The Goo, Gropius and “Uncompromising Modernity”

January 19th, 2019


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“We have never been modern.” Bruno Latour ***

” And all the biggest assholes are on the future steering committee ! “ XLt analyst

Goo, Gropius and “Uncompromising Modernity”


The planet’s largest krapitalist enterprise, Alphabet / Google recently ( November ) was forced to back down from opening their “Campus” project in Berlin, after local residents mobilized to stop them !

No one imagines these struggles to have gone away. And all of the initiatives which have been organizing over the last 1 to 2 years to defend the Kiez from Google’s tentacled interests are watching closely what will happen now with re-drawn and reformatted “social project” for the Umspannwerk building in Kreuzberg. Better Place and Karuna are the two entities which Google Inc. ( which retains control of the lease and steers the next moves ) has chosen instead to provide the neighborhood with another kind of service. But of course, once again, these are not plans that the local community has participated in, and no one trusts a data-sponging, tax-dodging monopoly colossus to suddenly play nice. Many are calling it a white-washing gambit. Research is being gathered on what the new angles and relationships really mean, beyond their own syrupy PR. ( Sold as a charity device, they’ve created a new homeless street-sheet paper called “Karuna Compass” to distro some thick propaganda. But more on that later. )

Meanwhile Google has also quietly been preparing another ambitious office project in Mitte in Tucholskystrasse 2. Part of a giant mixed-use project called the Forum an der MuseumsInsel, which includes high-end residencies with office lofts, retail space, high-tech research and digital+media industries.




While this has not been in secret, it was operating very low key, and little ( or non-existent ) press…. and has not received as much attention or scrutiny as the Umpsannwerk from locals, because Mitte is already seen as a mostly “lost territory” to gentrification. This is an area where there was once the thriving, creative “wonderland-berlin” subculture in the 90s and into the aughts… But after the squatted Tacheles Haus in Ornanienburgerstr finally fell to big money interests around 2011 (?)… and the wilder arts + culture pioneers had already mostly migrated to more viable and supportive districts… Mitte is now considered mostly a tourist zone, and a sleepy one at that… and the slick and cannibalized gallery district is left to do its art biz routines.

Ironically this new little monster vision of “uncompromising modernity” with its sharpened high-tech claws is plundering both Humboldt University and historic Deutsche Post properties. Incredible city assets which Klaus Wowereit’s SPD Regierung had sold off in some mad maneuvers  to juggle the books in the “poor but sexy” heydays.

Google ( and a variety of sub-companies and partners ) will actually be moving into a former Women’s Clinic ( HU ), which was designed by Martin Gropius, the renowned Bauhaus architect. One could say, a REAL SOCIAL project… ( We would have to investigate more the history of the period and Bauhaus. )

While we let the gravity of THAT neo-liberal and privatizing horror-show sink in…

Note: Here we will have to say much much more about how the neo-colonization and krapitalist expansionism into our inner lives and all our public and privatesphere communications ( and public resources ) is the ANTITHESIS of the SOCIAL, and increasingly damaging to any hopes for – to be specific – Socialist infrastructures and governance. It must not be forgotten that this frenzied Panopticon Industry is uniquely intertwined with the military industrial complex building up the internet as a war+spy ( + agenda-uploading ) machine combined with the rabid neo-liberal and digitized financial markets. It becomes an entirely new form of financialization of every portion of our being + identities, and speculating on our individual and community futures. Surveillance Valley, Surveillance Krapitalism, as it has been named by various authors ( Zuboff, Levine and others ) … This is the Suck-It-All-Valley method of betting on our futures ( for entirely their gain ) and fucking up society, in myriad ways we are all very late to fully analyze and concretely react to.

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Added: Some news about Google’s projects in The Tagesspiegel from Sunday (DE only ):

Pläne für einen KI-Campus in Berlin gescheitert by Sonja Álvarez , Oliver Voß

… … …

It’s an incredibly odd coincidence that HKW is hosting a conference this weekend ( and more in March ) about the Bauhaus movement… mixed with panels drawing on the challenges that were being addressed and debated in the 1920+30s ( i.e. Wohnungsfrage via Engels ) … and are clearly re-emerging as another global-scale crisis.

