CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : X-filet … coming soon ! ( Berlin + Leipzig )

April 17th, 2014


< 24.4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet” at Panke, Berlin – 21:00h

< 03.5 >  CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet v.2″ – 1st time in Leipzig ! … at the Autodidaktische Initiative, ( Georg-Schwarz-str. 19 ), 20:00h

Calling all CiTiZENs ! Help shape the next C-KiNO… Join us on the Pirate Pad, help assemble our themes, suggest some must-see media bits, and see what sources we’ve compiled so far !

+ the Fedbook invite

Our topics for this episode of CiTiZEN KiNO begin with an image of the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex ( above ), which was built in the 60s during Cold War 1.o.

“Built at a cost of six billion dollars in North Dakota, the site was a massive complex of missile silos, a giant pyramid-shaped radar system, and dozens of launching silos for surface-to-air missiles tipped with thermonuclear warheads. It included a PAR “backscatter radar” site, designed to follow missiles being fired from Russia, which it would shoot down over Canada.”

Some reports say it was operational for only 3 days, others less than a year… After which it was flooded, and now stands as a monument of the utter waste and stupidity of the Military Industrial Complex, and a planet where faction governments spiral into technological power games and bizarre necrophilic fetishes, which are ultimately useless to society and our survival in the 21c.

We navigate beyond the Cold War 2.o, we”ll explore a wide range of media bits with you to imagine how we might shift into higher grade life forms !

Some media inputs that we’ll be showing excerpts from include:

: : 1971 the film ( about the citizen’s commission ot investigate the FBI )

: : “Come back. A story we wrote together” about Enric Duran – the guerilla
banker” – and the social movements in Spain.

: : Michael C. Ruppert’s doc for VICE: Apocalpse, Man ( 2013 )

: : Fascism Inc. ( the new film from the makers of Catasroika )

: : The Gospel According to St Derek ( new doc on Derek Jarman, who died 20
years ago this week )

: : Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014) by Monochrom

: : And too many strange and inspiring shorts to list here… BUT here’s one Killer Teaser for CK#37… new from EastCross, A tribute to Berlin Street Art part 3

: : Plus the extraordinary book “Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges (2009),
a “society of the spectacle” – like vivesection of a cultural cul de sac
from the former NY Times war journalist w/ a spiritually sharpened twist.

AND in other news… from our recent explorations in Poland :


While researching for upcoming shows we spotted this MINDBLOWING work in the city outskirts … haven’t had time yet to translate, polish speakers out there could you please help ! very very very curious ! … click foto to enlarge, must see in FULL, it’s a masterpiece ! Artist(s) not yet identified. By the incredible Lump from Lodz.

As the veneer of tech redemption begins to fade…

April 10th, 2014

playground1 +

wrsw_play234 +



So much to cover + communicate …

from the Berliner Gazette’s Komplizen conference ( part 2 ), the Heartbleed BUG and the internet meltdown, to the IPCC Climate Change meeting going on Right Now in Berlin, and Nafeez Ahmed’s take on the leaked report … to the Oranienplatz Refugee Camp being plucked apart by ‘divide and conquer’ ploys, to …

(drum roll please) … to the XLterrestrials getting ROBBED ( and/or targeted ? seriously ?! ) …


We first would like to begin by saying…

Immediate Solidarity + Immediate Actions make all the difference in the world ! THx to ALL who supported XLterrestrials in this moment of mini-micro-crisis ! We feel loved by our community, Re-Inspired,  and ready to come back stronger !

* * * And if you too would like to help at this time – to replace stolen gear, upgrade security + tools, rebuild our (partially lost) music and audio/visual archives … please contact us Here.


More on all that coming soon, meanwhile… enjoy our new “Playgrounds Thru A Chroma Key Glass, Darkly ” foto series in-progress (above)… and remember, never stop playing ! … even when you’re under attack.

And it was interesting – for us – to note that Mark Stewart + The Maffia recorded this track/album almost 30 years ago (1985) …



XLterrestrials Join #WaveOfAction ! And YOU !??

April 4th, 2014


Today begins the Wave Of Action ! And XLterrestrials are joining !

An incredibly articulate and flexible call to action which appears to bring together a variety of already existing ideas/forces/movements like Occupy, Anonymous, a variety of environmental + hactivist forms, Global Spring revolutionaries, etc etc…  and poeticly and pertinently beginning on the day that Martin Luther King was assassinated !

