have – to be engaged and to formulate and expand the “rebel cities” ( and their networks ) … and to get a sense of what it might mean to establish some modern form of “popular sovereignty” and widening solidarities in these times of unprecedented upheaval. Civic participation and cultures of resistance ARE key and ARE taking interesting shapes on the fringes, in pockets, at a few front lines, and outside the netted metropoles.

But coming down the transnational pipelines are things far better described, at least in design terms, by someone like Keller Easterling, who wrote ExtraStateCraft, as just one quick example of the multiple dystopian disorders. We need more analysis and overview, and probably more outrage as we examine the hard facts of those big corporate-designed guns pointed at our communities, our fleshy bodies and fragile heads… and the fabric of “the social” getting tattered in the storms of a new industrial out-growth… or in-growth. Like a pscho-geographical global-scale tonenail, that needs to be removed. Like an as yet undetected cancer in the thought-patterns and behavioral manipulations. And we need to be organizing and mobilizing and constructing new praxis to react and protect ourselves from all the structural violence.

It would be ok to be a little agitated ( and/or fearful? ) by the overwhelming challenges ahead. At least then, we know where we really stand … and can take on some local and/or city-scale ideas that have some weight, and will not just be blown away in the torrential winds of krapitalist-wielded power and rapid imposed change !

And still no one puts Techno-fascism into the center frame.


You can perhaps find some other follow-up here :


We are still hunting for an image that Sennett used from Caracas, an aerial view of a highway cutting through the dense city. A stark compartmentalization, a separation wall, the class divides, high-tower architecture on one side, the chaotic favela dwellings on the other.



( Note: this is the  image, or very similar Sennett used to show, Petare is the name of the troubled favela district in Caracas that is on the right. Sennett was about to share his opinions of the Chavez govt, but then said he didn’t want to get too political. Nor was he about to mention US meddling in the global south. )

We were imagining this drasticly-designed urbanism as also a metaphor image for the digital culture… and the “digital transition” … the new “structural adjustment” – as Evgeny Morozov just called it the other day in a tweet … this corporate alien infrastructure air-lifted into complex inhabited eco-systems on the ground.

We would have also preferred to hear more on this panel about this hail of incoming closed-system technotopian disruption-du-jour, which some people ( like the democracy+tech fighters in Barcelona or Berlin’s rising new start-up hives ) … still dream! … as getting transmutated into forms of data sovereignty and happy interconnectedness. An imaginary openess for the upper-level city-dwellers maybe, total surveillance+contorl for those in the lower decks or on the wrong side of the borders, and still zero plans as yet to undo the deathtraps for those invisible elsewheres in cobalt and titananium mines, nor on the Foxconn assembly lines and maquiladoras. And as implied above in the unseen internal reconfigurings of our social rewiring.

And what about later down the line, 2050, when 2/3s of the population have been pushed into those soon submerged coastal cities across the globe, while all the machines of loving graze are still miraculously humming and extracting… violent displacement and a smooth, under the tables and pavement, plunder ?!

to be cont…


For all of Sennett’s sentiments for the porousness of the borders and “edge- conditions” … we would have liked to expand that idea of the interplay between the rural and the mega-cities… rather than making all that inbewteen space that gets gobbled up by the owner-class just a disappeared or deleted territory. Our own Btropolis has incredible potential to create some vibrant cultural interaction between these two artificially separated worlds !

XLt Radar v.7: Another End Of The World is Possible !

November 5th, 2018



Croissants, Capital, Commons, Crisis + Community – A (cr)edible theory of arts, livelihoods and resistance ?!


Let’s imagine running a bakery and producing something your friends, community and strangers alike love to eat; And people are willing to trade you something for your work to make it. To do that, we have some limited options in our currently – let’s admit- deeply troubled society:

1. You could start a privately-owned shop, and hire a team.

2. You could organize a collectively-owned shop.

3. Other options do not technically exist ( with perhaps a few rare exceptions that require a set of conditions that probably rely on the fact that these first two options exist. We might return to investigate if we have time. )

Neither of these 2 options are inherently evil. Both will function successfully to produce something that people want ( and/or need ), and provide people with a livelihood and an economic structure to live … especially given the situation of our captured, commodified world(s).