< Jan 19 > How political is the Bauhaus? at HKW – An all-day symposium

More notes on this coming soon… But a quick glimpse: it is important to know that the 100 years of Bauhaus Jubiläum is definitely being instrumentalized for that ongoing Technotopian-Globalization project in 2019. I.e. ‘radical’ – or more likely FANATICAL – re-design of what it is to be human, and the disruption plans ( read: economic game ) does not, by any means, look pretty and sleek like the highly-branded design cult it advertises itself as. Rather this image is one that attempts to obscure the Form + Function as apolitical, when in fact its implementations are a massive invasion of vested interests, and a bypassing or over-riding of all that 1919 revolutionary history, sentiment, revolt and jarring confrontational reality… resurfacing in realtime from below.

Profs. Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley gave dramatic and impressive presentations – The Perversions of Bauhaus + The Bauhaus Virus -  that revealed the dark sides ( and maybe the only sides ) of Bauhaus, then and now. A memorable line from Wigley: That smooth design of that device in your pockets, conceals the fact that ( companies like ) Apple have YOU in THEIR pocket. And pointed out that Steve Jobs was a devotee of that Weimar-era design school, and all those industrializing + modernizing gifts that keep on … taking.

It was an ingenious eye-opener  … at the onset of the big Bauhaus party year … that is about to be installed.


We’ll have to come back and make the NECESSARY LINKS for the current struggles and strategies !



*** Footbytes ***

We have very mixed feelings about Latour ! We bring him up as a joke, and as a set-up for our XLt analyst quote/punchline, and alluding to something akin to R.Luxemburg’s “barbarianism or socialism”. We do not wish to promote his theories from We Have Never Been Modern (1991 ).  His notions of a “Parliament of Things” – ( how ironic to contextualize this with “IOT” 30 years later   )  become increasingly dubious when one reflects how it helps pave the way for “2nd Nature enthusiasts”… the outrageous hubris of the  technotopians + anthropocene-actuers that are selling our species and the planet down river … and the terrifying potentials for an unfolding Techno-Fascism… and the points of no return ! Without drastic intervention, perhaps similar to a Marshall Plan, climate breakdown and the 6th mass extinction appear inevitable !  So, contrary to Latour ( and Haraway ) lite dance with anthropological perspectives, the current predicaments probably DO expose a nature / culture duality, separation or polarization; One that many indigenous cultures have perhaps never perceived so naively or conveniently as western academics who, intentionally or not, become lobbyists for Future Krapitalist-driven Designs.

Latour may have turned a corner, and become far more alarmist in Facing Gaia (2017 ) and Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime (2018 ) … Das Terrestriches Manifest in German. But we’ll have to analyze that another day.

The Foreplay Tease of The Art Biz / Vorspiel + Transmediale

January 19th, 2019


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It’s that time of year again in the Btropolis … Transmediale and the Vorspiel…

We’ll have to come back and share a little orientation and history on that, but for now … the matters at hand:

Dear artist colleagues, PLEASE READ IN FULL >

This will be the 7th year of Transmediale’s VORSPIEL program… a distributed program of over 60 Berlin-based initiatives and venues… As far as we know, this remains a HUGE LABOR PROBLEM that Transmediale team has NOT RESOLVED….

NO portion of the Transmediale’s roughly 2+million euro budget is used to SUPPORT the LOCAL ARTISTS with any actual FEES… They have had a longtime to figure this out, and nothing will be done about it, until artists DEMAND MORE from them AND the FUNDING INSTITUTIONS that abuse our LIVELIHOODS ! Crowd-sourcing an extended festival IS NOT OK ! And we’ve spoken to them about it before, but they continue to ignore the problem !

Discontently yours, The XLterrestrials

to be cont.

On the XLt Radar: the winter must not exist without music !

January 17th, 2019


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Pretty safe to say there are not many people on planet earth who have travelled through more unchartered musical waters than Fred Frith

< 17.01 > Fred Frith live and Step Across the Border ( 1990 ) – the film at Babylon Kino Mitte … one ticket for both ( 20euros )

( FB Invite )

19.30 Uhr
Cut Up the Border
Mit Fred Frith (Gitarre), Nicolas Humbert und Marc Parisotto (Sound-Collage)

21 Uhr
Step Across the Border
Film von Nicolas Humbert und Werner Penzel


STILL one of the few films that comes so close to the languages of music, the 1990 doc Step Across The Border comes back around for a one night screening and a special live “Cut Up The Border” set with Fred Frith, together with one of the 2 filmmakers N. Humbert and Marc Parisotto, a composer from Marseille, followed by the classic eye+earful feature on Frith’s pioneering musical journeys and global collaborations.

AND Today is ART’s BIRTHDAY !!