From the site: ” The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4th and runs through July 4th. During this three-month cycle, people throughout the world will be protesting corruption, rallying around solutions and taking part in alternative systems. The new paradigm will be on full display. … The #WaveOfAction gives all of us who want change a powerful opportunity to #EvolveSociety. Change-makers all over the world will be engaged at the same time in an unprecedented wave of transformation. “

Do It ! Spread It ! Expand It ! Re-Occupy It !

We only caught the news of this wave yesterday while scanning a number of incredibly depressing and enraging news items  -

- 1. Davey D Cook’s blog + threads on the increasing regularity of racist police violence cases in The U.S. -  i.e. the infuriating story of Jordan Miles out of Pittsburgh, Pa. This judicial impunity is unacceptable ! ( Currently this particular story is only on his FB thread, but you can follow his work here. ) Added: story Now up on HipHopPolitics !

- 2. Nafeez Ahmed’s precision analysis + big picture on the climate change crisis, calling essentially for the death of Zombie Oil industry… Guardian article here.

- 3. McKenzie Wark’s unusual new semiotic card play : defining the old degenerate operating system of ( spastic-) Capitalism as Thanaticism ( but more on that later ).

- 4. Cringing as we read technotopian Kevin Kelly’s ideas on the “Technium”, where he states there are no limits and no counterforce to EVERYTHING being tracked in the new digital age. A total shill for corporate America’s cybernetic regime on fantasy island ! This moron is apparently oblivious and too busy lubing his own ass w/ the latest products from Silicon Valley to grasp such concepts as The Constitution, Rights to Privacy, and a blooming digital resistance like crypto parties, hacklabs, anonymous, Tor, mesh networks, Chaos Communications Club, 2600,, Tactical Tech Collective, and the whole post-Snowden net revelations impacting how we re-think the technological environments … etc, etc, etc … ( but more on that later ).

- 5. And finally arriving at Daniel Pinchbeck’s blog which explains with his usual warm entry points for global solidarity and human consciousness upgrades why at this point we need coordinated global action(s) ! Yes, he’s in full support of #waveofaction and will be speaking about in NYC this weekend at … Zucotti Park !

more coming soon !

Meanwhile join THE WAVE:

#WaveOfAction #GlobalSpring #ReOccupy #BeTheChange


CiTiZEN KiNO #36: Is This The End Of The Art World ?!

March 14th, 2014


< 27.03 > CiTiZEN KiNO #36: Is This The End Of The Art World ?! at Panke, Berlin

Program begins at 21:00h.

( Fedbook invite here )

Another round of perceptual assaults and DE-mediations, we’ll examine the transmigration of the artists at the edge of dying empires.

CiTiZEN KiNO is an experimental format for hacking our mediated lives !… You are not only our guinea pigs, you are citizen tinkerers in collaboration !

More coming soon on our current theme… how to proceed in the tactical arts …

A few things currently on the playlist-in-progress:

Everyday Rebellion ( trailer )

Kater Holzig Abriss

Follow The Frog

and plenty more to come…

>> Today’s the day to get your art world fully loaded! …  Share the invite, Bring your friends, Know your enemies, Unleash your tool-making monkey minds, Reclaim the fleshspace ! <<



XLt’s Upcoming Blurbs, Early Springy Btropolis

March 10th, 2014


< 11.3.14 > 3 UgLy Years of Fukushima… events in Berlin and Beyond…

-:1:-  < 8.3.14 >Kazaguruma Demo – Brandenburger Tor -(past) :2:- Continuity and Change artists+ specialists in discussion at Ausland -:3:- Fukushima the aftermath art event ( fbook invite) -:4:- “Distant Observations. Fukushima in Berlin” at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien ( Fbook invite for discussion, exhibition runs until 27.04.2014 )

Other Stuff coming up:

< 27.3 > CiTiZEN KiNO #36 at Panke, Berlin

< 15.03 – 05.05 > Forensis: The Anthropocene Project, HKW, Berlin

< 6-8.05 > Re:Publica 14 – Into The Wild, Berlin

And on the other side of the globe…

< 23-30.04 > The First International Festival of Technoshamanism in Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia Brazil.

more coming soon !

Why Snowden at SXSW Reveals Only Half The Net Mess

March 9th, 2014


{ Snowden on The Daily Show / Stafford Beer’s cybernetics, an XLt remix * }

Let’s not mince words, what Edward Snowden has done to help society out of the  dark Labyrinth made by a cybernetic regime dream, and caught with its bloody hands in the global cookie jar, is HEROIC ! And to be handed such a panoramic disclosure of the beastly mess we’re now in was entirely unexpected !

