CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 work-in-progress, any sponsors out there ?

August 25th, 2015


{ Poster image remixed from La Antena film * from 2007 }

CiTiZEN KiNO is back in Btropolis, and we are re-launching the series. Actually we did our first show upon returning at the Chaos Communications Camp, and now working on material to do a kind of report back from the tech resistance sector at an exciting new venue in Neukoelln, Spektrum Berlin.

We are hunting for sponsors, investors, patrons, etc.. So if you would like help support the project, please be in touch !

< 09.09 > CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 – a heartwarming rejection of the uninhabitable technospheres, at Spektrum-Berlin.

More Info:

Tech requirements: A projector, a screen, amplified sound, a microphone or 2.

CiTiZEN Kino is a hybrid of curated screenings, theater, interactive happening, and public forum. Each episode analyzes urgent topics in our extremely precarious times by utilizing a collection of film and media, and enagaging the audience to participate in navigating the critical SITUTATIONS.

We call it “cinema hacking” or “media self-defense” and/or a public media navigation system.

In addition we make it a form of interactive infotainment, as well as a deconstruction of Spectacle, by rejecting the usual passive spectator and the hypnotic capture of screen-culture.

We add a character element into all presentations, and often include special guests and experts into the mix. And we playfully provoke the audiences to go beyond the limitations of mediated forms, but encouraging collective engagement and a re-embodiment of information !

CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 titled ” A Heartwarming Rejection of The Uninhabitable Technospheres ” examines our society seduced and entranced by the powers of technology and mass media, which currently distracts us from the planet’s own living, multi-dimensional and multi-species communications.

C-KiNO is arts + activism at its most passionate ! And your support in helping us to develop this project is also a request to support new + critical experiments in arts+activism !


Current show:

General Info about C-KinO:

Art Bio/contact info:

XLT Tails of Summer Blurbs v.4 : Denatured Btropolis Mix

August 21st, 2015


{ A 100+ year-old turtle, and a decoy dolphin robot to “spy on” sealife }

XLt recommends ( and/or things to rant about ) :

< 19-23.08 > Berlin Atonal, at Tresor+Kraftwerk, Berlin

< 25.08 > Jello Biafra’s Guantanamo School Of Medicine, S036, Berlin

< 28.08 > Embedded Artist w/ Wolfgang Spahn and Malte Steiner, Spektrum Berlin

<29.08 > BrunnenHoffest, Mitte

< 29.08 > By The Lake Festival,  Freilichtbühne Weißensee, Berlin

< 30.08 > Haus Schwarzenberg Hoffest, Mitte

< 03-06.09 > At.tension #6 – Theatre Festival, Lars, De

< 04.09 > Speisekino #18_PSYCHOSOCIOTRONICS w/ 2/5 BZ (Serhat Köksal and Zeynep Sarikartal) at ZKU, Berlin

< 09.09 > CiTIZEN KiNO #45.1 : A Heartwarming Rejection of The Uninhabitable Technospheres, at Spektrum, Berlin

< 11.09 >  SAMIZDATA: Tactics and Strategies for Resistance, Berlin

< 22.10 > Wohnungsfrage Academy – The Housing System, HKW – Berlin

more to be added…


And OTHer more SERious (local) Stuff : )


< 28.09 > BiZim Beats Soli-sause, Lido, Berlin

And every Wednesday, solidarty in the streets at Bizim Bakkal shop in Wranglestr., K-berg ! For some backround on this gentrification story, and how the hood is fighting back, check this story at Quantara.

more coming soon!

CiTiZEN KiNO #45: A Rejection Of Decapitating Technospheres

August 15th, 2015


< 15.08 > CiTiZEN KiNO #45: A Heartwarming Rejection of Decapitating Technospheres – ( title subject to change ) – w/ dr. podinski and special guests at the #BER Village at #CCcamp2015 . 23:00h in the @_omnidome.