In the over-cooked languages and contexts we use to describe these models of operation: one would be called “capitalism”, the other could be called “socialism”, “communism”, “commoning”, “collectivism”, “anarcho-syndicalism”, “platform cooperativism”, etc, etc…  But for our purposes, and to avoid all the complex terminology, infinitely elaborate theories, loooong-winded debates, entrenched ideologies, and blood-soaked history, let’s just call them both forms of exchanged goods and services. And in each example delicious croissants are traded – most likely – for tokens of value.


( *new* book, more info @ )

We wanted to preface a conversation about art + money + livelihoods, with our ridiculously simplistic croissant-making scenarios in order to investigate the intriguing research that Max Haiven has done to imagine some hypothetical “beyond” and “against” financialization … and other forms of…  praxis and production.

A little contrary to a somewhat reasonable desire that we may wish to “abolish”  economic system(s), in these predatory neo-liberal endgame times, XLterrestrials perceive an urgency to defend artists’ livelihoods, and all other labor. Rather than abandoning our “means of survival” in exchange for some theoretical dream/hope for some alternative future horizons of creativity and living together, providing for our needs, and navigating the ( frequently treacherous ) situations.

Not to say that those (newer) horizons could not be an interesting goal or utopian ideal, but from “a baker’s perspective”: robbing the workers at either bakery to achieve that future scenario appears to be a terrible leap of logic, faith and unacceptable injustice.

There seems to be a misconception that mercantile livelihoods are something akin to cut-throat corporate krapitalism + infinite -doomsday- growth, and this may be causing plenty of confusion in finding the emergency exits.

Take note: all you bakers caught in the dizzying transformations of digital culture and imperialist winner-take-all monopolies, we may need this bakery analogy for the ugly disruptions that are currently reaching a boiling frog moment ! All those net titans + cyclops + vampires who are sucking all our livelihoods, rivers, soils and cities dry!

Granted, our times require massive transitions, but many such proposals from the left-oriented appear to imagine the sacrifices of the left, as their impossible starting point.

To be Cont.




Speaking of our urgent times, this article below from Christophe Bonneuil – French historian and research director at the CNRS – was one of the more interesting things we’ve read recently on the threat of of our collapsing civilization and habitat.

And we’ve been hearing lots of people waving some kind of white flag in the air or sinking into a paralyzed state, and saying we are doomed, times up.  But Bonnueil says that would be “romantic”. Now is imperative to organize against those worst possible outcomes that fascism and corporate tyranny (z.b.) would otherwise relish and deliver to your doorstep.

And in terms of “art” and “financialization”… We are more inclined to say now is the time that arts + activism must be very strategic about our own TOOLS OF FINANCIALIZATION… Our projects need to thrive and we need money flows at our disposal… to defend ourselves … AND to implement and realize other possible worlds, and other possible ends.

Money is still a resource. And we can aim to transition out of its current parameters ( ie. its corporate-chartered death grip on society ), but while its still circulating in the systems, even as they fall, it is a medium and a tool…  like telephones, bricks, vehicles, bicycles, code, wood, food, water, etc.

” Climate and collapse: Only through the insurrection of civil societies will we avoid the worst “

Translation of an interview of Christophe Bonneuil, French historian and research director at the CNRS, by Ivan Du Roy for BastaMag, published on October 16th, 2018. ( Translated by Crystelle Vu – Edited by Julian Oliver).



Nov.8th – Blätter’s Democracy Lecture, Richard Sennet, Andrej Holm, Francesca Bria at HKW,  Nov-9-11 Berliner Gazette’s program on A.I., Nov. 18th – Bits & Bäume Conference….  James Bridle at Nome Gallery, etc etc…

Quote of the Week:

via @evgenymorozov
“Digital transformation” is the new “structural adjustment”

A good transition for analyzing the industrial A.I. and algorithm hype that will be hitting Btropolis next week in both the corporate and “intellectual” left conferences.

More Than A Footnote:

This post is our own XLT follow-up to an evening workshop hosted by Supermarkt Berlin called Art After Money, Money After Art: Creative Strategies Against Financialization with Max Haiven, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Elena Veljanovska, Lenara Verle, Ela Kagel … and close to 20 participants.