“Today art is 1 million 56 years old !!! It was born when someone dropped
a dry sponge into a bucket full of water (as it is already well known ). ”

What better way than to spend it than with Fred and the makers of the doc at Babylon Kino TONITE. We have it too good in the Btropolis sometimes

Thx to Arturo for reminding us about the BIRTHDAY. Check for celebrations around the globe HERE.


PLUS Frith and Bill Laswell will be doing a series of shows with a whole bunch of incredible guests in San Francisco in Feb. at The Chapel in the Mission District  … More about that coming…

Fred’s blog and list of upcoming dates + collaborations

Added: The XLT review:

” THat was the most brilliant Art Birthday ever ! … it must feel good to be 1,000,056 years old ! … and Fred Frith is still like a troublemaking prodigy kid in an ungovernable and timeless candy shop. ” XLt analyst



< 15.02 > Frith’s Live Set : Cut Up The Border broadcast again on Deutschland Funk Kultur… More here:

to be cont. … perhaps.

Rosa Luxemburg Revisited, Kiez Notes Expanded

January 15th, 2019



Rosa Lux Revisited, Kiez Notes Expanded

When a left political actor is murdered, it usually marks some incredible territory of politics that had reached an extremely effective level of strategies, which threatens those in power.

Fast fwd to today:

via  Xavi Ruiz ????? @xruiztru : “Citizens of Gdansk gathered to commemorate their Mayor @AdamowiczPawel, murdered last night at a charity event. He was a big supporter of LGTB, migrants and refugees’ rights during a period of rising anti-migrant sentiment.”

The XLT are working on a piece about Rosa Lux, which takes ALOT of research to do her incredible history(ies) justice AND put them into the highly relevant contexts for our current dangerous times … including things like the murder/assassination of the liberal mayor of Gdansk just yesterday …

In the meantime some tiny glimpse of what happened at the memorial on Sunday in Berlin…

Germany remembers Rosa Luxemburg 100 years after her murder ( via Guardian )

Note: if you would like to support us, please ask us how you can donate.


XLt ((2019)) Radar v.3 : Take Back the ( Rosa ) Kiez !

January 8th, 2019


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< 09.01 > “Indoor” by Lau Feldstain – Premiere film about LIEBIG34 -the 28-year-old self-organised, anarcha-queer feminist house-project threatened with eviction ! … … w/ special guest Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer ( in eng w/ de translation available ) … at SO36, 19h



100 YEARS of Rosa’s Todestag and REvolution – 1919-2019

< 10.01 > Luxemburg’s Interventionist Thought w/ Lea Ypi and Paul Mason at Volksbühne, 20h ( Fb invite )

< 10-15.01 > RLStiftung Reihe «Hommage an Rosa Luxemburg. Wir betrauern nicht ihre Leiche, wir feiern ihr Leben.» Vom 10. bis 15. Januar 2019 finden im Rahmen der Reihe Veranstaltungen an mehreren Orten in Berlin statt.
Weitere Informationen:

< 13.o1 > Rosa Luxemburg – Liebknecht March – the annual 4Km walk from Frankfurter Tor to their burial place in Friedrichsfelde, begins 10h

< 12.01 > “” Ich lebe am fröhlichsten im Sturm“” – full day program – at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, 1 PM – 11:55 PM

Eine Hommage an Rosa Luxemburg zum 100. Todestag- with Dagmar Enkelmann (Vorstandsvorsitzende der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung), Klaus Lederer (Kultur- und Europasenator von Berlin), Kathrin Röggla (Schriftstellerin, Stellvertretene Präsidentin der Akademie der Künste), Florian Weis (Geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung) Moderation: Britta Steffenhagen (Journalistin) … and many more … concert finale with Bernadette La Hengst, Pastor Leumund and Dota Kehr, etc.

( FB invite )

< 15.o1 > Rosa Luxemburg by Margarethe Von Trotta with Barbara Sukowa at Moviemento, 18h

EXTRA xtra : Check out the new jan/feb EXBerliner issue for some informative articles, dates, perspectives and map related to Rosa. A respectable, and not superficial INTRO, if you’re just getting acquainted with her genius, courage, radical social vision … and tragic assassination !



< 12. 01 > Demonstration „Gegen den Ausverkauf der Stadt“ statt… Max-Taut-Aula Fischerstr.36 Schlichtallee 24, 10317 Berlin

( Fb invite )

Rummelsburger Bucht bleibt!
Potse & Drugstore bleiben!
Rigaer bleibt!
Hafen bleibt!
Syndikat bleibt!
Meuterei bleibt!
Liebig34 bleibt!
RAW bleibt!
Jugendschiff bleibt!


