NEW MISSON: A team of psychomedia analysts and sci-fi constructivists are gathered here on this auspicious occasion of your visit and looking curiously back at you. We are now 4 years old as an online entity ( and much longer on the ground ) and it was way overdue to redesign the future. And now that we've begun, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT !

Today we are launching the 2010 Post-COP(15) Project : DON'T FEED THE MONSTERS! Because if nobody saves the planet, SOMETHING ELSE might. And it could be ugly, very ugly. So NOW IS THE TIME to discover the art + praxis route: We're installing a 21st Century Restart Button + Survival Guide (read: Pirate Map). And we'd like your feedback, contributions, collaborative energies, and yes, we need some LOOT



If you find something useful here, you are probably already one of us. There is no customer service, no automated helplines, no consumption without consciousness, no guarantees of returning from where you came. Hope is not an option. We remain nostalgic, in good faith, ahead of our time and yet evolving in our own rhythms. Any time + money, emotions + perceptions that are deposited here will likely advance the new operating system and provide enhanced reception for everyone.