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Dear extended family, friends and colleagues,

Today we are launching our Post-COP(15) 2010 Project : DON'T FEED THE MONSTERS!

B/c if the people don't step up to save the planet, SOMETHING ELSE might, and it could be ugly, very ugly. So NOW IS THE TIME to share and expand the art + praxis routes : We're installing a 21st Century Restart Button + Survival Guide (read: Pirate Map). And we'd like your feedback, contributions, collaborative energies and yes, probably like most of you out there, we need some LOOT (to expand our scope), so we've begun a crowd-funding campaign as well.

The XLt are currently covering what many have called one of the most important conferences in the history of civilization - The Climate Summit in Copenhagen. And as absurd or accurate as that may sound to your ears, our collective had already come to the conclusion that what really matters is what happens in the Post-Copenhagen scenarios, in a Post-Cop(15) global society, because it is safe to say that the problems, as presented by a variety of fields, scientists and citizens around the world, are bigger and more complex than anything that governments + politicians could fix alone ( even if they had human brains ; ) ... and certainly not in 12 days !

A longer letter + deeper look at our new 2010 themes and directions, which will be on an urgent educational + interventionist tour (initially Americas + EU), will soon be live on the site.

And we also invite you to utilize the information flow from CPh here: www.xlterrestrials.org/plog

Aside from our own "psychomedia analysis" and "sci-fi constructivist" formulations, we are also relaying + assessing reports from Commondreams, Democracy Now, writers with The Nation, Indymedia, Tina Gerhardt's reports from Bella Center and the streets, etc..... and we welcome your comments and your ideas!

And please help us spread the word on the XLt 2010 project(s) to anyone who may be interested in new forms for arts + praxis.

Thanks For Reading!!!
And warm greetings,

P. Podrescu & the XLt

arts + praxis organisms

Excerpts From Our CPH Coverage:

Look at the movie Saturday Night Fever. That movie came out and no matter what government agencies you would have had in the world, and what kind of coordination from the U.N. you would not have gotten that many discothèques built in one year ... [ laughter + cheers ] ... and it was one movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger at GGCS2 in L.A. 10/09

CPh is Not so much About climate change, as it is about the Operating System, on a machine that don’t float, for a user that forgot how to swim, and a culture that forgot how to think…



Send money.
Any amount is helpful!

HOW TO SEND FUNDS : Paypal direct is best. Write to pod ((at)) xlterrestrials ((dot)) org for account information or arranging other options.

FOR WHAT: Yes, people like to know what they're paying for, and might even have some great suggestions too, so please have a look here: xlterrestrials.org/plog/?page_id=4137

In brief: Continuing online reports + analysis, design work, merchandise + media production, some travel + tour costs, publications, printing

While we don't have an exact formula yet, contributors may also receive some free things ( from mix cds + limited edition poster prints to our eventual XLT graphic novellas + t-shirts ).

OTHER WAYS U CAN HELP: You can donate a variety of other "currencies". We need laptops, cellphones, and hard drives to equip the XLterrestrial crew... and delivering them to media labs and communities we will visit. Contact us.


We wish to raise €40,000 by early Spring 2010.

Tour: Our goal is to bring "DONT FEED THE MONSTERS" to 20 cities/regions in the Americas, wherein we will make several presentations in the larger cities, from community houses to universities+highschools to local venues and cinemas. Publications: We will design and have a print-on-demand publication/map available for sale.

We are happy to say that even before this letter was finalized we had raised €3,000 which is being used to cover events in Copenhagen and is part of our research and development for the 2010 projects.