< 12-13.01 > Happy Habitat Finnisage, Neurotitan – B Mitte

( Fb invite )


stencil by Marycula

Other bits coming: Neurotitan’s Happy Habitat exhibition finnisage, HKW’s The New Alphabet, A Bowie Celebration, NoGoogleCampus reports, upcoming actions + demos against the selling off of our Btropolis, Dr.Pong in Prenzlauer is closing its doors – final weekend! …  etc…



The “Indoor” film premiere was a strange mix ! On one hand, it was great to see a full house supporting Liebig34, yet another +20years house project in Btropolis which is threatened with eviction by real-estate sharks ( Christoph Görner und Padovicz ).  On the other, the film is an odd experiment which attempts to bring together an honest glimpse into the lives of the anarcho-feminist residents there,  with the housing crisis + the struggles for autonomy and squatter culture. But it falls flat as any tactical media document in the midst of a city-wide ( and global-scale ) WAR on the poor, renters + housing rights.

For us, there was far too much personal freak flag-waving… identity politics kram … and sexual (fetish-culture ) liberation  … at a moment when we are all getting crushed in an escalating neo-liberal bloodbath ! So many dangers are imminent, and we were anticipating something a little more seriously engaged in solidarity culture ! On its own, in the context of some Kino fest experience, this might be a fun peephole into an adventurous fringe world of a very experimental co-living environment, perhaps more for those who have never experienced it.

But programmed into a night that wants to grapple with any current social nightmares and massive societal breakdown … it doesn’t offer any potent kicks to envision, nor enact, how+what we are really going to do to go about reclaiming our cities under an increasingly brutal, and frequently fascist, siege ( for migrants in particular ) !

Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer ( formerly at FU, now at TU ) DID give us an excellent quick overview of squatter and house project history in Berlin ( and Europe ) over the last 3-to-4 decades… putting the current situations of all our threatened sub-cultural resources into the larger political context … and we’ll try to come back to report more on that ( and/or provide a link ) .

(( resources via Margit : Squatting Europe Kollektiv )) : +

The screening event also raises big questions about how we go about mixing arts and activism… what works… and what possibly doesn’t … Timing factors, etc. So, while we felt frustrated by the event, we also welcome the challenge to analyze the experience to perhaps sharpen our tools and skills in all our resistance cultures. And we certainly don’t need to agree  ( about our “aesthetics of protest” ) … a number of people we spoke with enjoyed the film and all its in-the-open strangeness…

And a diversity of tactics will always remain essential !

to be cont.

XLt ((2019)) Radar: Defend the Future of the Kiez ! v.2

January 4th, 2019


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THe 2019 XLt RADAR:

< 1st Fridays >  Noise Against The Goo (gle) ! Every 1st friday at the Umpsannwerk at the Ohlauerbrücke in Kberg/ Neukoelln, 18-19h

Rumors are that it will not remain stationary at this location, but around 18:30h will head to another location site that requires our immediate attention… such as the planned hostel project at mariannenstr/skalitzer ( Hafiz owners ) …or the former postal building on skalitzer ( Samwer brothers )… or the old robben und wientjes lot at ritterstr, where a new big start-up co-working project  ( Pandion ) is being “installed”.

< 05.01 >  German premiere “Olhar Instigado” & Talk about Pixação at Kino Central / Neurotitan, B-Mitte at 18h… ( FB invite )

< 04.01 > Datacide Discussion and videos, at Vetomat, 20h


Kiez Notes + Beyond :

The Potse ( jugendzentrum / verein ) remains occupied… and for current news, perhaps their twitter account is the best up-to-date news… More links here

The XLt were at an extraordinary meeting last nite to discuss the inauguration of Bozonaro and the emerging new dangers of the Brasil situation, for all of us on Planet Burning Toast… but especially to indigenous people and the ( environmental ) activists there …

A quick reportback for now…  There will be a regular 1st THURSDAYS to meet-up in Btropolis and discuss how activists can organize solidarity actions from here. PM us, if you would like more info.

The Amazon is, as one activist said, the lungs of planet earth ! We will ALL be affected if new ecological protections and regulations are not in place to prevent further destruction of the rain forests. And Bozonaro has already signaled that he will do exactly the opposite, and will oversee the plunder of the region for its natural resources… and will not defend the rights of the indigenous in those areas.

And on an extra creepy note… In 2018, about 800 activists were murdered, and about 400 of them were in Brasil  !