But as we listened to his intervention live-streamed at #SXSW14, we began to realize why he’s only capable of giving us HALF of the epic Net Problem. If even that…

Aside from all the obvious bits that we need to know about defending our rights,  free speech, reclaiming privacy, and pushing back on the grisly abuses of a control society coup in the information-economy age, what we won’t get from a patriotic techie defector’s analysis is that our future is NOT the future of the Internet. But yes, if we continue down the road of an oppressive unfree Net, that’s certainly where the real life gates of hell can all be technically opened, managed and widely distributed.

But why think so linear ?! … In one century, we went thru the mass media looking glass – from daily papers to radio waves to telephony + television trances, and deep down into the rabbit web hole. What exactly is mass media? And what is mass media to the poetry of existence and living creatures anyway ?

This perspective we are about to share will hardly be possible in a blog post, but it’s a start…

That the locus of life should be found in the commerce-ridden free-flow of information propelled by the all-too-easily quantifiable and computational reductionism of our being, transformed into a bottomless pit of virtual production and endless digital drive-bys, cash-ins and cash-outs, THAT IS THE CRISIS !

While it might seem that saving the Net is mandatory now, given all its ugly endgame potentials in the hands of tyrannical giants and gluttonous one-eyed psychopaths, in the end we’re still nowhere if left only with holding the dead stinky bag of a misconceived and monstrous hunt.

BTW, that is the agenda of #SXSW, one mega-rock-n-roll sales pitch/catch for the gonzo digital marketplace ! **

Or in other words, what if we’re on a hijacked BUS ? The BUS being a means from A to B. But what if A to B in the cybernetic dreams are a mere corporate + military nexus of the disembodied realm – an inflamed mental, abstract and transactional disappearing of love, life, and all sorts of known and yet-to-be-known multi-dimensional liberties, connections and manifestations. But hey, we’re sure fighting hard to win that BUS.

And then ? We still gonna dream in A’s and B’s ?

* We haven’t fully fleshed out what the strange juxtaposition of Snowden’s rocking the New Web Order ( via a John Oliver / Daily Show skit ) w/ Stafford Beer’s cybernetic system made for a Salvador Allende’s Chile ( murdered ) might reveal…  but feel free to see where that takes YOU…  here’s a short juicy – but messy – article on that.

** RT > “Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen are also speaking at #SXWS this year… When you continuously host SHIT-LICKERS, you should get NO RESPECT from self-respecting artists, journalists, hackers, citizens, etc.! SXSW, you are a gorging all-u-can-eat buffet of indie AND corporate BIZness, plain and simple, f*ck off ! ” XLt analyst

*** RT > “How come no one boycotts festivals n thngs ( n thugs) in America, for ASSASSINATIONS + TORTURING + ILLEGAL MILITARY INVASIONS ? Stay focused people ! #SXSW ” XLterrestrials


[ 2Bcont ]

btropolis bike dérives v.1

March 9th, 2014






Take a bike dérive in your town today !

Note on #4: Not an active train…. a little time warp side-of-the-road ‘museum’ … it’s parked…. And of course the foto doesn’t do justice to the full futuro majestic surreality … it’s BRD , West Germany 1980s ? we think.

Correction, that’s DDR …

“The historic DMU VT 18.16 (later class 175) of the Deutsche Reichsbahn … also known as the “East German TEE”. The highly luxurious train was mainly used as a prestige object and could be found in many international trains, for example the Vindobona to Vienna via Prague. ” … Thx Todd !


How To Change The World NOW in 1001 Acts

March 3rd, 2014


{ in Jodhpur }

Look ! It’s time to get fed up, it’s time to be outraged, it’s time to be inspired, time to get over all those measly hurdles, and put your skills into action to change the world NOW !

Yeah. Jodhpur?, looks nice and exotic eh? Well if you’re planning on making a long journey to get your feet wet, make it real, make it longterm … remember Tourism’s for suckers ! And escapism is futile,  a ricochet of false advertising, an ism w/ no keepers !

added: a sketch, we’re trying to come back to… to fill in some inspirations for action…

And at the time, we were constructing this entry an old comrade and neighbor who helped found Clowns Without Borders posted an article on the subject , w/ some great images … ( CNN’s not a source we like to share, but here it is ) . And the Org from where the foto comes from Payasos sin Fronteras .

And it struck us as being one of the acts … Creating a job that didn’t formerly exist ( exactly ), and doing something meaningful in one of the most fucked up situations that exists on the planet… working with kids with war-torn lives… and doing it with joy !



related to :

“Beyond The Planet of The Anthro-obscene”

the Acts :….

… a report back and a leap forward coming soon !

