The Collapsible institute is proud to present it's most down to earth department of research and design.

looking for a bag? contact us Most of Our bags draw on the vagabond contept of a travel blanket that is used to tie up your belongings and carry them around, weather on a long branch, or in this case, two fat and comfortable padded shoulder straps. with simple tricks and accessories, any size flat surface made to transform to roll up into a bag, and any bag, can be made to rool out into a veriety of specific roles:
a park blanket, a hanging closet, a sleeping pad in a tent base.
Smaller versions can be used as laptop stations, toiletries hanger, wallet pouch or a toolbelt

most recently, the collapsible Institute was commissioned by famous SF muralist Mona Caron to produce a Collapsible Field Painting Kit. We documented the bag with a unique self growing mural project. IMG_0380 IMG_0387 IMG_0370 read the full story...

The bag presented below is one of the large size implementations in the collapsible bag series, named of course, for their similarity to a tortilla wrap. This particular version opens up to a 5ft diameter circular park blanket, and packs down to a 2ft tall backback that can hold tremendous amounts of crap

we are interested in enhancing peoples ability to carry themselves intentionally. A bag shouldnt just be a vessle for stuff, you can have it carry your identity with it.
we are open to ideas and suggestions. If youre looking to get a new bag, but youre not sure this design is 'right' for you, let us know.
we are open to anything, and we do know how to produce more 'normal' looking bags that can, with slight personalized touch, would still make your life easier.

looking for a bag? contact us