And in other creepy madness… Nikki Haley the former warmongering US ambassador to the UN … wholeheartedly welcomed the new planetfucker-in-chief ! Showing the usual signs that any asshole who plays puppet for US interests will get a hug from the imperial Trumplands.

We will have to mobilize locally and globally to put pressures on govts. and various economic / trade partners everywhere to ostracize and sanction Bozonaro’s blatantly fascist regime.



XLt ((New Year)) Radar: Defend the Kiez !

December 31st, 2018


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ALERT: #Potse was #occupied 2day ! ( 31.12 )

#potsebleibt #kiezsovereignty #jugendzentrum #besetzen

Potse? @Potse_Berlin

UPdates :

< 02.1.19 > : Kundgebung am 02.01 vor der Potse und den ehemaligen Räumen des Drugstores… 13h at Potse Berlin, Potsdamerstr. 180, 10783 Schöneberg, Berlin,

( Fb Invite link )

News: ( 17:oo CET 31.12) Permitted stage/demo on the streets Potsdamerstr. @ Grünewaldstr. went from 11-16:ooh, with a hundred++ supporters coming and showing solidarity. An unknown number of occupiers remain barricaded inside on the 3rd floor, and were not immediately evicted, and we are all advised to remain on high alert.

In the meantime, 2 other spaces ( with the same deadline for eviction ) #Syndikat and #Liebig34 have also decided to NOT hand over their keys today and declared on twitter:  #Syndikatbleibt heißt #Potsebleibt heißt #Liebig34bleibt.


2019 in Berlin is surely going to start off with FIREWORKS… but not the kind that go off for one party Silvester night…

The fight for Kiez Kulture is going to get intense, as a bunch of autonomous spaces are under siege…  and there is no chance that the loss of these cultural nodes + resources will go down without a fight !

Last day of the year… come out and support the Potse in Schoeneberg.

< 31.12.18 >Come make some NOISE for #kiez kultur //  Kommt zur Kundgebung vor den Räumen der Kollektive in der Potsdamer Str. 180 … between 10-16h

Mit One Step Ahead, Lena Stoehrfaktor, Konny Kleinkunstpunk – Fanpage, tapete records, Torkel T
Der Termin steht fest. Am 31.12.2018 müssen wir, die beiden ältesten und selbstverwalteten Jugendzentren Drugstore und Potse, die Schlüssel abgeben und fliegen aus unseren Räumen.

Die Gebäude wurden an anonyme Investor*innen verkauft und
stehen ab dann dem profitorientierten coworking/ coliving space Unternehmen Rent24 zur Verfügung. Dieses wird dann im neuen Jahr seine unterbezahlten Handwerker in die Räume lassen und die jahrzehntelang aufgebaute Berliner Jugend- und Subkultur zerstören. Betroffen ist davon auch die ganze Nachbarschaft. Kleine Läden müssen weichen, Menschen aus ihren Wohnungen ziehen.

Das können wir und alle solidarischen Menschen nicht einfach stillschweigend hinnehmen.
Deshalb wird es zur Schlüsselübergabe eine große Kundgebung vor den Läden geben. Bisher sollte diese im neuen Jahr stattfinden, wurde nun aber kurzfristig auf den 31.12.18 vorverlegt. Sicherlich, um öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit zu vermeiden. Aber nicht mit uns! Neben einer offiziellen Schlüsselübergabe wollen wir laut sein, um den Investor*innen und Politiker*innen zu zeigen, dass wir nicht einfach so wortlos gehen. Vor allem aber um allen, denen die Läden jahrelang ein Zuhause und Zufluchtsort waren, eine dicke fette Abschiedsparty zu schmeißen … Gegen die Kälte werden wir mit Suppe und Tee helfen, außerdem wird es warme und ruhige Rückzugsorte geben.
Kommt vorbei, seid laut!

fb invite

Watch the Leftvision clip about the Drugstore, Potse, Syndikat, Liebig 34, Meuterei, G17a… and stay informed about how you can help defend the KIEZ.

((i)) Article on Potse / Drugstore at Indymedia ( auf de )

Trailer for an upcoming doc about Potse & DS & Freiraum … since 1972… the oldest autonomous Jungendzentrums in Germany. All shows are FREE.