Berlinale Diagonals: Beyond The Anthro-Obscene

February 24th, 2014


Nope, we’re not interested in venturing into the oozing, festering Berlinale Festival Spectacles vortex this year…

<26.02> CiTiZEN KiNO#35 : Beyond the Anthro-Obscene at Panke, Berlin

date+time: 26-02-2014 – Wed. 21:ooh
location:  @Panke, Gerichtstr.23 – Berlin
title: CiTiZEN KiNO #35
subtitle:  Beyond the Planet of the Anthro-Obscene
people:  XLt, dr.Podinski + u + special guests

admission: 3 – 5 euros … or more?… for active supporters !

( clarity via Sven, Thx! :)

Added: reSource meeting at 18:30, prior to the C-KiNO show. All citizens welcome ! More iNfo here.

We’ll be looking for ways to evacuate the screens, and re-embody the struggles, as we pick out some highlights – and perhaps low-lights – from this year’s Transmediale Festival…

… And explore possible ways to build upon The Re:source Network ( also related to the TBA Berlin project ) which began over two years ago, as an initiative by Tatiana Bazzichelli ( author of Network Disruption ) to create year round Transmediale events, and which simultaneously spored communications among local Berlin galeries and initiatives like Panke, Art Laboratory Berlin, Supermarkt, Liebig 12 and many others to construct a hub for arts + technology activities in Berlin.

XLterrestrials got involved and have been pushing for an alliance of a somewhat different kind… One which could be capable of implementing new kinds of tactical and creative applications to situations we are all facing in the messy and precarious 21st century territories.

We’ll address, push further, and deconstruct arising terms and concepts from TM#14, such as Anthro-Obscene ( or the more academicly termed Anthropobscene – originally from Jussi Parikka ?), Post-Digital Colonialism, Techno-Shamanism and more…

Note: There is a proposal for an actual meeting prior to the CiTiZEN KiNO event… more coming soon !

< Added > Yes, confirmed ! there is a reSource meeting beginning at 18:30h til about 20:30h… we will discuss the future of this local Berlin network of arts+tech+? community. Curators, artists, citizens … all welcome !

possible voku being planned, or regular panke menu.

And upcoming C-KiNO dates for …

Friedrichshain? Mitte ? … Leipzig ? in March ? … Amsterdam ? … And the USofAah in April ?

Contact us, if you’d like to invite/host us !


{ Ck35 stills }


A Human Chain of Neighborhood Resistance, Baiz Strikes Fwd !

February 23rd, 2014


Berlin continues to set new precedents in solidarity action !

Baiz, a local bar*, more aptly described as an anti-capitalist + antifa watering hole and social space, was forced to move due to the rising rents in the  neighborhood – a Kiez – on the borderline between Mitte and Prenzlauerberg.

One of the last venues of Berlin’s once vibrant, thriving underground in these eastern parts, now an increasingly wealthy middle-class territory slowly growing quiet, quaint and sterile w/ boutiques,  a gouging-gourmet ghetto, start-ups and mostly flavorless cafes … And filling fast with conservative family units and 9-5ers. Well ok, it’s Berlin , let’s call em 12-6ers. OR, the always-tethered always-on new digitally-willing slaves, perhaps.

[ And recent statistics have shown that there are Very Few former-DDR, East Berliner tenants and business owners, perhaps less than 10% of Prenzlauer. We're looking for a link to be more exact. ]

Purchasing an Eck-Laden several blocks away, they weren’t satisfied w/ quietly departing their now legendary corner at Christinenstr. and Torstr…. So they asked their community to help move this Sunday by forming a human chain – Menschenkette – for some 10-15 blocks, and make their move from the old to the new.

Maybe more than 1,000 people showed up, and in less than 2 hours moved all their furniture, decor, odds-n-ends to the Schoenhauser Allee location ! Serving free tea, coffee and cookies, and a glimpse of what’s to come. A larger space w/ lots of potential ! And now no longer renters, no longer at the mercy of money-grubbing bastards !

A brilliant move that loudly jabbed in the face of the gentrifying forces, “Wir Bleiben Alle !” We Are All Staying ! … And We Are Many !

It’s these kinds of solidarity actions that could lead to stemming the tide of arrogant neo-liberal logic and bulldozing purchase power of the land-owner class. Smart, Local, Collective and Beyond-the-Symbolic ! Actions that matter ! Actions for the win !





* we previously wrote “collectively-owned”… but we aren’t really sure what the structure there is… the new purchase, might in fact make it a business collaboration, but is not likely a worker-owned enterprise.

to be cont.