XLt Summer Blurbs v.3 : Camping with The Aliens

August 6th, 2015


{ art by Rob Sheridan }

>> Accepting donations for upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO productions, see more below. <<

< Aug.13-17 > Chaos Camp 2015, Ziegeleipark Mildenberg -De


We must admit the first time we ever went to Chaos Communications Congress, we had images of a convergence / encounter with a very different species… But we also had a very friendly introduction through a comrade who we’ll just leave anonymous, but thx! … it was a very warm welcome ! And it was impossible – for us as dedicated media activists – not to be inspired by and pulled along into the “new” exciting front of cultural resistance.

But over the years, the degrees to which our opinions have changed about digital culture and the tech community(-ies) and their various versions of social upgrades remains a very long story. And one which is very hard to tell. Perhaps this year’s summer camp ( only once every four years in Germany) will help us – again -to illuminate the complexities, and the often diverging paths we take.

If we had to capture in one image … that 1st one above, is to make you laugh, but this one below may come close …


{ by jon rosenberg }

But such complexity cannot be reduced to a single image… nor images… nor comics. And the perspectives continue to evolve … and the strange alliances continue to grow. And a serious dependency on our communication channels ( and the necessities of defending them ) are increasingly critical to advancing (m)any of our social causes !

Speaking as XLterrestrials, we can clearly say, happiness has hardly been an outcome of our diving so deep into the machines … And the webby world of the high-wired and overly-occular Anthropocentric Intelligence Agency is beyond problematic !

The A.I.A ?! … WHat ?! …

More on that coming soon… And please note:

< 15.08 > CiTiZEN KiNO #45 CiTiZEN KiNO #45: A Heartwarming Rejection of False Automated Cuteness – ( title subject to change ) – w/ dr. podinski and special guests at the BER Village at Camp. 23:00h



In the meantime, other events we wish to alert you to…

< 08-09.08 > A Game Of You, Into The Social Media Vortex , a Disruption Lab Event with Gabriel Moses, Oliver Lerone Schultz and more. at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin || Performance & Screening: Spektrum, Bürknerstraße 12, Berlin

Yesterday’s program provided alot of provocative issues to analyze… and we are workin on an article. In the meantime…

XLt recommends: 2nite The Disruption Lab program continues with what we thought was a seemingly kitschy trivial meme for techno fans and cultural + digital silliness, but actually the doc being screened opens up a very interesting topic of individual rights vs. artists’ freedom of expression…. A true can of worms in the predatory digital era with no clear path ahead. We spoke with Matthias Fritsch last night and it was a fascinating chat… but given the context of the situations we face, Xterrestrials are far more disturbed by the net’s ability to play us all for social guinea pigs in a dubious krapitalist-entangled + mob mentality environments…

Go PUSH buttons on the discourse and the resistance, or this might remain just More cultural circus and technotopian sideshow fodder……/de…/disruption-network-lab-2.html
20:30h… film and discussion.


Press Freedom Under Siege In Germany ! #Landesverrat

July 31st, 2015


A sad, stupid and disturbing day in German politics !!

Markus Beckedahl (left) the editor-in-chief of Andre Meister asst. editor ( and also a longtime Indymedia contributor ) were earlier this year given a prize by the govt. of Germany as part of the “Land of Ideas” competition. The site also won the prestigious Grimme-Preis, a German media award, in 2014. BUT as of 2day they are being investigated for TREASON, in an outrageous attempt to intimidate the media (+ sources and whistblowers) for reporting on leaked documents.

Read more here:…/after-publishing-secret-spy…/

And it’s a media storm today in German and international press. UK Guardian’s most recent story claims that the investigation has been halted, but this has not been confirmed by any other media, and the calls for solidarity w/ Netzpolitik and a DEMO on Aug. 1st – Sa. 14:00h in Berlin are STILL ON !

Please follow this story… And if you’re on twitter at #landesverrat … And feel free to spread this flyer… And/or any others out there…


Calling all XLterrestrials and friendly organisms !! See You In The Streets !