And they already posted some follow-up notes themselves which can be read here…

And we think it will provoke much further strategic thinking about art and economies…  and Max Haiven’s book will likely provide more insights and practices that can be expanded upon … linked above with the book cover foto.

Thx to Supermarkt, which has been exploring “platform cooperativism” and all sorts of angles on alternative economies in the realm of cultural practices. Check their schedule for more on these themes! 

XLt Radar / Kiez Notes Ext : The Goo Next Door

October 26th, 2018


_____ … _______ … ______

Coming again soon to a backyard theater near you !?!

XLt Radar v.6 + Kiez Notes Ext :

Incredible News ! One of the world’s largest corporate enterprises, a business with larger GDP than whole nations, was forced to back down and give up on their plans to install a start-up incubator “campus”.

Google Abandons Berlin Campus Plan After Locals Protest : The New York Times (25.10.2018):

Note: “Gloreiche Nachbarschaft” has a great resource, listing press clippings for following the news on Google + its Campus Project ( as well as other pressing Gentrification issues in Berlin).

Neighborhood communities were not amused with the idea of having a new tax-evading data-parasite, a global tech intestinal tape worm* – the size of Manhattan – hungry for a central seat at the table of Berlin’s developing digital industries, and more than likely with tentacles reaching into all aspects of our high-wired lives.

[ * re: tape worm. See Yasha Levine's book "Surveillance Valley" and Baffler article. We noticed he has the same analogy, or perhaps we had read it and forgot. In any case, it is an excellent metaphor - we should all use more often to describe Silicon Valley's strategies for its parasitic and weaponized economic platforms. ]

A colorful and persistent diversity of tactics began to sprout from small resistant gardens into an unmanageable jungle of loud discontents. First it was poster art in the streets alerting residents about the plans of a Silicon Valley player snatching up a lease for the Umspannwerk factory site on the Paul-Linke Ufer.  Then it was an overview and deep exposures of Silicon Valley trajectories in a widely distributed newspaper called Shitstorm. A rain of grafitti, stencil art, paint balls… and painted mattresses. Multiple sites, a wiki, stickers, plenums and lots of community forums and debate. Then it was anti-gentrification marches, monthly noise hours, info-rich spaziergangs ( walks / tours ), and stacks of brochures in every info-point, cafes, and shops. A slew of press posting the juicy tales and sharp imagery that linked and matched all the Googley Goo with the exact shape of all dark slithery underbelly things beneath each techno-colonialist rock. ( As James Bridle’s fresh book calls it : The New Dark Age, but more on that later ). … And lately we’ve even been noticing some weird electronic nodes of ( wifi / wlan ) disturbance showing up around town.


Goo’s CEO in Berlin, Rowan Barnett, ( correction ) spokesperson in Berlin, Ralf Bremer says he didn’t let the angry rabble determine the company’s next moves. ( Exact phrase: “We don’t allow ourselves to be dictated to by protests.” ) … Maybe he really doesn’t know the size of the Brechtian hammer and Kiez Solidarity that just hit them over the head. And the neighborhoods will surely want to have more say NOW, not LESS, in whatever happens NEXT ! That was the whole point !

NOte: We are still working on the idea of “A Community Terms Of Service” ( ABS in German )  for all companies who wish to “use” our Kiez. We do indeed plan to “dictate” our terms to all corporate krapitalist players, So please be ready to have an analog pen, a brain … and a beating heart… to take notes !

The city is now WIDE AWAKE ! So thank you Ralf, Rowan, Alphabet, Sergey, Larry, Eric… and of course a BIG SHOUT OUT to all those troublemakin “kids”, adept community organizers and all who showed up to foil their non-participatory, grab+take, shape-shifting surveillance-market expansion schemes.

Btropolis is a vibrant, dedicated, diverse and radical hive constructing the alternatives, a rebel city fighting back to re-design our social infrastructures and our ways of living together from the grassroots up ! The top-down Krapitalists’ game wielding the power of the new technologies ( and driving the wedges and distractions between us ) is no way to steer the future. In fact it’s currently enroute to collapsing our entire biosphere! That’s an ol’ sputtering rube, an obsolete and highly toxic machine! A techno-fascist endgame ! That’s an unsustainable extractive drain on all of us ! Time to switch operating systems … and fast… before this madness takes us all over the cliff !


to be cont.