NEWS ALERT / Nachricht  … ” 1123 Die Schlüssel der potse wurden nicht übergeben. Potse bleibt, in Solidarität mit dem Drugstore, der Liebig 34 und dem Syndikat, die am gleichen Tag geschlossen werden sollen. #potsebleibt #b3112

to be cont.


pic via “heartsucker”

#35c3: An Unsleeping Giant… XLt Ext analysis v.2

December 30th, 2018


::: Day4 :::


Note: Thx to the incredible #35c3 live streams crew, there are dozens of archived sessions already available to dive into … to catch up on what one human, nor any post-human, could possibly absorb in one weekend ! Not sure when we’ll find time to research more… But we’ll try and pick out a few highlights from an XLt perspective. soon. … but first an obligatory rant from afar … in a mad mad world that is consuming itself with the latest industrial-strength technologies.

Note2: No one should be flying to Congress anymore !… ( The Co2 costs are too high )… And there were far too few remote stream locations… ( as far as we could tell )… And it’s not too late to set up public screenings now and in the coming weeks to discuss the talks that you find important and to have face-2-face debates about what your communities can do to fight for a better future ( with and without tech  ) !


So to begin… on a sunday high-tech-hangover day…

Even from afar, it was difficult not to get lost in the supermarket of technotopian dreams…

Sunday, we got up and started surfing and sleuthing to find out what Extinction Rebellion might be doing at Congress… We couldn’t retrace our digital steps to find the message we had received about them presenting or taking action on DAY4… perhaps it was in an IRC chat, and no longer possible to pull up.

We probably could have just done an ExRe search on the 35c3 wiki… DOH !

… still havent made Kaffee.

DAY4 at 13.23h : we got a mail from a comrade: “Nope wasn’t me who told you … but i see they have a 2ND meet-up” …  with a link to Room:Lecture room M1 … at 13:00h… DAY2

It reads:

Extinction Rebellion – NOT shutting down the internet – civil disobedience (non violent direct action) on a massive scale.

Climate change is for real and we are sending a message to influence the government. Even better – setting the foundation to become the government

Well, we weren’t gonna teleport back in time now… and we were a few hundred kilometers away from any attempts to find them this afternoon. And neither of the two session were going to be streamed… especially, if any serious acteurs were going to discuss any substantially radical actions ahead.

So, a very very small and marginal group may have gathered at 35c3 to discuss one of the more relevant problems on humanity’s TO DO list.  Yes, that ubiquitous Margaret Mead quote pops up in our heads, but ya have to wonder if the world-at-large will ever get the news of what this tiny committee may be up to. Mass mediation being still in a tight grip of centralized power brokers.


And btw, what’s wrong with shutting down the Internet ?! ;) …

Seems like “scaling down” and / or “powering down” is not just for anarcho-primies anymore… Our unsustainable high-tech civilization could use a wake-up call… and much more courageous acts of solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the other sides of the industriaized world.  We think…  Severing our ties to the VR-RL-gouging spectacle of the digital puppet strings for even just a little breather now and then … and opening the windows for a little oxygen + sense in the room…  never hurt anyone except the deeply embedded corporate leeches. Ok, that’s a complicated one. But we do need to assess what “scaling down” might mean as an act of resistance in the cybernetic regime. The dysneytopia inc. is also still the problem. Endless digital expanionism is unlikely the route to salvation… especially for the colonized and instrumentalized global South, which bears the brunt of the industry’s predatory use of cheap and abused labor … and its natural resource plunder to keep us all ubiquitously connected through the machines !

Meanwhile, the un-sleeping tech giant rolls over in an idyllic field of daisies somewhere on a campus-like bubble – or an industrial park – in another sleepless turbulent night on earth … crushing the lives of another small village in the Congo beside another Titanium mine to keep us all data-fied … it constructs another high-tech Frontex layer to assure that 1000s more will drown in the Mediterranean as it destabilizes someone else’s backyard …  hands all your data + meta-data over to demented MAGAns in the West Block and the Totalitarian Shadow World ( of Mafia Krapitalism )…  sucks another trillion euros into the Military Entertainment Complex instead of providing citizens healthcare and a healthy planet  … makes Jeff Bezos’ shit-eating grin a little wider and a hell of alot richer… gives Alex Halderman some more research funds to help us all pretend the next elections will not be hacked ( prob by money, not tech ) … hypes the UBI to keep the world chugging along towards the 6th Mass Extinction… and lets Joscha Bach dream on as one of the new celebrity philosopher kings waxing poetic about AI, math + code which easily becomes the SOMA of the elites + 1 big detachment coupon for the IT industry to get-out-of-jail-free… and escape any responsibility as the Techno-Fascism escalates in our sad, misguided unfortunate high-wired Maya …


to be cont.