One twitter-er deftly pointed out the absurdity :

Zara Rahman @zararah 13h13 hours ago That @netzpolitik could appear on this list (alongside Hitler), blows my mind # Landesverrat

Added: The Intercept’s report by Morgan Marquis-Boire@headhntr

And if there’s any good news from this, the last time this sort of overreach was displayed was in 1962. It led to the defence minister, Franz Josef Strauss being forced to resign after treason charges were brought against the news weekly Der Spiegel for a cover story alleging West Germany’s armed forces were unprepared to defend it against the communist threat in the cold war. Hmmm…. history repeats?

Into A Dark Silicon Back Alley … or a Regenerative Society ?

July 23rd, 2015


You are passing a DARK ALLEY, and therein awaits a savage mob of thieving Krapitalists, thugs with knives, automatic rifles, tasers, networked surveillance tools, corporate bank accounts, an army of investors and lawyers and lobbyists and crony judges.

The MASTER NINJA says: It is unwise to pass through the alley in these times.

The TECHNOTOPIAN says: Come with me, the internet will save us !


We really need some serious analysis, strategy and exit-map for the perilous paths ahead… This isn’t a Bruce Lee flik, nor a Wachowski Bros ‘chosen one(s)’ scenario, where one can outmaneuver a few bungling, dumb attackers w/ superhuman martial arts skills.


Note: we certainly aren’t knocking Bruce Lee, nor disciplines like Wing Chun. Nor goood juicy comic book stuff to inspire the warrior minds, but these are definitely not tactical assessments nor action plans for global regeneration and mass citizens participation in this era of predatory markets, transnational banks and corporate-control agendas, which are all leveraging in the now well-known crisis of civilization to come out ON TOP. As if any one entity could come out ON TOP of a burning building, or a globalized turf-warring inferno !

[ Funny, as we were capturing a screenshot, we noticed even Way Of The Dragon has to illogically explain why the cut-throat criminal gang can't just pull out more suitable weapons to easily take out the master 'Chinese boxer'. In other words, we can't just tailor the real life situations to work for some heroic fantasies. ]

And yet, this is often what the stories told to us by technotopians ( and the usual hacker contingent) sound like. A cheesy Hollywood redemption and/or ‘fight club’ script. We might add that we are now facing challenges that do not actually apply to merely concrete enemies, but systems and cultures which are massively destructive, exploitative and wrong-headed.

The idea of hacking and re-routing these systems for a better society is absolutely appropriate, and yet believing that technological solutions will get us out of our dystopian trap is somehow blind to the fundamental dysfunction of our times.

We initially missed this article on June 15 – The internet is the answer to all the questions of our time - by Cory Doctorow, one of the most ingenious and evangelical spokespersons for the Netted generation. But seriously ?!

The article provokes an XLterrestrial to quip:

“If the internet is the answer, it could just be a white male entreprenuer’s California-baked question. “


Sure, the online tech tools represent a whole spectrum of real and potential community resources, but they appear increasingly unlikely to be our means to liberation or balance.

Why ?!

Because digital culture for the general public may already be irreversibly lost to a military-industrial-shopping complex. It cannot be magicly reclaimed for a higher purpose, without a radically-altered and evolved behavioral shift.

And because we are not numbers, not data, nor simulacrums. We do not operate like smooth algorithms and rational formulas. And contrary to fun articles like the one that says we exist inside an alien-made hologram,  we are pretty non-negotiably flesh and blood, mind/body beings that require a physically manifested earth habitat to survive , to evolve, to learn, to be fully, dimensionally present. Perhaps even to have some coherent meaning ! And we are not alone. We co-habit this physical world with a gazillion other living organisms in complex layers of eco-systems ( not fully comprehended, much less respected and protected ), and our 21st century wired+consumerist solutions are NOT their solutions.

[ Enter the Anthropocene and Anthro-obscene debates, but we'll caome back to that in another essay ]


To be blunt, we humans have been bad neighbors, very bad, like living next store [ sic] to a frat house from Hell. An entire Frat House Culture accelerated by weapons of mass communications, which is a little like gifting a trampling idiot-herd with a 24/7 global sound system pumping atrociously dim-witted and unsophisticated techno thumps combined with a tequila bottle brain-tap.