XLT Radar v.6:

< Oct. 30.10 > 7. Kiezversammlung gegen Verdrängung
Dienstag, Einlass 19.00 Uhr, Beginn 19.30 Uhr
SO36, Oranienstr. 190, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Kiez Notes Ext: 136 Years of Corporate Personhood ! v.1

October 19th, 2018


… … …. ……. …………….

< 18-21.10 100 Years of Copyright, at HKW

- A Prelude -

136 Years of Corporate Personhood !

The framing of HKWs latest investigations into another very hot topic appear to be getting into the microscopic nitty-gritty of how we are currently getting screwed by the new colonial gold rush feeding frenzy ! And politely asking how we might do a little better for the artists.

But perhaps we will need to interject the macroscopic questions of what the digital cultures are force feeding our entire humanity. The post-humanist cannibal buffet ! Not to mention a WHOLE (stuffed terrestrial) EARTH for dessert.

In 1882, U.S. Senator Roscoe Conkling helped cook the 14th Amendment to extend Equal Protection to corporations… that little lab rat of “corporate personhood” has now grown up to be bigger – in some cases – than Nation States, with factory teeth the size of date center /server farms, the length of football fields and eight stories high.


I.e. Ranked the largest….  The Lakeside Technology Center (350 East Cermak) is a 1.1 million square foot multi-tenant data center hub owned by Digital Realty Trust.  One of the world’s largest carrier hotels and the nerve center for Chicago’s commodity markets, houses data centers for financial firms attracted by the wealth of peering and connectivity providers among the 70 tenants.

So while HKW discusses the impacts of how the legal frameworks of copyright and/or copyleft ( and all the grey zones inbetween, and radicals further out on the fringes ) are shaping or inhibiting culture ( with an emphasis on the music industry ), we might step back from the microscope and take a look at the legal infrastructures of corporate technologies, and how they are shaping ( and/or killing ) all life on the planet.

And maybe then, we can come up with a better game plan for how not to get screwed for the next 100 years… and/or ETERNITY.

to be cont. 

And in the meantime, here is a fantastic primer on the last 60 years of the cybernetic big Biz + politics ( + the end of politics ) from Anna-Verena Nosthoff and Felix Maschewski for the Institute of Network Cultures :

Res Publica ex Machina: On Neocybernetic Governance and the End of Politics


1. One could go back further to the 400+ years of the corporation. and the founding of the British East India Corporation in 1600. The image at the top was found ( and collaged ) after a quick search on corporate history, by Venkatesh Rao and Ribbon Farm .

2. At last year’s 34c3 Chaos Congress keynote, Sci-fi author Charlie Stross (@cstross) made the astute comment that that A.I. and its affects have already existed a couple centuries with the calamity of artificial corporate entities / personhood.

Tangent Alerts:

This week DEcode conference in Barcelona… #DecodeBcn #CiutatOberta…

All these issues of those Big Digital Big Data Pipelines and Surveillance Krapitalism were getting tossed around, analyzed and debated by the likes of Francesca Bria, Morozov, Shoshanna Zuboff, Wendy Liu and others… ( but we should have our critiques there as well, Barcelona’s appraoch to smart cities is very debatable ! XLT analysis required ! )

Coincidentally, Bria and Andrej Holm will be speaking about Rights to the City and Smart Cities in Berlin in early Nov. @ HKW for a Blatter Talk.  (date coming )

< 8.11 > Der Kampf Um Die Stadt w/ Richard Sennet, followed by discussion with Bria, Holm and Tamara Tischendorf (moderiert ), at HKW 19h

See more at

Very useful for those of you who may be following – on the edge of your seats or IN THE STREETS  – the Google Campus issues in the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Btropolis … and other tech company invasions… and issues of (tech ) sovereignty !

Follow more at

In Part 2, perhaps we’ll dive into how to do better in averting the tyrannical expansions of total Techno-fascism !


( foto, in Braunschweig, 1930s )

oder ?


<19-21.10> Radical Networks, at Spektrum

<21.10> 1000 Years of Copyright, at Pirate Cinema