Coming to a theater of rants near U !

Where were the majority of hackers in Btropolis when one little Kiez vs. Goliath fought off the Google Campus ?! And continue to fight off the #Gafam game of (netted) monopolies !



Pic: An excerpt from C-KINO #77 : Efficiency, Madness, Rebellion… a group of interventionist artists in Neukoelln who have been making ghost dolls to alert the Kiez about their disappearing neighbors due to the accelerating gentrification and displacement.

XLt analysis Ext: #35c3 reports from afar v.1

December 28th, 2018


:: o :: DAY1 :: o :: DAY2 :: o ::

So yesterday, Day1 of #35c3, the XLt hosted a satellite event to livestream the congress for a general public in the Btropolis Mitte. Kiez-style with breakfast potluck and an evening Chili Vokü ( folks kitchen, by donation ).

It was an interesting experiment, and we had some great discussions. We performed our 77th CiTiZEN KiNO ( playlist coming soon ) to express our concerns + angles, in an attempt to inspire the rebels in you ! And it was all exhausting. And we are a little sad not to be on site this year meeting incredible comrades and hunting for clues about how we might more effectively fight for our future.

Congress has become for us one of the most important events of the year to gather information ( and skills ) and attempt to organize our communities. One reason of many for this is precisely because it so heavily engaged with the tech environments, which it must be said is also at the root of our most pressing crises. So ya know it is pretty fucking on-point, even when it “misses the forest for the trees” … AND/OR misses the individual/local trees (and fires ) for the big pic + big tech forest !

And yes, it too, like many large-scale events, has its flaws and drawbacks and these are important to analyze. Like the hacker arts, we often look for the cracks in order to find new directions, means and tools for upgrades.

So, we will attempt to analyze from afar… and be cautious not to over-analyze… because afterall these are urgent times to ACT and “TUWAT” ( the title of congress  last year ) … which translates : to do something ! … And to resist ! To fight ! To change the operating systems that are murdering us ( all species ) ! To build anew ! To make a better world ! And to rescue the one we currently have !

And before we begin, we just want to say, after organizing one tiny little chaotic local remote event: We are madly jealous of the organizational skills of CCC to pull off such a massive + complicated event with so much care, and we should all be inspired by their mind-boggling teamwork! We should all have so many beautiful “angels” ( so sind die volunteers gennant ) to have our backs in the ominous struggles ahead in 2019 !

But… on to our perspectives, our constructive critiques, our obligatory rants in these maddening times, our disillusionment with technotopia(ns), our deep respects for dedicated and talented humans ( that includes techies ) trying to do good in the strangest of worlds …


to be cont.

… in the meantime, there were no pics from CK77, but this captured our mood at home after our Day1 event: totally beat, but proud and smug, and grateful for our own beds ( even if feeling a little caged and compromised )… hidden dragon, cardboard tiger !

( pic seen+stolen via Library Shipwreck twitter, but more about that later )




( if you want to chat with people at 35c3 or others following from afar )… XLt analyst ( dr. ) podinski might be there…

via : Sven Guckes? @guckes Dec 21

#35C3 chat with us!???????????? server: channel: #35c3 language: english got no IRC client? just use a browser: … watch the streams! … …

On THE XLT RADAR… Recommended:

Since the XLT tries to stay focused on the techno-fascism and one of humanity’s all-time greatest fuck ups, we are usually concerned about how the tech community deals with Climate Breakdown…

We were at Bits and Baüme at TU in Berlin last month, which gave the hacker culture a much-needed focus on our realworld / material world’s problems of unsustainabilty… and in some rare glimpses actually dealt with the ongoing brutal colonialims ( and child labor ) required to keep our high tech society chugging along towards the 6th Mass Extinction …

So important stuff to analyze… and extend… and feedback… into the general hacker mentality and modus operandi…

DISTURBING to Note, these are NOT major hall presentations; they are small very marginalized groups ( perhaps only DIY / self-organized sessions outside of the main 35c3 curated schedule. )  This is OUTRAGEOUS and must be challenged ! No big stage official report back from Bits Und Baüme ! WTF !?? How is this possible !??

at this session now, some notes here:



< 30.12 > Extinction Rebellion will be doing somehting at 35c3 on #DAY4…

looking for more info.


to be cont. #DAY3 ...

CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion

December 20th, 2018



:: o :: #35C3 :: o :: DAY1 :: o


And if you have come for a piece of our bleeding hearts and want to read the XLT NEWSLETTER, click to Read more at the end of this blog…


CiTiZEN KiNO … We’re Back ! … Sort of….