The Internet is the answer?! Or is it now becoming the most serious obstacle to embodied intelligence and responsible community-scale ( communication and interaction) upgrades  ?!

Ok, we are entirely open to debates about this, but let’s be serious, shall we ?

From our – not conclusive – analysis, the internet is currently best serving the managers and winners of a Krapitalist operating system. Are we likely to see a shift as Paul Mason recently argues, in a direction towards something closer to dot-communism or post-capitalism ?! Or does striving for liberation thru primarily rapid technological advances ( prior to necessary social evolutions) now ensure dark outcomes … An apocalyptic and fascist singularity ( powered by markets and obsessive-compulsive desires for the new), rather than a sharing of utopian ideals ?!


Another article that stirred our imaginations this week, is one from Daniel Pinchbeck who recently founded the Center for Planetary Culture, which seems prime territory to juxtapose with Cory’s heavily-reliant technotopian thinking above.

And to ponder how central are technological innovations ( and internet) really to the things we need to do to transition to a regenerative, inhabitable society ??


And sure, the internet may provide a means to facilitate some of these directions, but considering it the “central nervous system” to our existence and ALL rapid transitions, in our current view and assessed contexts, SPELLS : GUARANTEED CORPORATE ABYSS  !

Btw, this kind of thinking IS fueling the next visions of Cybernetic Wonderland- ubiquitous computing, also called The Internet of Things, which corporations are indeed making huge investments to advance. If you think 5-Eyes surveillance culture and corporate domination is fun now, you’re going to be strapped in for pure data-mined and digitally digested Nirvana w/ IOT. But that’s also for a future XLt article.

more XLt analysis on Pincbeck’s work coming soon in Part 2 of this article !


>> Additional Notes <<


Techno-solutionism fantasies/absurdities/commercials explained in one easy video ( via our friends at Bendito Machine ) :


Our friend @Ms_Multicolor has been thinking alot about these same debates, and has assembled some important resources about The Internet + Capitalism, and other angles. SEE THESE LINKS !

THx !

XLt Summer Blurbs V.2: From Grexodus With Love

July 16th, 2015


and many more things to come….


{ currently at the German Pavillion in Venice }


< Sat, July 18 > Platoon venue’s 3 year anniversary

{ frackbook invite }


And keep an eye out for more Blockupy style actions and organizing and solidarity at Oranienplatz in Kberg ( i.e. next weds. evening ) .

And the O-platz Revival as a refugees + friends hub, for plenums, visibility, convergence point.

< Sunday, July 19 > Let’s reclaim Oplatz. 3pm … Call to bring food+drinks picnic style.

more, more, more…

Community Arts Exchange : Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism

July 15th, 2015


{ We call this one the XLt wormhole logo, which is the what the football-like object on the right supposedly represents }

Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism

XLterrestrials propose a LOGO CONTEST !

A community arts exchange idea , a work-in-progress

So XLterrestrials and CiTIiZEN KiNO, our 2 current main projects both need a wider outreach (marketing) to make it economically viable to continue, or rather continue to expand – in order to have more viable impact on current social situations.

So we are thinking of launching a little Logo design contest, which is not the usual “crowdsource exploitation game”, but an investment towards one’s own DIY mercantile output, and/or a percentage harvest. That is, IF we use your design, you will receive a percentage of sales. If you produce the merchandise yourself, the percentages flip and you receive the lion’s share, while providing us a small percentage for being an XLT representative, and using our identity and concepts.

Note: a dedicated arts and activism project w/ a growing international network from years of touring and linking with good causes. Everything from NGO work w/ orgs like Greenpeace and EFF, to Indymedia activism, pirate+ community radio, at least a dozen hacklabs, and numerous arts venues and cinemas around the world.

% : Percentage figures still needing some strategy and consideration, but could also include a north-south ’solidarity re-calibration factor’ ). ….

Any thoughts on that !? We’d love to hear from our friends out there. As we brainstorm for finding ways to keep our autonomy, but also to continue grow and expand our collaborations… and raise funds for our latest endeavors… which include information campaigns on the upcoming Climate Summit in Paris, CiTiZEN KiNO as a media education platform, and our ongoing arts +politics + praxis analysis.

Thx for reading,

The XLt Productions team ( in Btropolis )

Please feel free to fwd to all your graphicly-inclined friends !

Spot Krapitalism Before It’s Too Late ! Resources for the EU Crisis …

July 13th, 2015


Resources for the Universal Grexit !

+ How to Spot Krapitalism in Your Govt. Before It’s Too Late !


Well, hard to say whether or not we consider Greece exiting the EU a positive direction, but it would be far better to argue for the EU ( and the planet ) to exit Krapitalism * !

We’ll try to organize these resources in some logical manner, but for now we’re just going to throw them up as they come our way:

- Greece’s capitulation reveals deep conflicts within Eurozone by Jerome Roos at ROAR

- The Tactical Tech Collective posts Open Democracy’s 12 step guide to the EU’s crisis of political responsibility

- Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece by Harry Lambert, New Statesman [ Full TRanscript Here ]

- How Fascist Capitalism Functions: The Case Of Greece, Zerohedge


- The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy. It is a lie. by John Pilger

- “Greece Brought a Latte to a Gunfight” by Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism

- And to keep a sense of humor, according to Mr.Panos, Greece is planning a trap ! … to save the world !

Following on Twitter:

Yannis Koutsomitis @YanniKouts, Asteris Masouras@asteris , Paul Mason @paulmasonnews umair @umairhJerome Roos @JeromeRoosTactical Tech @Info_Activism , ….

#Greece | #ThisIsACoup | #Eurogroup | #Varoufakis | # Agreekment


Feel free to share your GoTo pages for news outta greece and the seismic economic shifts … Here on the podopolog page or via email to The XLt …

thx !


Some imagery ( more coming soon)  :



Note(s): We welcome your sense of humor, your seriousness, and your monetary donations, if you’d like to help us continue providing good, wholesome, radical, tactical media. C ontact us ! ( we’re currently using paypal, but other options possible ).

* On Krapitalism: We wish to reframe the debate and put more focus on a highly dangerous operating system, which is no longer even that questionable thing called Capitalism. We are dealing with a global, transnational corporate capitalism, highly regulated/manipulated/enforced by the 1%, the banks, IMF, etc.

No longer steered by nation-states, and fueled by a frenzied and panicking neo-liberal ideology and shock doctrine.  Using another terminology is to by-pass those wearying and polarizing debates around free markets, capitalism vs. socialism – marxism – communism, communalism, etc. Sure there’s important stuff and zillions of subtleties to discuss in those complexities and histprical contexts… But more importantly the planet and our societies and cultures are right now in peril due to this new “Krapitalism”. And we are 100% Anti-Krapitalism !

This should be easier to put alot more of us on the same page, and alot easier to align the 99% in solidarity ! To be against Anti-Krapitalism, would make it easier to identify all those against even any sort of democratic capitalism as clearly a dangerous, fascist krapitalism. ( see Tyler Durden’s article at Zerohedge above ).

Of course we’re not daft enough to think that one modest “podopolog” can change the language, but we experiment and point to possible new directions, new tacts,  and invite you to try out our new terms. :)

1000x Amelies Rising: XLt Summer Blurbs

July 9th, 2015


XLterrestrials To/From Greece+Beyond With LOve !

::: ” We send you a mental image of a 1000 Amelies putting glues in all the robo-bureaucrats shoes ! Solidarity, pranks, revolt, community, counterculture seductions and romance ! We will win ! ::::

The Summer’s getting HOT… here’s a few from our recommended blurbs to get you further ENGAGED ! And support Your local activists, artists, galeries, venues, mom+pop shops, producers, multi-kulti makers, etc …

In Berlin :


< July 9 > Leszek exhibition opening at Pigasus Galerie, 19h, Berlin

[ fedbook invite ]


< July 11 > Event in Fluxbau, Pfuelstr.5 an der Spree. 16h bis ?



< July 7-12 > Rigaerstr. || 25 Years of Self-organizing and Resistance

more coming soon !