< Dec.27 > CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion at Club Der Polnische Versager in Btropolis Mitte … Ackerstrasse 168

full day / nite event

10:00h (CET) – live streams begin

20:00h – CiTiZEN KINO show begins

w/ special guests

by donation

( frühstuck, and “potluck”-  bring something to share- … evening vokü / mexican chili ?… bar: kaffee, tea, beer, wine, vodka, mate … we’re working on it, assistants welcomed ! )…

Our media activism platform / series – C-KINO – ( which used to be roughly one event per month, have a look at “the CK archives” here. ) has been down for a few months… primarily due to lack of funds… But we are coming back for one last show in 2018,  in-synch with the 35th Chaos Congress in Leipzig.

#35C3 Resources:

Fahrplan / Schedule

35C3 Wiki

CCC event blog

Congress Everwhere ( remote viewing locations )

Our intention is to gather people in Btropolis who can’t or won’t attend the Congress but would like to watch the live streams and participate in a deep analysis of the various themes from afar, but face-to-face ( not sitting alone in front of a laptop ) … in this cozy Kiez venue in B-Mitte. Thanks to CdPV for hosting us !

During the day, we will screen the live streams ( fingers crossed the tech functions smoothly, and choosing collectively which talks to view, sometimes just excerpts ). We should warn you that we are willing to improvise with the screenings, interrupt the streams and take opportunities to intervene, discuss topics together, and mix in a curated selection of C-KINO related media clips, analyze and discuss the talks, debate the complex technological situations, and investigate the “tech resistance” together…

In the evening, we will present a more focused CiTiZEN KiNO episode. Beginning at 20:00h … length of program is open-ended, and depends on YOU.  A LIVE interactive media event !

All with a special focus and critical approach to media and technology. We also will use as a framework the idea that we are in the midst of a very dangerous “Efficiency and Madness” scenario ( a reference to Felix Guattari’s essay on Post-Media from 1990, and translated by Alya Sebti and Clemens Apprich in 2012 for Mute ), which is an odd and perhaps out-of-date ( optimistic? ) perspective on where we are at in the technological soup + terror of all those unsustainable data-driven / corporate fantasies.

” The junction of television, telematics and informatics is taking place before our eyes, and will be completed within the decade to come. ”

” New technologies foster efficiency and madness in the same flow. The growing power of software engineering does not necessarily lead to the power of Big Brother. In fact it is way more cracked than it seems. It can blow up like a windshield under the impact of molecular alternative practices.”

- Guattari

Also in attempt to bring this perspectives up-to-speed, Tactical Tech Collective in Berlin also uses Guattari’s text as a reference point to analyze and seek ( tech ) solutions for all of us now fully entangled in the grim neo-liberal route of globalization, fully interwoven by a cybernetic regime… or “digital colonies”. This very concise and well-researched booklet is also a free >>> pdf download <<< !

And it’s worth unpacking in a face-to-face “auseinandersetzung”… investigating it… taking it apart… and asking if, it too ( like akademia, like CCC, like IT workers and the various hacker communities, like industrialized urban civilization under kraptalism ) …  is too wrapped up in the technotopian hopes, industry and agendas. Whose “digital revolution” ? Whose technologies ? … Questions abound !

“We are a high tech society… But we are by no means an intelligent high-tech society. It is urgent to point out that a particular industrialized human species may be on the path to idiotically transforming the entire planet into an uninhabitable waste dump with festive blinky lights … to keep us occupied to the bitter un-enlightened end. “

- XLt analyst

Additional situations in the mix may include:

the Green New Deal, Bits Und Baüme Conference reviewed, The Yellow Vests Insurrection ( and the “pallid universalism” of financial powers – Graeber’s analysis from Paris ), straight-jacketed governance by a slow algorithmic plug-in death, and post-humanism’s caretaker robots, COP24 in Katowice, Post-Google Cafe in Kreuzberg, and next level resistance: Fuck Off GAFAM ( the big 5 )  !… etc. etc…

Who knows what all might be applicable at the time of the C-KINO #77 launch date on Dec27 … … …  Suggestions, Inputs, Collaborations, Links, Resources and Media Clips all warmly welcomed ! … Contact us !

CASH FLOW needed :

AND… IF you would like to be a SUPPORTER, please contact us about how you can donate and/or contribute to the production. … We need any and all large or small investment injections to keep our project alive ! … Contact us !

Stay tune to this page for more info ! … coming soon…


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